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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Hannibal 2x02: "Sakizuke," part two
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04
Ridiculously overstuffed part twoCollapse )

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Bryan Fuller says that this line was inspired by one in the Juliette Binoche movie Damage, explaining, "You may feel you are alone in your damage, because it is such an interior experience to be damaged in that way, and then to have somebody come along who you know can know you in that way, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a glimmer of hope."

Except the film completely botched that line from the book Damage, which is "Damaged people are dangerous because they know YOU can survive." Meaning that they will not feel guilty about damaging you. The movie twisted it to mean they're dangerous because they know they can survive whatever happens, which is backwards.

I have loved every episode recap you have done, and I am sure I will continue to do so. And after tonight's episode I am now sure of the fact that Hannibal is a ninja. Also wondering why Beverley went into the basement.

We're rather behind in UK - episode 2 just aired last night. I was so worried for Bedelia - I assumed that Gillian Anderson had to leave for other commitments - not sure when they will be filming the second series of 'The Fall' in Northern Ireland.

Loving as always your updates but reading them after watching episodes.

aka caersidi.