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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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This keeps happening--I'll start a "what's going on" post, and then things will keep going on, and I'll get so behind on What All Is Going On that I never post. ALLOW ME TO ATTEMPT.

(Note: This was written on Friday but not posted. Because of course.)

1) The Black Ribbon story I kept talking about, "The World to Come," is now available! It's in the anthology Athena's Daughters; the ebook is here, and the print version can be pre-ordered for next month.

2) Which I try to explain at the end of Anglo-Filles' epic-length Dracula episode this month (whaddup fucktruck), and fail entirely because my blood sugar had bottomed out. We discuss the Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee (a little bit), Frank Langella, and Gary Oldman Draculae, plus the recent TV show and Penny Dreadful, with an emphasis on romanticism, interpretations of Lucy, and my ridiculously long monologue about Jonathan Harker as abuse survivor.

3) As a reminder, I was also on A Matter of Taste's Hannibal finale episode. You may be able to guess the topic for which I will be present next month.

4) As a side note, mountain lions are not a vegetable.

5) With the Aromaleigh Hannibal eyeshadow, we took a couple of weeks off posting new additions (I think it was a couple of weeks? I am completely unmoored in spacetime right now, tbh), but we are back now! Here are the last color that went up before the break (Lapse, a cinematography blue) and today's two new colors, Lucid and Woof:

LAPSE: "This shade is a sheer, pale aqua with a strong iridescent aqua duochrome." Click through for the inspiration picture post; this one touches on both the show's time-lapse photography and Will losing time in season one. Like Veneer the other week, it's meant to pick up one of the show's lighting/filter colors, to use either as a sheer wash or a highlight/blender for other colors. Speaking of Veneer, I've now worn it myself--applied it damp as a lid color and then dry in/over the crease. Wet, it's got the strong bright copper of a new penny, but it's still fairly sheer, so you get this a visible but subtle firelight effect. I haven't seen Lapse in person yet, but I'm guessing that it would apply in a similar way--almost an underwater effect?

LUCID: "This shade is an evergreen tone with olive metallic lowlight and sapphire sparkle." Click through for the full spoiler (BIG FINALE SPOILER) picture set of where the colors came from, because they match exactly. Continuing the Alana theme, it's also meant to be like a poisoned Sublime. (I'm really curious to see what it might look like with Craquelure, an olive-toned cornfield green with blue sparkle, or even Lapse.)

WOOF: "This shade is a satin finish tan with metallic copper tones." I actually put a picture of Winston smiling in the grass into the Inspiration Folder very early on, but thought we'd never end up using it. GUESS WHAT. I'm actually wondering if it would work with Starling, to pick up the black and orange-ish tones in Winston's fur.

6) Meanwhile, in lieu of posts for new individual colors, I was posting suggested pairings and combinations drawn from various scenes, now that we have a substantial eyeshadow palette to work with. I am not saying you have to figure out a way to cram three and four colors onto your face at the same time; as with a packaged eyeshadow trio or quad, you can use as few or as many as you want. (Also, consult this post for wtf a crease or an inside corner or a socket line is.) But if there's a particular scene or character you like, here are some ideas--Abigail's sweater, The Best Office Ever, the wendigo dinner, Freddie in "Amuse-Bouche," Bella in "Coquilles," Beverly in "Sorbet," and the Murder Basement because I'm a terrible person. I have some more ideas I'm still playing with and will continue to post and you can't stop me.

7) I also updated older posts with my own swatches for Unorthodox, Bellissima, Entrapment, and the aforementioned Veneer.

8) We are currently in the conceptual stage of a new, differently-themed collection (not modern pop culture). Kristen's also got an ongoing dragon-themed collection growing each week, and I believe an ocean nymph collection coming up soon.

9) Things have been exhaustingly hectic chez Jones for about a month now and are just now calming down, maybe. And yes, that is the reason I haven't gotten the recaps started again; we got hit with family health issues, my mother's car wouldn't start but did not need a new battery (then she chipped a tooth), a broken dishwasher (fixed), a dead washing machine (replaced, on sale), a tiny new back patio where previously no green would grow (finished) (then re-finished because a stone was broken in the middle), a yardmageddon (just finished yesterday) (wait, turns out not) that revealed that the brick is about to fall off the front of our house (finally finished), a ceiling (now repaired and repainted) because a toilet (replaced) spontaneously flooded it (I hadn't gone near it for two hours, I SWEAR). Yesterday, a third toilet fixed (a second one broke somewhere in there); today, a quick ten-minute repair on the dryer. (Breaking news: we're going to have to replace the dryer.) (Sunday: It's ordered; was on sale.) Meanwhile, House of Bark lived up to its name... every day. I won't even get into Professional Yard Master's angry phone calls to a sod farm regarding zoysia grass that has now died on our yard because it didn't even have roots. I'm just mentioning it because "sod farm."

10) Thus, I am not caught up on Penny Dreadful, either. BREAKING NEWS: I AM TOTALLY CAUGHT UP NOW

Honestly, until very recently, I've been going to bed some nights at 8 or 8:30 pm, just from the exhaustion of dealing with all this and a few other issues (long story) all day. For a month. And then today, "We're going to re-sod the yard. Again." ("WELL, SOD IT, THEN.") I had a whole paragraph here about medication adjustment, but I think I'll save that for an entry of its own.

(SUNDAY: Now I've come down with a sore throat/earache of some kind. I just. I PERSEVERE.)

