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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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He-ate-us, Day 7
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04
No, for real, that's the traditional name for the Hannibal hiatus. Pun game too strong in this fandom, what can I say.

So, personal update: the medication adjustment seems to have evened out, I hope, and I'm mostly done with the other project I was having to work on. I notice that, in my life, as a near-infallible rule, if I say "I'm gonna do this," the universe conspires to make sure that I do not do that thing. So I am afraid to say "now I get to go back to the recaps," but that is the plan, yeah. And honestly, I think it's worked out for the best this way, because season 2 was a twelve-course meal thrown at our heads, and it was really probably better for my blood pressure that we did not have recap discussions about the Vergers' storyline as it was unfolding. Like I said the other night, I do not even regret saying that we get to "digest" the season now, because that is, in truth, what we kind of need right now.

Which I said on the latest, finale-themed episode of A Matter of Taste. (That makes three I was on this season--this, a season preview episode discussing other TV shows as well, and "Takiawase," as the world's worst grief counselor.) I will very likely be on later this summer for one or more non-Hannibal movie-themed episodes--last summer, I was on for three of the Hannibal movies (to wit: Silence of the Lambs; Hannibal; Red Dragon), but not for Hannibal Rising. I thought I'd be able to continue pretending that was outside continuity, but after this season, and Bryan Fuller's revelation that they're going to be using more of it next season--while still somehow redoing the back story completely? THE SKY IS THE LIMIT--it's pretty clear that I'm going to have to deal with that. I watched the movie two or three weeks ago and... well, we'll get to that. Point being, I'm going to read the book and then write up what the hell is going on with all that, for people who would rather skip it themselves.

ALSO: I will be on Anglo-Filles in a week or so discussing all things Dracula, and I should really probably get on that whole rewatching-classic-movies thing.

Meanwhile, we're having one of those Everything Going to Hell All At Once months chez Jones--dishwasher died and we've been washing dishes by hand a couple of weeks now, washing machine died but at least we replaced that, seal on a toilet tank suddenly broke so toilet itself is out of commission which is inconvenient but more to the point it flooded through the den ceiling, and today is Foliage Chainsaw Massacre as we struggle to prune back an eight-foot hedge and about fifteen feet of shrub-tree before our next-door neighbor is 100% done with us, since aforesaid twenty-foot shrub-trees are currently looming over her house. Assuming that calamity does not strike us, the recaps will pick back up with "Mukozuke" at some unguessable point.

(Fifteen minutes after I wrote that earlier this morning, I slipped outside on wet brick and hurt both knees and a wrist. Of course I did.)

In the meantime, here are this week's Aromaleigh "This Is My Design" colors! Veneer and Entrapment are #23 and #24 out of a probable 30 total, and we'll continue to release new ones on Friday throughout June:

VENEER: "This shade is a sheer, pale copper with a strong copper duochrome; it’s meant to be like the glow of firelight, inspired by the gorgeous cinematography on the show."

ENTRAPMENT: "This shade is a rich navy blue with strong copper tones, that color shifts depending on what type of lighting you're viewing it in."

I enjoyed throwing finale pictures onto both those posts a little more than I should have.

And here's a grid with the 24 colors we currently have, because I find making these to be super relaxing. Kinda like jigsaw puzzles:

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Heh. In a good way or a bad way?

This eyeshadow thing is the coolest idea evarr. You are badass. Just sayin'.

Hee, thanks. Well, I'm the one who told real-life Freddie about Aromaleigh and how good it was, but she's the one who was outgoing enough to bounce up to them on Twitter and be like U MAKE US PRETTY COLORS? And that's why we had Ravenstag and Tattler first, and then Kristen watched the show herself and it snowballed from there. It's just made me really happy that you can look at each color and see exactly where it came from on the show, that it's not just something random with a quote pasted on. At risk of sounding silly, I like that they kind of tell a story, like the way that Entrapment is kind of the reverse of Ripper and Abattoir, and that Bone Arena connects "Apéritif" to "Shiizakana," and "Gotcha" has a "lurking" copper. It's been creative in a way that makes me feel like I was still able to engage with the show somehow, even while I couldn't recap.

