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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Open discussion: Hannibal 2x08 "Su-zakana"
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04
I'm still so behind that I haven't even caught up on--good Lord, what were y'all in there talking about for 560 comments last week? omg, I will never, ever catch up.

Two new Aromaleigh colors this week, and I can testify that Ripper is fantastic and I want it on my face for always (although Craquelure is a lovely green):

CRAQUELURE: "This shade is a warm green with metallic olive undertone, gold/chartreuse highlight and a lot of aqua/blue bright sparkle. In person, the blue sparks and the gold shift is very apparent."

RIPPER: "This shade is a rich mahogany brown with a cool blue duochromatic shift and vivid indigo/blue highlight sparks."

Also: we invented the Turducken Sunrise cocktail this morning. You're gonna need it.

@cleolindajones: Are you kidding me [LAMB GIF ON NBCHANNIBAL TUMBLR]

@cleolindajones: Struggling to suppress "unbaaalievable" joke; critical failure RT @manatee73: @cleolindajones @NBCHannibal Nope.

@NerosLyre: "Don't make any noise, we TALKED about this."

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OMG, that gif with Hannibal petting the lamb - it's made my night and the episode hasn't even started!!

Can we talk about the promo at this episode's end?

1. I hope to see Margot Verger. She wasn't in the 2001 film and I'm very excited.

2. I hope that Jack has hidden Chilton away. "You hook 'em, I'll land 'em."

3. I could swear that Hannibal is serving everyone globefish. It's very popular in Japan and eastern China, heavenly delicious but its organs, eggs and blood are all poisonous (and a nerve-poison at that)

4. Loved, LOVED the music in these 30 seconds! Would it pass over to the actual episode?


I'm still so behind that I haven't even caught up on--good Lord, what were y'all in there talking about for 560 comments last week? omg, I will never, ever catch up.

Cleo, I implore you to calm down about this. :( I wrote a chunk of comments but I don't think you need to be so stressed about seeing it all. It's still your turf we're playing on. Setting your mailbox alert for *every* new comment on a particular thread may help, or maybe you can take a deep breath, open all the pages of the comments on separate windows and patiently tap open all of the "expand" tags. That's how I caught up with all the comments on those classic M15M posts of yours.

Edited at 2014-04-19 01:47 am (UTC)

Hee, I meant that in a friendly tone, not a panicked one. It's all good.

ehehe, probably a least 25 of those comments were mine, maybe more. I kind gave up after the thread reached 300 some.

Is sewing the lady inside a dead horse a reference to Erzebet Bathory?

You know, someone asked that a while back, when we first heard about the premise. I'm gonna have to make some inquiries about that.

(Deleted comment)
I'm starting to watch this episode a little late, and all I can think of was the time my friend chased her sister around the house with a fishhead.


Seriously, that was incredibly disturbing for some reason. Possibly it's the closest we've come to seeing him actually dispatching one of his human victims.

(Deleted comment)
I just can't... even... with Jeremy Davies' hair.

That was Moriarty in the preview for next week, wasn't it?

My unfortunate impression.

Ok, I need someone to explain the Margot stuff to me because I have no idea what happened.


have you read Hannibal? the third book?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
well that was a thing that happened. wow. it kinda went fast and felt like not alot happened. but stuff happened...

I'm going to go sleep off this cold.


*does WIll's whistle*

*gives you one of Will's dogs*

Feel better.

Now I know what awe looks like on Hannibal Lecter.

Between that and his flinching last week because the business end of Will's gun, he's got some new exciting expressions in the rotation!

Oh my god, Alana, the Will-Hannibal parallel was staring you RIGHT IN THE GOD DAMN FACE while you were interviewing that social worker and you're still not going to believe Will. ARGH!

I cracked up more than I should have when Hannibal was petting that lamb and the social worker clawed his way out of that horse. Literal tears ran down my eyes but didn't go into Mason's martini. Oh, you.

Does Mason drink tear-martini's because that's kind of badass.


Also, for my own reasons, allow me to point out that Alana was wearing green this time. She's on neutral ground, finally. And actually doing stuff. I approve of both. :)

Fandom can go ahead and gif that touch until the cows come home - I just want to wallow in Hannibal's "...wtf?" look. And maybe Will's "Eh...nope, still gonna kill him."

Is it possible this was all part of Will's act?
Making himself the most irresistible bait that ever lived? Like, "Oooh I'm gonna pull this trigger so hard!"
But really he's like jk.

So, while I am NOT on board with the whole Hannibloom thing, I suuuure appreciated the Mads!porn that scene brought us :D I'm impressed they got away with that few seconds of Alana on top and throwing her head back :o If this was on cable it might've had more skin, but would it have been as hot? I dunno!

Edited at 2014-04-19 03:29 am (UTC)

It was almost a female orgasm, which we all know is the worst thing you could ever show on screen!

A few scattered thoughts:

--The Vergers have entered the building! And shit gets more realer.

--The moment I got the #Turducken thing = Ugggh!

--Was clawing my eyes out metaphorically at the Hannibloom stuff, but this moment at the end totally made up for it.

--@NBCHannibal 39m
Favorite line of the series. "Is your social worker in that horse?" #Hannibal <-- THAT.

I have no access to Twitter

Could you please tell me what it's about?

Jeremy Davies Appreciation Thread

Jeremy Davies, you guys! Apparently he'll be in next week's episode too? It's cute that Will made a new friend, but that makes me nervous. Here's hoping that Hannibal finds Peter too stringy for his taste and leaves him alone so that Will can get him the help he needs.

Re: Jeremy Davies Appreciation Thread

Seconded! And because I didn't have my glasses on, for a second I thought the social worker was Nestor Carbonell and it was like a mini Lost reunion. Alas, twas not to be.