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Hannibal 2x02: "Sakizuke," part two
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Ridiculously overstuffed part twoCollapse )

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Ugh, I had to hide behind my hands for that first part. I am Very Concerned about the first five minutes of tonight's episode as we're two for two this season of Openings I Cannot Watch (it's the strangling bit of the opener. It's a phobia).

Anyway, after that, watching this episode was like 95% screaming "BEVERLY IS NOT FOR EATING" and "BEDELIA IS NOT FOR EATING." Bedelia's scenes in this episode definitely make me buy your interpretation of the veal scene from the last episode--she's clearly terrified there. That wasn't the vibe I necessarily got at first watch of the previous episode (but then I'm historically bad with expressions).

I definitely agree with the idea that Hannibal was clumsy on purpose around the Investigators Three. I mean, just judging by his two fight scenes, the man definitely knows how to hold himself in tight quarters. There's no way he would actually be that bumbling.

Oh man, when Will says "What's to be done about that?" there was much shouting. And that's so interesting because Will wasn't there when Hannibal said that to Freddie. Drawing more parallels between Will and Hannibal. I can't decide if Will is deliberately channeling Hannibal there. I want to say yes, just because his whole demeanor is so cold and edgy with her, which is far more Hannibal than it is Will.

I'm really fascinated by all the parallels between Will and Hannibal, both intentional on the part of the characters (Hannibal just wants Will to be his murder friend! That's part of my interpretation anyway) and unintentional (as in as done by the writers). It's very Star Wars--Luke tried so hard to bring out the good in Darth Vader and Hannibal is trying so hard to bring out the dark in Will.

Ugh, the papers I want to write.

One of the best shows on!!

Thank you for your recaps! As someone who has no knowledge of Hannibal beyond the "he-eats-humans" part I tend to miss any throwbacks or direct quotes or references. I only started watching the show last week because I was home sick and had lots of time. Your recaps were so great to read after watching an episode because you put so much background and depth into them (and the comments are insightful too!). It has let me enjoy the show more.

I don't know how we are going to get to the fight scene in the final episode but I'm really going to enjoy the ride (while clutching the car door the whole way)!

While I am very glad Bedelia got out every time she appeared on screen to say goodbye I kept thinking "this is her murder scene...not wait this one!...no wait, why is she talking to Will?" and then Hannibal finally decides to show up and she's gone. It's terrifying because you know it's going to happen, you just don't know when.

Man, this episode. I loved the premiere, but I loved this even more. There were laugh out loud funny moments, excellent use of dream/mind palace imagery superimposed on the real world, and tons of character stuff. I thought the shot of Will naked in the silo while Hannibal stitches him in was particularly creepy. Though ‘you are not my design’ was hilarious.

Will, for all that he was throwing accusations around last episode, is now begging for help for his mental instability and totally playing everyone. I love it. His FACE after his little crying performance when he’s alone in his cell is excellent. Though it’s interesting, I think what he says about trusting Hannibal is true. He never saw Hannibal as a friend (like Hannibal insists Will is to him), but he did see Hannibal as someone who was there to help him. In that sense, it’s worse than a friend doing that to you, because Will put so much more trust in Hannibal than he would in a ‘mere’ friend. But I think Hannibal is falling for Will’s help me routine. Maybe? It’s hard to say, but Hannibal is so cocky recently, and he knows the mindfuckery he put Will through, so of course it worked, why wouldn’t it have? Will going from one extreme to the other and saying his memories show nothing is believable, I think. Messing with Will’s identity was Hannibal’s goal, and for now I assume that Hannibal thinks mission accomplished. OTOH, we have to assume Will ends up in the face mask at some point, so maybe this isn’t going as well as it seems to be. Will having the realization about Sutcliffe’s death was good.

I LOVE the delivery of “Hello” and “I love your work.” The “hello” is just so casual, like they saw each other at the post office or something, and not a murder silo, and the “I love your work” has that tone of straightforwardness yet with irony and humor and just a little something sinister underneath. As far as I’m concerned, “I love your work” is one of the best delivered lines since “This is very educational.”

The thing about the prop foot and having one take is hilarious and awesome.

Beverly being skittish around Will makes me sad. Alana wasn’t skittish around him, and of course Hannibal isn’t, but every time Will moves toward the bars, Beverly takes a step back, even when she’s nowhere near reaching distance to begin with.

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Beverly also doesn't know him, really. I mean, before the start of the series, she only knew of him in a professional context. Alana knew him before and trusts him (to a degree. Plus I think it was Cleo who mentioned in the last recap that Alana holds Will's hands even though she believes he killed five people with them). From Beverly's perspective it's like "Oh shit, maybe I was fooled like everyone else".

