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Open discussion: Hannibal 2x10 "Naka-choko"
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04
So I hear the show's going to be completely nuts tonight. (You may want to catch up on the book passages I posted a couple of weeks back if you're unfamiliar with Mason Verger. Or don't, and go on living a happy life.) It's already pretty off-the-rails on Twitter, if you happened to see the picture Bryan Fuller posted this morning; Tumblr's been a smoking pile of rubble ever since. And that's before the picture of the--well, I'll stop there.

Two Aromaleigh eyeshadow colors this week (with quick tests on the back of my hand, as they just arrived, HUZZAH), and the first one still cracks me up:

CYGNUS: Yeah, we did. We totally, totally did. And explaining the concept to my mother was hilarious. The description: "It appears to be a brown-based neutral but it goes on as a rich pewter, with cocoa undertones. It has a rich rose/violet duochrome." Dry, it's actually fairly soft and rosy; the darker tones of the painting's background come out more strongly if you apply it with a damp brush.

IKEBANA: "An exquisite rose frost, with a vibrant chartreuse/green duochrome," which I cannot get on camera, but it's there, and it gives the color this great little kick. And I want to roll in it. (Also lip safe!)

The colors up so far, all together:

I am now in possession of the next three as well, and I know of at least one more being formulated--and then I think we'll have only one slot out of twenty left open? So we're either going to have a hell of a time narrowing down #20, or we'll have to keep going; we'll have to see.

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Those are all amazing colors.

And it's all Kristen's work; Freddie (in real life, that is--@tattle_crime) and I help with names and ideas, and I send over pictures, but... we're sounding boards, really. Like, there is a color for next week that Kristen just conjured out of thin air based on a line of dialogue, not an image--but when I started trying to match it to pictures for the weekly Tumblr posts, it turned out it matched the tones of the background lighting. I don't even know how. And she's been improvising these week by week, too.

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I really don't know how they're going to cram in everything they've been talking about and posting pictures of.

Depending on the light, Craquelure is REALLY FUCKING GREEN or REALLY FUCKING YELLOW. And Folie a Deux is awesome when smudged with chamomile, although that's pretty much what you already said about Tattler and yarrow.

I've only bought Ravenstag so far, and most of the times I've worn it it's looked charcoal gray with pretty green and purple sparks. Then yesterday I wore it with an eye shadow that is pale pale green, and it ended up going emerald green. I'm not complaining at all, but that wasn't what I was expecting when I put it on! It's cool to hear that some of the other Aromaleigh colors do that as well.

aww, its like a cat bringing a dead present home.

or when my work dog brought in a dead starling to show everyone in therapy...

clearly I have not drank enough for the episode.

they used the words! they used the words!

I'm going to enjoy this guy get his face eaten off.

I would actually like it even more if he could be convinced to remove and consume his own genitals. That would be almost terrible enough for him.

(Deleted comment)
sexuality is a fluid thing, not black and white. she might mainly sleep with women, but wanted comfort from him specifically.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
whelp... I wasn't expecting THAT ending... and I probably shouldn't have laughed when hannibal said "you cut the ginger"....

*five hours after you figured out*


(Deleted comment)

(Deleted comment)
The word 'legitimate' was brought up along with 'heir', so I'm betting Margot takes off to Massachusetts with her missus. Bam! Baby born in wedlock!

Man, if Will actually up and killed Freddie.....I don't know if I could keep going with this. That's not "arguably self-defense", that's just straight-up murder. Not to mention, it's another woman getting killed, while the guys just keep going.

Ok, so the further the Romantic Cannibal Dinner progressed, the more convinced I became that Will has sedated Freddie and secreted her away somewhere (or maybe even gotten her in on the act), and is doing his level best to convince Hannibal that yes, he's totally become Hannibal's Murder Boyfriend.

We all said we wanted Freddie to be the one to start putting the facts together and to believe Will about Hannibal, but not like this, okay! Part of me says there’s no body, there’s no death and that this is a fakeout like Chilton. And that no matter how far into luring Hannibal Will has gone, that he wouldn’t actually kill someone LIKE THAT for doing nothing but being on his property and putting the (wrong) pieces together. The scene in the murder barn was creepy, it really was reminiscent of the Hannibal and Beverly scene. And Will was just so cool and flat here. Seriously though, with the Randall murder suit hanging up and the stuff in the freezer and Will being all channeling a serial killer, it’s no wonder she doesn’t stick around to let him explain. And I wonder what exactly Will’s plan was here, assuming his plan wasn’t to kill her and feed her to Hannibal. Contain her? I screamed when he hit out the window with the tire iron. But okay, do we think he actually fed her to Hannibal? Or was the meat from Randall? At the time, I assumed Hannibal set up the Randall tableau to honor him, by making him what he wanted to be, but now I wonder if it was Will, and he set some organs aside because he knew he'd need them later. Anyway, given that Hannibal was waiting in Freddie’s room in his murder suit, Will faking her death to Hannibal was the only way to save her life. Though if he actually does have her tied up somewhere, that’s not exactly going to endear him to her even if it did keep her from getting killed. Still, I just think that Freddie has too much to do later to actually be killing her now.

