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Open discussion: Hannibal 2x10 "Naka-choko"

So I hear the show's going to be completely nuts tonight. (You may want to catch up on the book passages I posted a couple of weeks back if you're unfamiliar with Mason Verger. Or don't, and go on living a happy life.) It's already pretty off-the-rails on Twitter, if you happened to see the picture Bryan Fuller posted this morning; Tumblr's been a smoking pile of rubble ever since. And that's before the picture of the--well, I'll stop there.

Two Aromaleigh eyeshadow colors this week (with quick tests on the back of my hand, as they just arrived, HUZZAH), and the first one still cracks me up:

CYGNUS: Yeah, we did. We totally, totally did. And explaining the concept to my mother was hilarious. The description: "It appears to be a brown-based neutral but it goes on as a rich pewter, with cocoa undertones. It has a rich rose/violet duochrome." Dry, it's actually fairly soft and rosy; the darker tones of the painting's background come out more strongly if you apply it with a damp brush.

IKEBANA: "An exquisite rose frost, with a vibrant chartreuse/green duochrome," which I cannot get on camera, but it's there, and it gives the color this great little kick. And I want to roll in it. (Also lip safe!)

The colors up so far, all together:

I am now in possession of the next three as well, and I know of at least one more being formulated--and then I think we'll have only one slot out of twenty left open? So we're either going to have a hell of a time narrowing down #20, or we'll have to keep going; we'll have to see.

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