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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Open discussion: Hannibal 2x06 "Futamono"
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04
Of course I'm not finished with "Mukozuke," so I'm going to be juggling two recaps--once again--because I have a project to finish, and my request for more hours in the day hasn't gone through yet. My request for a Beverly eyeshadow did, however!

Click through to see them next to the inspiration pictures, which show how wonderfully Kristen actually captured the concepts.

ALSO: It is the show's one-year anniversary, and tonight's episode is gonna be WILD. *people confetti*

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Wow, those colors are beautiful. I have all the samples of the Hunger Games and Sherlock collections and am pretty impressed by them, but these are amazing. Hannibal is such a gorgeous show to look at and it's incredible how well she's translated that into sparkly goodness.

the only problem is they make too many pretty colors and I am running out of room for eyeshadows XD

it might be a bad idea to turn a heel while watching this episode tonight...

I ma fortunately past the nupps in my thing. It was all "super-basic paired YOs and decreases, turn, purl forever." And yet I still had to put it down a couple times.

Guys, what's the painting that scene looks like? I know it's a painting.

Wait, how did Jack suddenly turn into the magical empath?

OMG name-checked Leda and the Swan!

... Now that the Radar has finally caught up with it and made them alter the painting's details, heh.

Chilton is right about things

How the frick am I supposed to feel about this

he's a jackass, but he's not stupid when it comes to saving his own hide.

OK - I'm pretty pissed! I demand a full refund....

Wait, about what now?

whelp, I guess he didn't pick cake.

There was only taste of human left.

(Deleted comment)
my thoughts on this episode?


My further thoughts: was that actually a trapdoor leading to another trapdoor?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
What do we covet, Jack?

Loving Silence turned inside out.

OH MAN. I wanted so badly for there not to be anybody in the basement that I didn't consider the possibility of a separate torture shack. On the upside, I'm always surprised by how much worse it can get!

Part of me wonders if he *set up* a separate torture shack specifically for Jack to find.

OMG I have so many thoughts about this episode, although at the moment I keep coming back to one of Cleo's quotes: HANNIBAL, YOU UNMITIGATED FUCKER!

I cannot believe what I just watched. I may never be able to enjoy a pork roast again. Thank you, show!

But I gotta say, the Treeman was gorgeous.

All of the trees and flowers were really beautiful. I was so conflicted by the sight of the Treeman; I feel like it actually works as art independent of the context of the show but man, I'm not sure I could hang that on my wall and not feel super weird about it.

EEEEK. I will have thoughts later, but right now I'm still on EEEEK. So many manipulations. So many schemes. So much wrongness. I love this show.

GIDEON. ALANA. CHILTON. JACK. Surprisingly little Will, but a lot was going on. Hannibal was, of course, the worst. Has there been an episode recently where he hasn't been even worse than last episode's the worst? Anyway. MIRIAM. Um, yikes.

(though as much as I love Abigail, I hope she stays dead *hides*)

Oh, and of course Hannibal's drawing room is awesome, and of course he composes beautifully. Though if that's his harpsichord, what was the instrument in his office that he struck a note on after killing Tobias?

Though I have to wonder about finding Miriam alive. I mean, doesn't SHE know Hannibal is the Ripper? After all this scheming on Hannibal's part to set up alibis and non-human meat for testing, leading Jack to someone who knows seems counterproductive.

Oh well, she's probably been brainwashed. Or, lobotomized or something. Okay, I'm freaking myself out now.

A beautiful and horrifying death tableau...

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