Wouldn't people be afraid to wear makeup called 'entrapment'? LOL

Well, we already decided against a color called "Blind" for that reason; Entrapment seemed metaphorical enough to be okay. Also, I considered suggesting "Cruelty" for something else at one point, and then realized that was a terrible name for a vegan cruelty-free cosmetic.

I don't live in the States. but my sister is going to be with my G in NY next week, so I ordered like 17 eye shadow samples, then when my mom is going in October, all the eye shadows will be out and I'll know more or less what I want- I have it all planned out, this is my design.

Ouch, sorry about your house being possessed and doing its best to inconvenience you, I hope everything works out soon.

Finally finished reading 'Silence', I enjoyed it, but it took me months to read it, I wasn't in a reading mood. Now I'm debating whether to read 'Hannibal' or not, knowing about the problematic plot points. I'm not going to touch 'Hannibal Rising', so I'll just wait for your recap or something, I did see a few minutes from the movie (my brother was watching it in the living-room and I stayed for a bit out of morbid curiosity).

I can't believe it's only been 7 days, how are we going to survive this He-Ate-Us? *sobs*

Edited at 2014-05-31 09:06 am (UTC)

Hannibal is... interesting. Like the movie, the Florence section is the best part. That said, the Mason Verger parts are 100x worse than even what made it into the movie. Hannibal Rising... I don't know if that'll end up being more or less upsetting than the sex-trafficker rape-iness towards the end of the movie; I don't know how much of that is actually in the book. I must be spoiled by the show, because that got to me more than it probably would have a few years ago. My major problem with the entire existence of the thing is that great line in whichever book it was, "Nothing happened to me. I happened," which is then completely undone by a Nazis Ate My Sister back story.

(That's what I used to do when I could better afford it--order a whole mess of samples, then test them one by one For Science and decide which ones I wanted full sizes of.)

*coos over pretty copper, then goes back and reads and winces at mishaps*

Please, take care. There's no rush.

Heh, thanks. I really wanted to have "Mukozuke" up by now, but some things are going on around here (a few I didn't even mention) that have made it difficult to be productive. I'm just trying to write for my own sake at this point and not worry about when something "should" have been done.

I can't wait to get my hands on that copper. It ought to be compatible with a number of the other colors, and I really enjoy that they're fun to look at even if you don't care about makeup per se.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your hard work on this eye shadow collection. I have been loving the fact that so many of the colors are brown-ish, which means I can wear them! In fact, I ordered samples of all the brown-ish colors so far so I can try them all out.

My eyes are blue-green, and for some reason brown eye shadows really brings out the green. I also work in a VERY conservative office, so really bright colors are a big NO (although that has not stopped me from wearing Ravenstag!).

Okay, if we have the same eye color then, you will LOVE Ripper. Abattoir and Lure also worked really well on me; Gotcha, Bellissima and Feast are surprisingly wearable if you brush them on dry, with a light touch. Like, I didn't even think I'd be able to wear Feast. Antler Velvet and Cygnus are also pretty good for a conservative environment, and Chrysalis is a really pretty, subtle color on its own. I just get really enthusiastic about this because everyone will find different colors that work for them, but when these work for you, they REALLY, REALLY work. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on Veneer, because I have a feeling that it'll pair with some of the other colors in a way that'll make them more wearable for me.

>>>the medication adjustment seems to have evened out, *I hope*, and I'm mostly done with the other project I was having to work on.

Glad to "hear" it. Good luck with the project!

>>>(Fifteen minutes after I wrote that earlier this morning, I slipped outside on wet brick and hurt both knees and a wrist. Of course I did.)

Ouch. Not so glad to "hear" *this*. Take care. The world needs you alive.

Thanks! I just need to live in bubble wrap at this point, I think.

