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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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*sleepy recapper noises*
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04
Just in case you didn't see it, the Hannibal "Kaiseki" recap did go up; because I had to split it into two posts, I ended up "publishing" them privately earlier in the day so I could look at them back and forth, then made them public right before the new episode aired. So if you didn't see them on your friends list, that's why. Also! I finished splitting the huge Storify post into two single-pagers so you can see all the stuff that I'm never able to cram in (the livetweeting and an imperial shit-ton of behind the scenes pictures, for starters). There's already a good bit of "Kaiseki" discussion going, and I'm going to wade in tomorrow; I wanted to let y'all start talking while I try to collate last night's tweets.

Thus, I'm now working on the "Sakizuke" recap, and obviously I want to have that up a lot sooner. Tomorrow night, I'm finally going to watch True Detective as it first airs--right in time for the finale, fnarrr. I stashed some discussion of that show into a Storify, but I don't know if I'll do anything with it (or if I have the time). I've been really tired--like, pleasantly drowsy--the last couple of days, possibly because that manic phase I had for about two weeks is winding down; it may be that I just really need to catch up on my sleep. So I'm trying to pace myself while still getting through this process as efficiently as I can, because there's other things I need to be doing as well (you'll find out later) (:D). That said, I'm really looking forward to this recap because what the hell did I even just watch.

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I think I'm still too squeamish for this show, but I love reading your recaps, and I'm so happy you're up to them :)

As always, Cleo... We love your work.

*dashes off into the night, laughing maniacally*

I can't even be creeped out by that. That was basically the funniest thing that ever happened until Will said, "You're Hannibal Lecter's therapist. WHAT'S THAT LIKE?"

Good God, this episode was funnier than it had any right to be.

I know nothing about you but that you write a lot and write well.

The David Fincher director's commentary for GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO mentioned that Lisbeth was "afraid of her inner zala" / afraid that her father's genetics were inside her.

Do you remember writing something about that?

Is it published on the Internets?

Aw, thanks! No, I don't think I ever wrote anything about that--I think all I ever wrote about Dragon Tattoo was 1) an entry about reading the book and 2) possibly an "I just saw the movie" post.

It did not tell me you posted! *runs off to read recap*

Can't wait for your recap for 2X02- it was the grossest but funniest Hannibal episode yet, at least for me.

RIGHT? Like, it didn't have the tongue-in-cheek tone all the way through that "Sorbet" had, but the moments that were funny were hysterical. (Interestingly, the osso buco scene was structured in a very similar way to the "Who gets a spleen transplant?!" scene in that episode.)

2x02 (it's so great to be able to say that!) was so horrifying and gross and hilarious, definitely my favourite episode so far. I can't wait to read the recap!

This show, I seriously can't. The appropriate reaction to someone asking what happened to a cadaver's leg is definitely not bursting into laughter when classical music begins playing.

The last quarter of that episode, oh my god, the sucker punches.

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Saw this, thought of this blog.

Re: Saw this, thought of this blog.

This NEEDS to show up in one of those 'dashboard synchronicity' posts with an innocent-looking Hannibal Lecter.

Just watched 2x02, was definitely improved by having read your recap for 2x01. Was shouting at my fiance about how "CLEO SAID WILL'S GONNA MANIPULATE HANNIBAL TO GET OUT OF JAIL AND THEN TURN ON HIM OH MY GOD HE'S DOING IT SOMEONE IS FINALLY HELPING WILL GRAHAM AND IT'S HIMSEEEEELF"

I hope this doesn't mean we never get more backstory on Bedelia. Good on you, girl, you figured out what show you were on and got the fuck out. I would blame her for not staying to help Will, but... she'd get et.

I don't even....my head hurts after that episode. Omg that last scene between Bedelia and Will...ok all the scenes with Bedelia. Also, what was with the perfume bottle?

Thanks so much for all you do. You make the Hannibal fandom (and so many others) so much more interesting and fun! This show kind of makes my brain explode, and I always look forward to your recaps, which both make me think and make me laugh.

Speaking of that, take all the time you need. People do need to realize that you have other things in your life, and there is no need of anyone to push you or be rude or impatient. Your recaps and commentary is ALWAYS worth waiting for. :)

So, so glad I'm not the only one who found this episode that funny. There were definitely moments when I was like, "Am I supposed to laugh at that?"

Also super happy that Bedelia got the fuck out of dodge. Smart woman.

Is it bad that I'm obsessively checking the page for the new recaps. Because damn that last episode blew my f***ing mind.

I...uh. May or may not being doing that also. >.>

I'm just reading the storify post right now, and every time you cap one of my tweets, I feel famous. But then I feel like Franklyn for being excited about it. It's all very confusing.