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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Open discussion: Hannibal 2x12 "Tome-wan"
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04

(I'm running late with everything, so that's all for now.)

This week's new eyeshadows at Aromaleigh: Unorthodox and Bellissima.

UNORTHODOX: "This shade is a a soft warm beige with a vibrant turquoise duochrome." A bit of meta at the linked post as to why we chose light tones from "Yakimono" for this one.

BELLISSIMA: "A gorgeously rich fig-purple with a gold duochrome and gold shimmer." See the linked post for the massive explanation of the color concept and brainstorming process.

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Both colors are gorgeous :) Thank you!!

I think Bellissima would look amazing on Gina Torres.

...Unorthodox would probably look pretty good on Raul Esparza, come to think of it.

book reference, book reference!!! hannibal slicing a guy in the femoral!

I once (or twice) Od'd on caffeine, and it was a little like that, but without the face chopping. I did however write an interesting paper about hans belmere....

(Deleted comment)
OMG the whole Patroclus/ Achilles exchange. I am taking that as a personal shout out to our beloved Cleolinda.

Totally cousins.

ack, hannibal did make stargazy pie! how did I miss that while watching it and literally thinking "I wonder how he would make stargazy pie" and don't ask me how I know that's a thing.

I was viewing the promo pictures on movie dot douban dot com, and someone pointed it out. It sounds like a weird dish, but surely Fancy Cannibal would use some other fish rather than plain, ordinary sardines?

Side note: Will mentioned all the people Hannibal's killed after Will got close to them, but still NO FUCKING MENTION OF BEVERLY. That's almost worse than killing her in the first place. You told her your suspicions, and she followed up, and she found the evidence, and Hannibal killed her. You fucking talk about that amazing woman, goddamn you.

YES. OMG I was waiting for him to mention Beverly and he DIDN'T and I was mad.

My thoughts so far.



I told you about your face Mason.

So that happened.

1. Glad Crawford didn't get Bedelia killed. (Yet.)

2. Very smart of Hannibal to bring Mason to Will's house; not only for the dog canon but it also implicates Will and guaranteed that Will couldn't arrest Hannibal without raising too many questions.

3. Loved Margot telling Mason she'd take care of him just as he's taken care of her.

4. All the stuff pulled from the books ("We're just alike"/the end of Red Dragon) gave me stars in my eyes as I quietly sobbed to myself.

5. I'm torn between Will having too much faith that Crawford can handle Hannibal one-on-one and Bedelia being so right that Hannibal does know Will better than Will knows himself. I mean, Will sent two psychopaths after Hannibal and they couldn't take him down. What makes him think Crawford's gonna have any better luck?

I hope this also means that Will knows Hannibal better than Hannibal knows himself because if it turns out Hannibal is caught by a stupid accident after all this effort and manipulative fuckery on Will's part I will not be pleased.

To be fair, both psychopaths lost only after someone else intervened. I don't think anyone would help Hannibal over Jack.

(I need to get a Hannibal icon.)

Thoughts. They are scrambled. Here are a few of them:

--> BEDELIA IS BACK, YAAAAAY!!!! (literally seconds later) Bedelia: You are all so screwed. Me: D:

--> Fish. Jello. Metaphorical Fish Jello. That Crawford finally got all the metaphors about for a change. And that my mom referred to as "Ass Pick." Seriously.

--> Crawford: You KILLED someone. You really expect me to just let that slide? (This is very good question, and I'm uncomfortable about the answer whatever it might be.)

--> Winston waiting outside the door all like, "Nope, not having with this--don't go in there, Dad, it's not pretty." = The most freakiest, gnawing-nails-off-in-terror moment in this episode. To me.

--> Also, did we take a left turn at Gotham? How did Hannibal get ahold of Jonathan Crane's fear gas? Although I love how Mason's first response after getting dosed was, "MOOOOAAAAR!" Egads. I heart Michael Pitt. Glad his voice is still working.

--> Pain him, Margot. Pain him HARD. You've earned it. And that necklace is amazing.

Winston sitting on the porch all "NOPE" really got my stomach curling because I knew what it meant. I started freaking out and then my mom was like, "What? What's going on? Is he killing the dogs?"

