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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Open discussion: Hannibal 2x13 "Mizumono"
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04
You're not ready.

This week's new eyeshadows at Aromaleigh: Bone Arena and (SPOILERS FOR "NAKA-CHOKO"/"KO NO MONO") Phoenix.

BONE ARENA: "The silvery moonlight and the ivory tone of old bones, with bright gold shimmers." I've already started using it as a highlight; meta post at the link goes through the connection between "Apéritif" and "Shiizakana" that I totally made up but enjoyed all the same.

PHOENIX: "A beautiful coral shade with a vibrant red/pink duochrome and warm violet sparks." As I said elsewhere, less of a conflagration and more of the blush on a fannibal's cheek after watching erotic tiny bird eating. Literally, though, it is a combination blush/eyeshadow/lip color; I wore it as a shadow with a Bone Arena highlight. Have not tried it with Tattler (which has pink/fuchsia sparkle in it), but that could be really interesting.

We started off hoping to get to twenty; these are #21 and #22, and I know of three more in formulation and a handful of other ideas we've discussed, so I think we're looking at thirty at this point. Really excited to see how next week's turn out. Because there will be a next week, despite the season's end--universe willing, I've all but finished the other project and will be back to recapping. So we'll be able to (I'm sorry) digest the season at our leisure then.


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If I say this, it'll end up not being necessary, so: I'm going to be on Twitter for the ~livetweet ratings~ most of the night. If anything here gets out of hand, come get me. Just... please don't let anything get out of hand.

Please don't apologize for having this exciting RL project to do, Cleo! It's actually quite refreshing to see how you'll recap this season with the full knowledge of all 13 episodes, as opposed to last season's "live" recapping.

I do believe the rest of the people can last the length of time here before you return, Recap Guns blazing.

Although after all this time, I am getting rather curious as to what kind of project it had been.

Oh, curse you for naming one of them "Phoenix"; I have had that Fall Out Boy song stuck in my head for like a month now. (Gorgeous color, though.)

Entirely Kristen's idea; I had no idea what it would even look like until I got the sample in the mail. :D

Please don't apologize for having this exciting RL project to do, Cleo! It's actually quite refreshing to see how you'll recap this season with the full knowledge of all 13 episodes, as opposed to last season's "live" recapping.

I await, but with giddy anticipation.

For everybody's attention!
Here is the message from Ukrainian and Russian citizens to all people of the world.
The more we look to the world news spreading from famous channels - more we proved that the information about tragic events in May, 2nd is not given full enough.

All the truth____________________www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKuDzXAgdf4___________

All the truth about Maidan_______www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTccethewpk___________

Ukraine Crisis Today______________www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-NzhHv6AAo#t=952_____

Most undeniable ______www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-NzhHv6AAo__________

It's very important for us to share more details about incidents in Ukraine, why?
Why the whole world became blind when the center of Europe gave birth and started to grow up a real "fascism".
In May, 2 Odessa city (Ukraine) faced with rude and aggressive confrontation between two antagonist groups. Ukrainian nationalists jointly with football fans "ultras", supporting the temporal government in Kiev, from one side (let's shortly call them "nationalists") and federalization supporters, defenders of big part Russian-speaking people's rights, who are actually against of existing government due to it's illegitimacy (shortly - "federalists") from another side of conflict. The existing government, which got the official power by the overthrow president Yanukovitch, as a result has called them "separatists".
World media told that nationalists were not armed, but despite that fact they started to fight with iron sticks, bottles with "Molotov cocktail" and some of them even used a handguns. Official police did nothing to prevent any drubbings and arsons from any side. During the fighting on the central street crowd of nationalists defeated federalists camp and pushed them inside the House of Labor unions. Then it was closed from outside and without any choice to escape people were burnt out there.
Nothing from it was told or showed in the world media.

The real fascism showed it's animal face:
people were burning alive, who was lucky to go out -were monstrously bitten, even those who jumped out from the windows.
Many of them were waiting on the roof of burning house being told that they sure will be dead. The only people who try to help were fire-guards; police as it was said earlier do nothing except observing from the side. This surrealistic nightmare killed 39 people. Then Ukrainian reporters and other strangers were walking through the building, joking on burnt dead people, called them "niggas", robed the bodies and posted this actions into the networks.
Mass media immediately appeared with information that among killed people nobody was Ukrainian or Odessa citizens. But later that lie was refuted, except world media thou.

