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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04

So! A lot of stuff this week!

I'm on A Matter of Taste again! And we talk about ALL THE THINGS: True Detective, Sleepy Hollow, my sad frustration with Dracula, and then, of course, an hour about Hannibal, through which we laugh our asses off and it was the best time. Although I'm kind of manic and going a mile a minute, sorry about that.


As many Hannibal promos as I could round up. WARNING: The two and a half minute version of the premiere's opening fight scene and some behind-the-scenes material is discussed at the end (by "discussed" I mean "everyone on Twitter going HOLY FUCKING SHIT").

Back on the 13 Hour Devour livetweet roundup, we've got the Hugh Dancy Q&A.

I thought I'd only need those two, but ended up having to split a ton of stuff off into a third post. By the time we're done, I may have a separate post for tonight's livetweeting, I don't even know. Included: the saga of the Podcast Avocado, a discussion of the use of red and light blue on the show, the Mysterious Package, and, most importantly, the Mads Mikkelsen Q&A on Twitter, which went hilariously off the rails after they logged him into the NBC Hannibal tumblr and showed him around. HE KNOWS.

There was also a Reddit AMA for Hugh Dancy, but that's obviously all in one place already.


And finally, reminder: I'll be switching over to @cleolindajones to livetweet for the evening.

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Oh NO, they let him on the internet! *claws face, moans*
That said, it wasn't too embarrassing. I think. Except browsing all this behind the scenes stuff has left me being all, 'you are a middle-aged man with a face like a (really handsome!) skull with honest-to-god fangs, you're not supposed to be cute, GET OUT,' so I'm only really embarrassed on behalf of my ainself.

Thanks again for doing all this, it's tremendously useful for someone roughly 17 hours out of sync with American timezones. :)

(Also, skimming your previous posts has left me with the impression that recapping Dracula gave you anaemia O_o. Didja check your neck in the mirror?)



I swear, I have suddenly turned into a "Yes, yes, break the 4th wall!" person because of this show and how the cast/crew interact with us. Possibly ESPECIALLY because of Mads on Tumblr.

This may seem random, but has anyone ever noticed this poster in Hannibal's office? (From Amuse-Bouche.) Maybe he has an ear thing.


That's from one of Cesare Lombroso's books, I think. Lombroso had a series of more or less batshit theories about how criminals could be identified by their physical features, including ears.

Wait, I thought it was that French guy with all the measurements for identifying criminals before fingerprinting was a thing?

(And identifying in the real way, not the eugenic-y way)

Bertillon, the fingerprint guy! I think you're right - a quick search came up with some very similar pictures.

I knew it started with a B! Thanks.

Huh! Who knew. (Not me, obviously.)

Your ravenstag is adorable. How did Shelfians react to his arrival? I hope Anna didn't try to attack him?

I did not know this was a thing I wanted until now.

>>>I did not know this was a thing I wanted until now.

A ravenstag of your own, or Anna attacking Cleo's ravenstag? If the former - so do I (and probably half the people who've seen the photos by now). If the latter - can't see it ending even remotely well for her.

The latter. =P Well, both really, but def the latter for sure.

And TLE tried to stable him with the other ponies and give him some Easter grass, but Der Ravenstag was having none of it.

Der Ravenstag instead became very, VERY interested in what was going on in Tonner Edward's head. I imagine his nightmares are sweet...

In fact, the arrival of Der Ravenstag could be the best present Anna never thought of.

Also wouldn't it be awesome if Der Ravenstag became besties with Ellowyne the Victorian Ghost?

Given TLE's already-present levels of self-loathing, I'd imagine Der Ravenstag would either drive him completely over the edge, or have no effect on him whatsoever.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT MY FEELINGS ARE DOING. I watched it on a shitty stream, but I got a torrent, so I'm rewatching it now.

I've noticed that my dog seems to enjoy watching this show with me. I'm pretty sure in his mind it's just "the show with all the food and dogs".

Awww! Who's a cute little Ravenstag?

Dire Ravenstag has a Winston and a BRAIN RACOON! ~wants~

Crossed. So many streams.

Recapping Hannibal here?

Cleo are you still going to be recapping Season 2 here?

Storify is REALLY difficult to see after the first couple of refreshes; it just sits there forever.


I swear I don't just speak in capslock...

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