How did Hannibal get ahold of Jonathan Crane's fear gas?

LOL. Mason was totally giving off Joker vibes from the manically laughter, but the Crane fear gas is a good reference, too.

Bedelia does NOT look happy to be back. But she survived (so far)! So you know, yay for that. Am I alone in thinking that the hints of Bedelia’s back story in S1 don’t quite mesh with what we’ve been given in S2? I particularly think of her conversation in 1.12, “I didn’t tell him how, or why, or who was responsible”, it almost made them look... not in cahoots together, but sharing a secret. But now, it’s more like she was driven to something by Hannibal. It looks like she’s the sole one who killed her patient, except that Hannibal orchestrated the circumstances. Which, is totally in line with what we’ve seen him doing, don’t get me wrong. It just doesn’t seem to be in line with Bedelia’s earlier actions and their earlier interactions? In S2 we get her saying that the conclusion that she’s drawn is that he’s dangerous, like she’s just figured this out. But her “or who was responsible” makes it seem like she was already very aware of certain things. And even in S2 she says that if the truth were to come out about her patient, she would look as guilty as he would. Yet, here, she says that Hannibal has committed no crime except persuasion. So how exactly would he have looked guilty if the truth of the death of her patient had been known? I don’t even know where to start on the “It wasn’t attached at the time.” If Hannibal had no part in the actual death, did Bedelia cut out someone’s tongue while she was being strangled? And if she was being strangled, no matter what actions had been set in place, I don’t think she’s actually guilty of murder. If someone is trying to kill you, for whatever reason, and you kill them, it’s self defense. IDK, I’m somewhat disappointed that after all the ~mystery, that it seems to have turned out to be Bedelia killing her patient in what she would think of as self defense at the time, so I’m not sure what the reason for all the secrecy is. I also don’t know what the big deal was about her getting “immunity from prosecution” because there’s nothing she was keeping about Hannibal. She would have an obligation to report him if he directly threatened someone, but he didn’t. Even here, she really has nothing to give the FBI to work with except that Hannibal will be brought down by his hubris. TL;DR; I was very attached to the psychopath!Bedelia theories, and even after those were disproven, I still thought Bedelia and Hannibal’s dynamic was something weird and interesting, and that there was some shared secret there. But now it seems like Hannibal set her up to kill her patient in ~boring self-defense and that’s it. I mean, I guess the tongue swallowing makes it not boring, but the way it’s now being framed is not nearly as interesting as it could have been, IMO. Unless we get some more about his involvement in either the death or the immediate aftermath of the death, I'm a bit disappointed.

I think that part of it is we still don't know the whole story. What happened with the patient, why did he attack Bedelia, did he even attack or did Hannibal just convince her would?

Hannibal has a thing for making killers so I'm wondering if he sent her a patient that he knew would push buttons but that she would feel compelled to treat, and pushed her to murder to 'see what happens'.

And I love Will using that line on Hannibal.

Of course Mason ‘invites’ Will to watch Hannibal get fed to pigs (I’m surprised Margot didn’t ‘get’ to go), and of course he was planning on doing the same to Will. Oh, but can we talk about Hannibal taking on three armed men in his office? He put up a good fight, but even he is not a match for a tazer. I loved him fingering the scalpel as he knew someone was behind him, then ducking and slashing, hitting the femoral artery with exact precision. And even after he’s down, he can’t resist a snarky comment. “He shouldn’t have done that” killed me. Hannibal sure is getting strung up a lot this season, lol. Will and Hannibal watching each other on the platform was intimate and creepy. Will, I’m honestly not sure what was going through his head. This was exactly his dream scenario, but when it comes to it, he cuts Hannibal free. Also, this was not exactly the scenario he had described to Jack, where Hannibal would be trying to kill Mason. Hannibal had an interesting look on his face as Will approached him with the knife. Almost an intellectual curiosity, but sort of challenging as well. Oh, but I loved Will waking up and everyone is gone and the platform is full of blood. I can just imagine the murder wizard havoc that was unleashed. The effects (and soundtrack) that were used while Mason was drugged up were creepy, no doubt. It reminded me a little of how Will’s remembered therapy session with the strobe light was shot. Mason’s “You need to write me a prescription for this” was great. Of course, we all knew what was coming next.