Edited at 2014-03-15 12:35 am (UTC)

And oh, BEDELIA.

WOW, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT TO HIS FACE. The polite pretense that he's not creepy as hell that y'all so strenuously kept up all last season--there's no going back to that now

I knoooooooow. She is brave indeed. And he is displeased indeed. Though he does still let her go. I mean, other people have died in that office for less.

I was quite attached to the psychopath!Bedelia theory, and was kind of sad to see it go, but you know what, Bedelia outsmarts Hannibal Lecter, so it doesn’t even matter. She’s knows enough to realize that if she goes to Hannibal’s office, tells him she thinks he’s dangerous and that they’re done, that won’t be the end of it. She thoroughly removes herself from the situation and fucking vanishes. Somewhere last season, I said that my ideal alternative to Bedelia dying was for her to just vanish of her own accord, and not come back until Hannibal is in prison because that visit would be HILARIOUS. I just hope they don’t bring her back to kill her, because if she got away once, she should stay that way, lol. Plus there’s the obvious analogy between her and Will surviving trauma, and we know Will won’t end up dead.

I also still want to know exactly what happened with her patient and the layers of meaning there. Part of me thinks that if she didn’t know know about Hannibal, then last season shouldn’t have had so many heavy handed lines like “I see enough of you to see the truth of you” or her look when she ate the veal. Because it obviously wasn’t a case of her simply having a person suit of her very own. But what I’m getting at is, if she’s only getting to ‘dangerous’ now, what happened to her dead patient couldn’t have been too horrific? Hannibal couldn’t have killed him in a way that showed just how very at ease or skilled he was at killing. I mean, something shady obviously happened, but she was never really afraid of Hannibal before, I don’t think. Because here, she clearly is, and once she is, she calls the whole therapy thing OFF. The alarm bells didn’t really start going off until their session last episode.

But the scene where she goes to Hannibal’s office is amazing. She probably thinks he won’t just murder her there, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. When he walks around the desk, she takes a step back, and he notices and slips into full predator mode, and just the look in his eyes, gah. He just keeps getting into her space, and she finally backs up as much as she’s going to, and more or less stands her ground. THIS WHOLE SCENE, GAH. And you know, even though she believes Will, which means she believes that Hannibal killed five people, she’s not going to the FBI with that. She’s not discussing the insights which Hannibal gave her legal permission to discuss. She tells Will she believes him, but she’s not doing anything to further his cause. Perhaps she thinks that Hannibal will leave her alone if she remains silent (and leaves the state, lol). Perhaps she really does ‘like’ him? Perhaps she knows him well enough to play the game according to his odd sense of rules and fucked up ‘chivalry’. Or perhaps she simply wants nothing more to do with any of it, and doesn’t care about outcomes as long as she survives. Which isn’t psychopath!Bedelia by any means, but is still a very interesting character.

I equally love her going to see Will in jail. Obviously there’s the marked shot of her firm footsteps approaching the bars, in direct contrast to her backing away from Hannibal. And besides the SotL parallels, it’s almost shot like a sort of dark love scene. Bedelia moves as close to the bars as possible, wrapping her hands around them, then Will slowly moves closer tilting his head down to her as he also grips the bars. It’s so beautifully done. Bedelia knows she has nothing to fear from this ‘dangerous’ man who’s locked up. And of course, there’s the ending, where Hannibal goes to Bedelia’s house to murder her (not out of ~rudeness but ~necessity) only to find it shut up, furniture covered, and a bottle of perfume to remember her by. I have to think he’s just the tiniest bit impressed with her.

(Deleted comment)
I love GA's little ankle-wobble as she's walking backwards in heels. Because you know she could do that flawlessly if she didn't need to be vulnerable in that scene.

Interesting: when talking to Beverly, Will doesn't refer to "Hannibal" or "Dr. Lecter," but to "Hannibal Lecter." Almost as if he's talking about a character in a film.

The mote in the mural's eye contrasts nicely with the enormous beam in the eye of the FBI: Hannibal is out of place amongst them, horribly wrong, ruining everything, but they have no idea.

There is no food so rich that Hannibal Lecter would choke on it and die.

Interesting: when talking to Beverly, Will doesn't refer to "Hannibal" or "Dr. Lecter," but to "Hannibal Lecter." Almost as if he's talking about a character in a film.


(Deleted comment)
I dunno, I think "What's that like?" is right up there. That was the line that made me laugh like hell. And laugh harder when my mom, from the other room, said, "What are you laughing at? Your cannibal show?"

