Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Open discussion: Hannibal 2x11 "Ko no mono"

You get your discussion post early tonight, because


\o/ \o\ /o/ ~o~

(Gonna be a big night tonight. Interesting things may happen on Tumblr.)

Meanwhile, this week's new eyeshadows at Aromaleigh: Murder Basement, Tender Murder Caress, and Turducken not reallyCollapse )

As a side note, I have really not been doing so well with the medication adjustment, while still hanging in there--it's all migraines all the time right now, is the thing. However, I'm actually kind of glad that I ended up not recapping this season as it aired, given the controversy last week. At least I was spared having to deal with that, I guess. I feel like it'd be a good idea to pick up with recapping two weeks from now and walk through episodes 5-13 in the context of the season as a whole. And that way we can keep discussing the show into the summer and wind down from what I am 110% sure will be a soul-wrenching finale. It's not necessarily the way I'd want to do it next year (~*NEXT YEAR*~), but it seems like the best way to handle things this year, if people will still be interested.

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