The dogs have already eaten people sausage. I suppose this isn’t much worse on principle. Still, OH MY GOD. At least Winston had the sense to sit outside. Also, yikes in general to Hannibal just doing this whole thing at Will’s house. However, “You fed his face to my dogs”; surely this is proof of something? Something Will could take to Jack? Dog stool sample, lol. OTOH, Mason was drugged out of his mind and did everything himself, so really no proof, and also seems to not be saying anything so he can get his own revenge. At first, I thought Hannibal snapped Mason’s neck and killed him, but no, Hannibal is proficient at neck snapping and only paralyzed him. Also, Mason has a plastic face now, which is probably good for us, because his face is not safe for work, home, or your soul. Though now he is thoroughly uncanny valley.

It makes me really happy to step back, look at the fandom as an outsider, and go "ok, so this guy was force-fed psychoactive drugs and then told to feed his own face to dogs. And you're angry that the dogs are being mistreated?" Because really, let's all think about that. I'm not saying we should feel bad, because I have very detailed ideas about exactly which parts of his body Mason should eat, and in which order, but it's darkly hilarious that the real "victims" in that scene were the dogs who were eating a man's face.

(Deleted comment)
This episode is the first time people in my viewing group actually gagged while watching. Seriously, two of us had to collect ourselves during the Mason bit. Well done, show. I thought I could handle it all, but apparently a dude ripping off his own face is where you got me.

And God, did Mason go out in a blaze of glory. Seriously, Michael Pitt seemed to be having the time of his life with this role. We were all dying of laughter at the "SEND HIS FAMILY DR. LECTER'S CAJONES. FOR COMFORT." and visibly cringing at him randomly stabbing the chair.

Also, Dear Cleolinda: it is entirely your fault that I just ordered another bunch of This Is My Design eyeshadows from Aromaleigh. And probably will again in the future, because Bellissima is so pretty. I say this in a good way, though, because SO PRETTYYYY I LOVE THEM.

The casting on this show is great. Is there an award for that? I'm still hoping for Uncle David Bowie.

And I also realized I was confusing Micheal Pitt's voice with Martin Short. That's why I thought he'd done voice work.

Also, also: Speculation Time, since I seem to love throwing theories at the wall every week.

I am wondering a lot about Bedelia's foreshadowing to Will about "You will have to kill someone you love, and you will think it is the only option you have." I have two ideas, both of which tie back to other theories I've tossed around.

1) Will kills Alana, most likely by accident. Alana's seemed like she's been marked for something bad happening to her, but I've guessed before that the show will subvert our expectations and that it'll be Will that harms her. He's been growing in darkness all season, and all signs point to him eventually killing someone without the justification of self-defence -- and having him hurt the woman he cares about would be the ultimate way to end his path to darkness.

2) Abigail is alive, possibly in the Murder Basement. She goes on the run with Hannibal, or hides, or helps him, or is brainwashed by him, or some combination of these things. The foreshadowing by Bedelia indicates Will being forced to kill her sometime in Season 3, because of her aiding Hannibal.

Other than that, who can we say that Will *loves*? He respects Jack and is his friend, but I don't think that would count. And he loves the dogs, but let's be real, NO ONE CAN HURT THE PUPPIES.

Abigail is alive, possibly in the Murder Basement.

I've been praying with every fiber of my being that Abigail is not alive.

1. I'm not as enamored with her as everyone else seems to be.

2. There's been too many not-deaths this season (Gideon, Miriam, Chilton, Freddie) that to bring back someone like Abigail would just be too much.

3. I think it's fitting that she died in the same kitchen her father tried to kill her in.

That said, it would not surprise me if she is alive.

But. . .the question is, did Bedelia love the patient she killed? She never said she did and I didn't get that vibe. (Plus, holy Ethics violation!) I'm willing to bet Will "sacrificing" Jack to Hannibal is what Bedelia's foreshadowing is alluding to.

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