But the scene where Will discusses Randall’s tableau was fraught with double meaning, as is everything on this show, lol. Jack kind of has a WTF face on, which just leads me back to ‘how much does Jack believe about what’s going on?’ I mean, how involved is he in Will’s luring? He calls Will in about Freddie’s disappearance, but doesn’t press it further than that. Was it all an act for Hannibal’s benefit, or did Will not mention what happened with Freddie, because the less Jack knows the better, etc? I did like Hannibal’s “never killed before, not like this” when talking about Randall’s ‘killer’. And his earlier “Then you owe Randall Tier a debt” echoed what he told Abigail about Nicholas Boyle, that Abigail taking his life was more important than his life. And as someone else said, of course Hannibal can’t take Will to wash his hands in the sink like a normal person. That scene just screamed intimacy, though. Not to mention the kitchen scene and the dinner scene afterward. Will is totally acting like Hannibal’s murder boyfriend friend. Just his way of moving and speaking has changed dramatically. It’s so distant yet intimate, almost like he’s projecting his own person suit.

What else? Theremin shenanigans. I mean, yes, that would be so cute on paper, if he weren’t, you know, the devil. Also, the wendigo was the fifth person in the sex scene. o_O

Hannibal had a sister. I like the nods to canon, even if it’s never spelled out. And that one, I hope actually isn’t spelled out, as I’d rather Hannibal just be the way he is naturally, rather than something ‘making’ him that way.

You know fancy cannibal was pleased as punch to get a free exotic pig. When he can’t get people, he still only likes the finest meat. But the expression on his face while talking to Mason was not exactly a nice one.

Mason: CREEPY FUCK. Like, since we’re cutting out any rape story lines, I wondered how they were going to make him THAT bad, but just seeing the glee he has at prepping his pigs to eat people and how he used Margot’s suit and then brings her up there to make her watch: yeah, bad bad bad. Speaking of Margot, I read the sex scene with Will as 100% manipulation on her part. She slept with him to 1) show him what her brother did to her so Will will kill him for her and 2) to secure an heir. I didn’t read it as ‘lesbian goes for dick because everyone actually wants dick’, and I hope that Bryan Fuller would be sensitive enough to know not to do that.

Edited at 2014-05-03 03:48 am (UTC)

I don't think the wheelchair was Freddie. Like everything else on the show, I think they took an iconic moment and completely changed the context, and are using that in the preview to FREAK US THE FUCK OUT. Really, there'd be no coming back from that for Will, and other people who haven't attacked his dogs aren't acceptable collateral damage in his crusade against Hannibal. I think that scene with Freddie was Hannibal's empathing of the scene that Will implied for him. But Will has an advantage, in that his empathy is genuine empathy; Hannibal's not able to completely take himself out of the scene, which is why Will was so eerily reminiscent of Hannibal when standing in the Murder Barn, and why Will can lead Hannibal into seeing him as darker and more corrupted than he is.

So, things are very divided at my viewing party over this. Half of us liked the episode despite its slowness because we think it's setup with mind-blowing payoff. Half of us think it's pissing on the books and may not want to watch next season. (I'm on Team Liked It.)

Okay, real talk though: how on EARTH is Will Graham not going to jail after all this? Already, the FBI knows that he 1) broke out of his prison transport (and attacked the guards) to joy ride to Minnesota, 2) tried to shoot his shrink in Minnesota, and 3) tried to kill he shrink AGAIN via murder proxy. And ASSUMING Freddie's not dead, I can't see how he's not getting charged with some form of kidnapping and assault. Even if it turns out later that Will and Jack had some secret agreement going on (which is a theory I've seen tossed around), why the fuck would Freddie not try to have his ass thrown in jail?

The only way out of that I can see is if Freddie gets killed (NOOOO) with no traces to Will, and Hannibal never rats him out because of his Cannibal Bro Code or something.

I think Freddie's in on it, and is willingly disappearing as part of the investigation.

Also, FUCKING MASON. Mason creeps me out on so many levels because not only is he skeevy as hell, he's also very different than I anticipated. I saw Michael Pitt in the American version of Funny Games and kind of expected that level of suave coldness. This version was much more...unsettling, I suppose? I definitely like the portrayal, but it's definitely a different flavor than the steely, charming psychopath I imagine (which is probably a good thing!).

That said, HE LOOKS LIKE MY BROTHER AND THIS IS REALLY FREAKING ME OUT. Especially since I half-joked about cosplaying Margot to people because I own clothes that looked like one of her outfits. I FEEL AFRAID.

Take careful stock of your closets to make sure your brother hasn't stolen any of your suits in order to train pigs to eat you.

(Deleted comment)
Btw, I need to watch that foray into erotica like 211 more times. Because Hugh Dancy.

And the way he seamlessly blended into Mads Mikkelsen.