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Open discussion: Hannibal 2x05 "Mukozuke"

I'm making good time on "Takiawase"--it's just that "Hassun" ran (extra) late because of another project I had to do, so now this is also running late. At some point I'm going to get out from under the backlog, but today is not that day. However, some of y'all in the "Hassun" comments asked if we could have an open discussion thread for the episode currently airing, so: here we are. I'm going to have to be on Twitter to pitch in for the ratings and collect east and west coast tweets for the Storify, but LJ is definitely better for threaded conversations; I'll try to drop in between broadcasts. And if it turns out people are interested in a discussion post like this, we'll keep doing them. To state the obvious: there will be spoilers in the comments. Try to keep it to spoilers through this episode, though, in case people don't want to know about ~the future~ yet.

While we're here, we have two Aromaleigh colors this week:

I mean, all the colors will be there for a good long while, but these are the two newest. I haven't seen them in person yet, but they both have some color-shifting business going on--Lure is meant to be Abigail's multicolored sweater, and Murder Tie has to have some stealth red in it, of course--so it'll be an adventure trying to take pictures of them. Still working on the Tattler swatches--I've found a couple of lighter colors that blend well with it, so that it looks kind of like a sunset. But I'll get back to that after I'm done with "Takiawase."

By the way, here's the preview for tonight--and NBC Hannibal's Tumblr tags:

#Hannibal #NBC #Television #Previews #So last Friday was like the first JFC episode #This Friday is THE REAL GD DEAL #There's not even a part of the episode that we can call out to be ready for #IT'S JUST THE WHOLE THING

Buckle up.

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