Ravenstag. Eyeshadow. Your awesomeness knows no bounds, Cleo. OMG YOU TRENDSETTER.

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You're probably a few steps ahead of me- I thought Dr. Dey was their first line of defense, where they were trying to get Jack to agree that Jack wasn't to blame, so Alana wouldn't have a leg to stand on in court. But you're probably right, that they're trying to get him to incriminate himself.

I am still super curious about how Hannibal would be treated in the real world. Would he be tried as a mentally unstable person? But he is being moral in the only way he knows how, and it's so fascinating. And yet- SOMEHOW I FEEL NO SYMPATHY, SAD CANNIBAL. NONE.

Meanwhile, in the middle of this, we cut back and forth to/from the lab: "He changed colors mid-brushstroke," Beverly realizes. [RRRRRRRR] "What did Dr. Lecter say?" Jack muses. [*FOOT*] "The eye looks beyond this world, into the next, and sees a reflection of man himself." [RRRRRRRRRRRRRR] "There was never supposed to be a reflection. The killer's having an existential crisis after all--the question is... how did he find his faith?" Well, was having; he's currently being nommed in front of Leda and the swan.

I like that your sound effects, intentionally or not, call back to your Come to Jesus dental appointment with Dr. Jones.

I still haven't watched SotL, but this whole Bedelia bit was just so fantastic. I love her near laugh/cry/snort when Jack talks about how good Hannibal is. (It's funny that I would almost rather him eat Bedelia than Beverley, because Bedelia has been coded as the tragic hero from the beginning, so I've sort of been expecting it. Also, how does Fuller not know if Gillian A. will be back? How much time do they generally have between filming and airing?)

I'll add my voice to the BEVERLY=NOT FOR EATING cacophony, and also GET HIIIIIIM, WILL, GET 'IM.

(Deleted comment)
I almost wonder if Hannibal threw out that last-minute "I'm going back to see Will, again, some more" as a half-hearted attempt to inveigle Bedelia back into their relationship? His comment just felt vaguely petulant. Like, I'm doing something you told me not to do, don't you want to come back and advise me/protect him/indirectly mediate between us?

Mmm, interesting. Obviously he ended up going to kill her in the end, but he let her go here. I'm so interested in the fact that he was being subtly yet blatantly threatening, and then just... does nothing. Was he trying to draw her back in? Keep their relationship going in some way? Or maybe he was just curious what she would do. Ha, maybe it was the 'you deserve each other' comment that made him go 'okay, she's dead', lol.

(I swear Jack once told him he needed profiling to structure his life, but I can't find that conversation now.)

Buffet Froid, right after they talk to Georgia's mum.

THANK YOU, I swear I thought I checked that recap.

I feel you should know that, thanks to my high school German, I always read Ravenstag as Ravens Tag, ie, day of the raven. In my head, that is what Fannibals call the day of the week that Hannibal airs.

Heeeee. People can't figure out what to call Hannibal Fridays, so maybe Ravens Tag can become a thing.

LOOK AT ALL THESE DELICIOUS PARALLELS AND INVERSIONS. *rolls in them* You have outdone yourself again, Cleo.

This episode, though. THIS EPISODE. Even though we didn't learn much new information about Bedelia's backstory, I just love how much we learned about her as a character. I'm not sure I've ever seen a character written like her before - not so much amoral or morally ambiguous as above human morality, somehow? I feel like she might have considered Hannibal a kindred spirit in that regard, so even if she knew he wasn't what he seemed, she didn't see the problem with associating with him (or more likely, thought it was safer to let him continue seeing her given their shared past) until he pushed it and directly threatened her?

And as much as I would love to see someone help Will Graham, and as much as I loved Bedelia going against her natural instincts to give Will that gift, her self-preservation was still paramount, and that was just a fabulous bit of characterization. She did what she needed to do to protect herself from Hannibal - just like Will will have to now.

Gah. I want to see more of Bedelia, but if this is all we get, I'll be completely satisfied.

It's just still killing me that we don't quite know what Bedelia's perspective is, if that makes any sense. What did she know or believe about him in the first season? Because I'd need to know that in order to know what she was willing to overlook or enable. So until we have a better idea of that... even her ambiguity is ambiguous?

(SPOILER: She is definitely coming back. Bryan Fuller took a picture of her chair on set the day after the "We don't know if we can get her back" interview.)

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(Deleted comment)
The ACC basketball tournament is currently on my local NBC affiliate. BASKETBALL.

I have dealt with my pain by buying samples of eyeshadow, starting with dire ravenstag.