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He-ate-us, Day 7

No, for real, that's the traditional name for the Hannibal hiatus. Pun game too strong in this fandom, what can I say.

So, personal update: the medication adjustment seems to have evened out, I hope, and I'm mostly done with the other project I was having to work on. I notice that, in my life, as a near-infallible rule, if I say "I'm gonna do this," the universe conspires to make sure that I do not do that thing. So I am afraid to say "now I get to go back to the recaps," but that is the plan, yeah. And honestly, I think it's worked out for the best this way, because season 2 was a twelve-course meal thrown at our heads, and it was really probably better for my blood pressure that we did not have recap discussions about the Vergers' storyline as it was unfolding. Like I said the other night, I do not even regret saying that we get to "digest" the season now, because that is, in truth, what we kind of need right now.

Which I said on the latest, finale-themed episode of A Matter of Taste. (That makes three I was on this season--this, a season preview episode discussing other TV shows as well, and "Takiawase," as the world's worst grief counselor.) I will very likely be on later this summer for one or more non-Hannibal movie-themed episodes--last summer, I was on for three of the Hannibal movies (to wit: Silence of the Lambs; Hannibal; Red Dragon), but not for Hannibal Rising. I thought I'd be able to continue pretending that was outside continuity, but after this season, and Bryan Fuller's revelation that they're going to be using more of it next season--while still somehow redoing the back story completely? THE SKY IS THE LIMIT--it's pretty clear that I'm going to have to deal with that. I watched the movie two or three weeks ago and... well, we'll get to that. Point being, I'm going to read the book and then write up what the hell is going on with all that, for people who would rather skip it themselves.

ALSO: I will be on Anglo-Filles in a week or so discussing all things Dracula, and I should really probably get on that whole rewatching-classic-movies thing.

Meanwhile, we're having one of those Everything Going to Hell All At Once months chez Jones--dishwasher died and we've been washing dishes by hand a couple of weeks now, washing machine died but at least we replaced that, seal on a toilet tank suddenly broke so toilet itself is out of commission which is inconvenient but more to the point it flooded through the den ceiling, and today is Foliage Chainsaw Massacre as we struggle to prune back an eight-foot hedge and about fifteen feet of shrub-tree before our next-door neighbor is 100% done with us, since aforesaid twenty-foot shrub-trees are currently looming over her house. Assuming that calamity does not strike us, the recaps will pick back up with "Mukozuke" at some unguessable point.

(Fifteen minutes after I wrote that earlier this morning, I slipped outside on wet brick and hurt both knees and a wrist. Of course I did.)

In the meantime, here are this week's Aromaleigh "This Is My Design" colors! Veneer and Entrapment are #23 and #24 out of a probable 30 total, and we'll continue to release new ones on Friday throughout June:

VENEER: "This shade is a sheer, pale copper with a strong copper duochrome; it’s meant to be like the glow of firelight, inspired by the gorgeous cinematography on the show."

ENTRAPMENT: "This shade is a rich navy blue with strong copper tones, that color shifts depending on what type of lighting you're viewing it in."

I enjoyed throwing finale pictures onto both those posts a little more than I should have.

And here's a grid with the 24 colors we currently have, because I find making these to be super relaxing. Kinda like jigsaw puzzles:

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