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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Uh, I thought I hit post this morning, sorry about that--
yahoo oscars green
Welp, the Oscar posts are done. I would like to thank God and Janelle Monáe for getting me through this. And thank y'all so much for all the support in the previous entry and everywhere else--I ended up kind of taking the day off from recapping/storifying of any kind, so I'm now about two days behind on the Hannibal recap. So it is coming; the Oscars just created a (totally expected) delay.

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Take care of yourself before you worry about catering to us! You're not obligated to make with the funny, as much as we may like it when you do.

Aw, I'm okay. I think just spending SO MUCH TIME on social media the last four days or so--necessarily, to do all this--is making me super anxious, as it tends to, and I just need to hole up and recap and I'll feel better.

Well I hope you can focus on the things you enjoy and make it work for you! Honestly, we'll like whatever you want to put time and effort into so hopefully that takes some of the anxiety out of it!

Thanks much! FWIW I find these just as if not more entertaining as your liveblogs. =)

Aw, thanks. I do think being able to include things outside myself helps.

That was wonderful. Thank you so much.

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