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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Open discussion: Hannibal 2x07 "Yakimono"
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04
I have been (and continue to be) working on a non-show-related project, so I'm intentionally and unavoidably behind on the recaps. Service will resume eventually, knock on wood. (Wood may or may not be people.) I'll update y'all on the medication situation later (thank you so much for all your support--I'm still going through those comments).

Meanwhile, here are the three new Aromaleigh colors this week:

ANTLER VELVET: "This shade is a lush, satiny soft buff brown, with metallic copper highlights, green/red mid tones and a smoked khaki undertone." Healing properties not included.

SUBLIME: "This shade is a beautiful duochrome with tones of peacock blue, jade green, chartreuse, aqua and gold."

PERCEPTION: "This shade is a strong duochrome effect, which ranges from a deep purplish taupe, to copper/bronze and then vivid yellow/gold shimmer with some deep fuchsia and cobalt sparks for good measure." Originally called "Mind Metronome," if that gives you any idea.

Meanwhile: I'll be over on Twitter, harvesting livetweets for the eventual Storify post. Come get me if I'm needed over here; it could be hours before I catch up.

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I need antler velvet. I also saw an antler chandelier and matching lamps at the hunting/fishing store and thought of this show.

I also may have mixed watermelon vodka with watermelon/strawberry soda. I will apologize for any aweful spelling in the next hour and a half.

Never apologize for watermelon and/or alcohol.

Oh great, the post is here - will be stalking this threat later on ... :D *issoexcited*

Don't stalk the threat too far, lest you become the threatened.

Oh wow, Sublime really is.

I just discovered that @Dr_duMaurier is married to @DrFrederickChil. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

You mean the actors?

Umm...no. A quick check shows Gillian Anderson has married a number of people, none of them Raul Esparza, while Esparza appears to be on his second wife.

For once, I'm here when this starts!

Pretty sure that "don't you want to know how this ends?" was actually how the serpent tempted Eve.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Huh. That was an interesting look Will got on his face right before he left.

that lighting to make hannibal look like the wendigo was good.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but YOU LEAVE THAT UNETHICAL PSYCHIATRIST ALONE.

Oh god, poor Frederick.

okay, WHAT JUST HAPPENED? ladies, this is not a drill.

I don't know, but "Reunited" just started playing.



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(Deleted comment)
I, uh, know I should have something intelligent to say, but OMFWHTFBBQ!

R.I.P., Frederick Chilton, you poor, utterly outmatched, smarmy bastard.

Also, poor Alana. I hope that woman gets herself a therapist because Lord knows that woman has had some up close and personal experience with trauma lately.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I knew Chilton would die as soon as I started to like him--I knew it!!

On the plus side, it seems as if a twist has arisen than even Hannibal didn't expect. I hope I'm reading that right.

Tangentially, since I'm not seeing it in the previews yet: When is Mason Verger joining us? Anyone know? I need some Michael Pitt in my life.

ETA: Also, Crawford needs to step away from the Idiot Ball. Seriously, dude. Will TOLD you this would happen. He TOLD you, and you seemed to believe him at the time. The hell.

Edited at 2014-04-12 03:07 am (UTC)

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*whipsers* I called it.

So last night I made the mistake of talking about Hannibal right before bed and then I had a dream that I was in the show and I knew Hannibal was the Ripper and I knew he knew I knew. I also knew that I was not smart enough to survive this situation and I spent what felt like hours running around in sheer terror. I did eventually get so scared that I woke myself up, but man did I have a lot of sympathy for Chilton here.

I had a dream once that I was at a party with everyone in some kind fancy antebellum mansion, and I knew and Will knew, and then Will found out that *I* knew, and then Hannibal found out we BOTH knew, and then I woke up right before I wet my bed.