The government proclaimed this death actions as national heroism.
Lets summarize: the government, which got the power on the blood, appreciates the actions of killing one citizens by another (loudly called heroes) just for having an opposite political view.
Is this a legitimate fascism, or there is still anybody, who think different?
By the time, social networking is full of jokes and glooming on burnt bodies, happiness with lot of killings, what is widely supports by parliament politics and general nationalistic mood of the moment.

No any doubts, this is fascism, which is carefully cultivating inside the population.
At the same time, but now in different areas - Slavyansk and Kramatorsk cities, national army started to shoot at simple citizens. Officially, it's antiterrorism operation, but people has no any opportunity of evacuation, anybody, staying on the way, could be killed.
Up to now there is no concrete information how many victims exactly, it's said for Odessa from 39 and up to 70 people and Kramatorsk - from 12 till 70. It's almost impossible to check due to the still going war actions and fighting.
So it's your choice -to believe in nice diplomatic headlines and mottos or just be ready to call things as they truly are:
This is the real civil war, the offspring of fascism.
Open your eyes and look directly to truth. You will never see it in the world news or global media.
Stay connected to the way of real words and repost is as much as possible!!!

*pours herself more watermelon vodka and pulls out the knitting*

*stares at bottle* WHY ISN'T THIS DULLING THE FEELS!!


Also, my cat still hates the credits. They freak her right the hell out.

did.. hannibal just ask will to elope?


Remember how much we all wanted Abigail to be really most sincerely dead? Clearly, wanting nice things means we will never get them.



Oh holy sweet Jesus what did I just watch? I just have no words right now.

Hannibal is the WORST y'all.

What did I just see.

They failed so horribly.

we could've had it aaaall rolling in the meeeat

*sob* Nothing will never be okay again oh god.

Oh holy hell. That conclusion that Hannibal is dangerous - "I have concluded that you are going to get us caught"?

We're back to "geez, Hannibal, try some subtlety for a change" from the veal scene.

Well, that certainly was a blood bath.

When Hannibal smelled Will, I joked to my mom that Hannibal smelt "betrayal" on Will. And then they showed Freddie in Hannibal's mind palace and I wanted to take back my joke so bad.

Totally called that everyone's life was going to be left undecided--except for Hannibal's obviously. Will's obviously safe and I'm betting Alana will be, too; otherwise, the show just killed off all the female regulars. That isn't cool given the complaints throughout this season. Crawford. . .I want to pull through but he may be a goner just to make the blood bath mean something. And to make it sting even more that Bella's the last person he called.

(Seriously, Baltimore PD, how long does it take to get units out to a house?)

So mad that they brought Abigail back--even if it was to kill her permanently. It just seemed unnecessary. IDK. I may be the only who didn't mind that we didn't (supposedly) see Hannibal kill her and let our imaginations do the thinking. Although, props for keeping it that her surrogate dad still killed her in a kitchen. AND THEN WILL COULDN'T SAVE HER LIKE LAST TIME. Which sorta makes up for my initial GOD DAMN IT, SHOW.

And you, Bedelia. However--I may totally be off--I got the impression she wasn't there and was part of his mind palace? Like, she looked more hazy compared to the rest of the scene. . .but maybe Bedelia brings her own glossy overlay wherever she goes? But the stewardess offered her a drink, didn't she?

It just seemed unnecessary. IDK. I may be the only who didn't mind that we didn't (supposedly) see Hannibal kill her and let our imaginations do the thinking.

Yeeeeah. I liked that she died last season. And to bring her back to just to kill her (I'm guessing she'll be dead for real now) didn't seem to add that much me. I also liked the symmetry of her dying in her old kitchen.

Oooooh, I hadn't considered that the scene with Hannibal and Bedelia might be in his mind palace. Like, maybe the entire scene was in his mind palace. He left his house in bloody clothes and here he's in a nice suit. I totally think murder wizard could board a plane somewhere before they froze his passport and accounts (or discovered his other passports or accounts), so I guess I can say that he probably has some spare suits stashed away in a go bag.

(Deleted comment)
I swear to gods, show.

I need the hiatus now to just recover.

Is this what Stockholm Syndrome feels like?

I'm....not okay? Can't process. I've either had too much or not enough booze. Probably not enough.


Uhm, I'm a terrible person, but I did get a version of that scene I really did love with the whole like, stabbing. But then Abigail and I was shrieking no at my TV. But but but. AAAAAAAAAAAAH.

I don't even drink and I'm having a rum and coke tonight.