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Hannibal 2x02: "Sakizuke," part two
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Ridiculously overstuffed part twoCollapse )

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Sooo, I want to buy some eyeshadow (Ravenstag!) and in a variety of colors, but I have no idea how to pair things. I just found a tutorial that said to have a mixture of matte and shimmer and a light, medium, and dark color, but I'm having a hard time navigating the website. Ideas?

I'm planning on smudging Raincloud (matte) with Ravenstag, but I admit to being an eye makeup novice.

Ohmigod, I haven't even finished the recap yet, but am too excited not to comment already, because I have been SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS and it's here YAY.

Will's acting! I KNEW he was going to manipulate Hannibal, I KNEW his claims of confusion didn't match his earlier insistence on the clarity he'd reached; and yet I sat there watching him tremble-pale (I couldn't stop thinking of that word!) through that first scene, and I thought "Huh, disappointing. Hugh Dancy's "Poor Will Graham" acting seems more forced and unsubtle than nor- wait. OHHHHH." Hugh Dancy is very endearing as Will, but beyond the accent, I haven't always thought he was doing anything actually spectacular acting-wise. But a good actor playing a character acting badly is one thing; a good actor playing a character acting well yet with just the hint of artificiality that suits a character that is not an actor, yet still well enough to have a plausibly decent shot at fooling Hannibal Lector... that's something else.

See, I've always thought he was really great on the show. (I really love when he does empathing scenes and you can actually watch him waver between "Killer of the Week" and "Will pulling back and realizing something about Killer of the Week." Also, I am still not over that whole episode 10 scene with the seizure and the smile and the "Please don't lie to me" thing.) But I also suspected in advance that he was totally going to play Hannibal, so I was more like, "Oh, good job not being totally artificial with that, this actually sounds plausible."

I think the writing also does some of the work in that scene; it's not so blatantly "yes everything you said I am now saying it too" that it seems unbelievable, but it's close enough to a suspiciously thorough recanting that you can see what Will is actually doing.

I feel bad for Roland. When he was at the cliff I was like, "You know, jumping might actually be your best option here", and then I saw him hit the rock and I was like, "OMG, I'M SORRY, WHY DID YOU LISTEN TO ME?"

And YES, BEDELIA. I LOVE characters who make good life choices. Also, I might be shipping them, and I don't know how I feel about that. I don't actually want her to come back. I want her to be on a beach getting drunk and not getting eaten, but their relationship is so interesting.


Hey, still better than being caught by that guy. I was really really sad that he didn't make it out alive, but it's like I said about just quietly waiting to die: there's a point where none of your options are good.

I want her to be on a beach getting drunk and not getting eaten, but their relationship is so interesting.

Holy shit I want to see more of Whatever The Hell Is Going On With Them.

So, thoughts!

1. Goddamn it, Hannibal, I like Beethoven's 9th.

2. Beverly is one of the coolest characters on this show (tie between her and Bedelia, IMO, with Will bringing up a close third) and had just better not get killed, production team, that's all.

3. I actually laughed when Jack said "We did not have this conversation!" It's just such a Jack Crawford thing to say at this point, I'm not even surprised. (Not in a bad way, necessarily, I mean. It was just funny because it was so typical).

4. Standing ovation for Dr. Bedelia, got the hell out of dodge.

5. Will switching in and out of Creepy-voicing (and sarcasm) keeps throwing me off and entertaining me at the same time. I can only imagine what the other characters make of it (especially Beverly).

6. Will bringing Beverly into the imaginary lab with him was interesting/odd.

7. Guessing: the part where Hannibal took a leg as, yes, a trophy (and it's kind of reminiscent of Miriam's arm) will help Will eventually connecting the dots? Partly, anyway?

The courtroom episode looks intense.

Well, I think the dots are going to get connected on this coming episode, so maybe so! God, I can't WAIT.

Thanks for the recap!

I ended up comparing his one-sided eagerness to the Shakespearean trope of an older man's love for a younger one, like the Fair Youth

I thought Thomas Mann? Like tbh I think Hannibal is completely losing it Death In Venice style, Will is his Tadzio and he's caught in that Freudian symbolic death wish vortex that causes people to rush headlong into the blowing up of their own orderly lives. Not that Hannibal denies Dionysus, precisely, but you wonder if he's also Pentheus.

the pervasive eye imagery suggests that he's now presuming to act as as God's earthly stand-in (angel?), or believes that he is God, to help James Gray become an eye that can look God in the face

I've not thought of it until now, but George Bataille's essay Sacrificial Mutilation and the Severed Ear of Vincent Van Gogh links ritual auto-mutilation to the act of looking at/confronting a solar god -- the imperfect self sacrifices in order to approach its ideal. Ears are the main thing, but one of his case studies was a woman who gouged out her own eyes, and another man chewed off a finger.

I have a very clear sense of what I think Bedelia's perfume would smell like, but I can't pick out the individual notes. Gardenia with a cold edge?

I imagine it as Frederic Malle's Carnal Flower, I have to say. Not gardenia, but tuberose, so still a white flower -- an icy green tuberose that's been described as "like opening a florist's refrigerator."

You know, I can totally see that.

(That is such a deep comment on my part, sorry. I think I used up all my profundity on the recap.)

I just want to call attention to how delightfully Hitchcockian that scene between Hannibal and Bedelia in the office was. The symmetry of her standing between the windows, the foot focus, everything. It made me realize that Bryan Fuller definitely deliberately made Bedelia blonde. (I already know of his great love for Hitchcock, thanks to Pushing Daisies.)