There's a rewatching-classic-movies thing? Awesome!

Hope your knees and wrist feel better very soon.

Thanks! Well, if we're going to do a Dracula podcast, I really need to rewatch the Lugosi and Lee versions. Reidan's already struggled through the Coppola, not being in love with it as a young teenager the way I was.

Sorry to hear about your injuries and other misfortunes. :(

On another note: Cleo, you were AWESOME on the latest AMOT podcast! (I especially loved the way you verbally squirmed/flailed (squailed? flirmed?) as you thought about the Absolute Worst Fuckeries — e.g. "...leaving Alana on the doorstep, just like Abigail's moooom... why are you doing this to me...?!" LOL)

That makes three I was on this season--this, a season preview episode discussing other TV shows as well, and "Takiawase," as the world's worst grief counselor.

Ahem, for making Ian and Fio feel so awful, Cleolinda, I dare you to read this fic:


*Drat, you can't do spoilers in comments? Well then I won't be writing the plot summary for y'all.*

As for the "poll" you mentioned on the podcast, this is my suggestion: you write the "spoilery" foreshadowing stuff, but make the words in the color white or a very light gray, so that people who want to read the "spoilers" can still know where to look at. It was a Thing from Detective Conan (vol. 37, where a dead man left a floppy-disk diary with sensitive parts in white words) and I think it would work out OK.

Edited at 2014-05-31 02:45 pm (UTC)

Re: Only. Seven. Days?!

Heh, thanks. I'm pretty reliable for wails of indignation.

Hm. The thing is, at this point, I would be discussing it pretty in-depth; I might or might not be able warn people for it. At this point, I feel like I can kind of groan and be like "Oh, guyyyyys, keep this in mind for the next episode, everything is terrrrrible" most times. There's just one major, major surprise at the end of the finale that I've come to feel needs to be discussed the whole way through, since it's foreshadowed as early on as "Takiawase" (it turns out). There's another that's revealed at the end of "Futamono," which I could probably hold on to for two recaps more... but it's related to the other twist, so I don't know. I guess I'm just trying to weigh the value of surprise vs. "Well, we're doing this in retrospect anyway, maybe I should just fully embrace it." Maybe I'll end up doing a poll after all.

Veneer is SO PRETTY, omg.

I'm really, really looking forward to seeing what it does as a highlight or sheer wash. The other swatch I saw of it--it has a distinct copper shift from the side, so it ought to be really interesting with the other colors that have copper notes.

Calamity and chainsaw or tree pruning do not mix? Can you give us a "no one was maimed" follow up post/tweet/thing if feasible*? I'm only half joking. I speak as a plant person and the horror I her when I see most? Many? Lots? Of people use chainsaws. And overhead things.
*i mean, if it wouldn't stress you out, of course. Just best wishes meant here, not demands.

Heh, no problem. We actually had Yard People come and do it, because there was no way we could dispose of fifteen feet of shrub-trees by ourselves. Just a giant truck bed full of foliage by the time they were done; took them all day. Chainsaws were definitely involved, but not while any of us amateurs were around.

Jack's expression in the Entrapment picture says, "oh, you have got to be shitting me."

Heh. If you click through to the full picture post--in the episode's context I don't think he was suspicious of Hannibal at that moment, but by itself, the picture has a nice "Right. Yeah. This guy" kind of look.


Money matters/appliances conspiring against you

I know you have a PayPal tip jar. Another online presence I follow just started a creator account with Patreon, where basically people who like you being a creator of stuff pay regular amounts to encourage and support you being a creator of stuff. It's worth considering, given that I know you have people who enjoy your output and are sad when life overwhelms your creation of it.

Glad to hear your medical adjustment seems to have stabilized. Here's hoping it stays that way!

Oh gracious, that is a lot of house problems at the same time! Sorry you're going through that.

Looking forward to recaps to brighten our He-Ate-Us, whenever you have time and comfort to write and post them. :)

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