She really does have that Icy Hitchcock Blonde vibe, doesn't she?

So I just wanted to say 1) I love your recaps and am super-glad you're continuing them this season, and 2) thank you for linking to my Bedelia cartoon!!

I'm kind of glad they're showing Jack's uncertainty in his own decision-making this season, because he seemed to be growing something...unlikeable, or at least unsympathetic, by the end of Season 1. We know his intentions are good, but at the same time, he did seem to dismiss Will's issues almost entirely. His regrets this season seem sincere and remind us that he really is trying to do good.

That said, I think it's going to take a tremendous smack to the face of evidence for him to turn on Hannibal. Because not only is the guy now working with him, not only is he having dinner with him frequently, Hannibal is still also the guy who is (or was?) giving therapy to his dying wife. And as much as Will's betrayal may have overhauled his view of things, throwing Bella into the mix would probably make it even harder to "see" Hannibal past all of the other emotions he's got to be feeling regarding Bella.

I really hope that wasn't Hannibal's intention in befriending her, but I do think it makes him safer, whether or not that was his plan.

I don't think that "throwing Jack off the trail of my murders" was Hannibal's specific intent in befriending Bella, but being able to better manipulate Jack certainly was. And yet Hannibal seems to genuinely believe that he is helping people by moving them into position to serve his own ends, like he is making them the best parts of themselves when they are in harmony with his design.

(Deleted comment)
Someone suggested it was just a generic/fictional bottle, but I WANT TO KNOW. Maybe I can get IRL Freddie to get her tattle on and ask Bryan Fuller what it is or would smell like.

Not quite off-topic - I went to A.V. Club to spoil myself for today's episode, and someone in the comments actually used the term "murder wizard". Yay!


(I have no idea who or how many people read the recaps; that's always nice.)

'This is my design' seem to be arc words for this season. And maybe season one too.

I get the feeling that Bedelia is one of the few people Hannibal may genuinely respect. Mind you that's not a lot of protection but I think it was enough to give her some sense of security with him.

But when she became a threat, well that veneer of safety was gone.

Yeah, enough respect that he let her walk out of that office. Like someone else was saying, people have died in that room for less. I kind of wonder if she and Will are a bit alike that way--his respect for the people he likes best means that he's not tying up loose ends the way he should, and eventually it's going to come back to bite him (I'm sorry).

Oh maaaan.

Admittedly, I have only watched the first 4 episodes of season 1 but that is because I am doing it via rental DVD. SO.

This is really awesome.

Hang in there, because 1x06 is where my favorite arc starts. :D

Wonderful episode, wonderful recap. Thank you so much for keeping going with them, the balance of horror and pathos and loopily hilarious in this one seemed so particularly ... youish, I don't even know, I couldn't wait to see what you said.

I just wondered why you felt Bedelia was paralleling Hopkins!Hannibal in that final scene? I saw her as the Clarice and Will as the Hannibal and the whole scene as an inversion designed to emphasise how horribly wrong this is, like the "Hello, Will" scene at the end of S1. Like, it's not supposed to be Will in there. It's not supposed to be Will receiving visits in his cell from icy-yet-vulnerable women in suits with shiny hair. And Bedelia's whole reason for being there is to reveal that she knows that, she knows it's all wrong, so the framing in its wrongness emphasises her revelation to Will that she too knows they're both in a show called Hannibal.

I can't decide if I think the perfume was a fuck you or an oddly friendly gesture... I think I saw it as a kind of final truth bomb, really -- like, "I KNOW you don't really see people as people. And I also KNOW you want me, and (among other things) the sense of ownership and power you'd get from killing me, but as you don't see much difference between people and objects, hopefully owning my smell that will hold you for a while." And also, it seems like a sort of claim of agency in a way I find hard to put my finger on; I mean, normally, when you're running away from someone who wants to kill you, you just fucking run like poor Roland at the beginning, you don't wait around to cover your furniture with dustsheets, let alone to leave little presents for your would-be murderer, and the fact that she does ... it's as if she wants to make clear to him that she's scared, but she's not panicking, she may know she has to get out, but she doesn't accept the subordinate status of prey.

If she comes back she's so dead. But I almost wonder if she might let him kill her if she could set him up to incriminate himself first.

I think it's a reverse parallel, if that makes any sense--the image is the same but the meaning is the opposite.

Thanks for another great recap. I will be VERY interested in your episode 3 recap!!

I just wanted to share a comment I read somewhere re Hannibal bumping into everyone in the lab. We know he's not clumsy, that he is in fact very elegant, moves very gracefully and has a strong spatial awareness. The comment I read suggested that he was bumping into everyone because he doesn't know how to negotiate groups. I think there is something in that. In season 1, we only ever see him--mostly--with one or two people. The only groups situations in which we see him are very formal, at the music recital and his dinner party. These are occassions he understands and knows how to negotiate. The situation in the lab is very different: a group of people who are very used to working with each other in a space they know very well, doing a job they are very good at. Hannibal doesn't belong there.

Ooh, that's a really interesting way of looking at it - I can definitely see that.

This comment is going to be a shallow one: is there an nbchannibal clothes blog? Because this top of Beverly's is fab.

Also, have you noticed that red is big for the women again this season? Alana's wearing a similar shade in 3x03.

Thanks for another great recap!

Re: Bedelia leaving behind the perfume: basically, she's throwing Hannibal off her scent.

Heh, yeah. Whatever she's wearing now, it's definitely not that.