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Yay, you're alive! (Broken everything and Sunday sore throat update - not so yay. But still. Nice to "see" you again. You have my well-wishes, as always.)

A question: is there a Margot colour in the plans? If not this season, then at least the next, maybe? (Or there won't be a collection 2.0 (3.0?) for the next season?)

You know, we thought about one, but her storyline was so controversial (as in, really, really upsetting a lot of people, based on what I saw in comments here and on Tumblr) that we just felt like it was not a good idea to try that just now. Maybe that's over-cautious, I don't know--if so, I'll take the blame, because it was really largely my concern that it would not go over well. I think we very likely could pick back up with season 3, and I know the Vergers will be back, so we might see then. Get a little distance from it, see what's going on with her in the next storyline, see how people feel about it.

As for the last three (?) colors, I know of a few ideas still on the table, but not what we might be seeing this week. A lot of times Kristen turns up with a surprise, something we'd discussed previously or even something I didn't see coming at all, which is always a lot of fun. A lot of it is what strikes her at a given moment (which I totally get as a writer, in a different way). I'm not the one getting my hands glittery, so to speak, so in the end, it depends on where she feels like going.

It's been a while since Chez Cleo had a rash of major malfunctions. Whoever/whatever keeps score of these things must have thought you were due. But they can get lost for themselves. Hope things even out and get easier for all of you.

You're caught up on Penny Dreadful? I am not. I'm only after finishing episode 2 and what the hell was that ending?? I liked Proteus!! Poor thing.

Yeah, they did a really good job of making you think he'd be around for the long haul, except totally not. I keep waiting for Brona to get dragged into that storyline in some hideous way (you'll see what I mean).

Hey you might like this.


BabyMetal. A mix of J-pop and metal. It works surprisingly well.

Is there some sort of ritual sacrifice supply store near by? 'Cause I think you need to do a serious ritual here. And since you have to re-sod the lawn anyway...

Joking aside, you've had one crappy month or so. I hope all of it is on it's way out.

[back to joking] I'm a little concerned some poor schmuck will knock on your door (just minutes after you mutter, "If just one more thing goes 'kaput', I'm gonna hit someone") to inform you that he hit your trash can and you'll just 'CLEO-CHOP' him right in the head. ^_^

I'm in sad awe of your ability to accumulate minor and major disasters. :( I'm also in the early bedtime club (it's 7:30, can i go to bed now?) but that's because I'm working at a summer camp and there simply aren't enough hours in the night for sleep. The kids are pretty good, just exhausting. The guy at whole foods was giving me a hard time about yawning my face off at 11 am and then I came home and slept for another 3 hours. My own house of bark does not like the early bedtime.

I don't think Mercury is in retrograde, I think it is being repo'ed. Good wishes for the House of Bark!

Don't you love it when everything seems to break down all at once?! I know I certainly do!!!

So far, we have a busted washing machine, a broken microwave, a dead car as well as one that is dying, a limping A/C (in the middle of summer! Fun!), chronic health issues up the wazoo and unemployment angst. I'm having a great time!!!

I'm sorry, was my sarcasm coming on too strong? I'll try to fix that...

I really loved the morning when I went downstairs to feed the cat, and discovered that two days of heavy rain meant the pipes had backed up and flooding the shitty basement carpets. Then I came upstairs and discovered that the coffeemaker was broken.

Oh, Penny Dreadful! Through the magic of a Friend with Fancy Cable, and the Showtime iPad app, I plan on starting that in the near future. Much like Hannibal, it's something almost nobody I know IRL is watching, so if you have Thoughts on it you choose to share, I'll be curious to see them. And yes, I know I need to get a better class of IRL friends, but leaving the house is SO hard.

Seconded. Full-length recaps might be too daunting a task (much as i'd want to see it), so i'd be very happy if Cleo would post Flail-worthy memorable moments in the show that she deems worthy of sharing.

That IS a lot to hit in one month and deal with. I've been recording Penny Dreadful but haven't caught up yet (med adjustments of my own, they are The Suck!)

Looking forward to reading your Black Ribbon story!

Because I'm deeply intelligent, I neglected to actually link to the ebook:


(Deleted comment)
I love Eva Green; she's basically the reason I wanted to watch in the first place.

Just cause there wasn't a link, here's where Athena's Daughter's can be ordered!

Oh good Lord, how did I manage to leave that out? Well, looks like I'll just have to post about it *again* to make sure people see it... *innocent look*

That's so not fair. Don't appliances know they're supposed to stagger their breakdowns instead of clustering like that? Well, obviously not, since it seems to happen to everyone.

I hope things ease up soon. Until then, know that we're all sending good thoughts your way. *HUGS*

Thanks! We've had some bad disaster clusters before, but this might have been the record-breaker, I don't know.

Coming out of lurkerdom to say that I’m so excited to hear you’re doing another new podcast this summer, because it’s so fun to hear you discuss things, even when I’m not in that fandom! Your enthusiasm for the things you discuss is so catching and your insight so interesting—I just finished listening to the Anglo-Filles' Dracula episode and even though I’ve never had much previous interest or exposure to the various Draculae, by the end of it I wanted to try and track down some of the movies mentioned.

Recently, I’ve started going to the gym, and the podcasts are the perfect thing to listen to: they make time fly, and since I’m only there for about 30 minutes at a time, it’s really motivating to keep going back to the gym so I can listen to them all the way to the end. The fun of listening to the podcasts gets stretched out and they become like serials in a way. :-)

Also, I really love the This Is My Design eyeshadows—I’ve been waiting for the set to be complete so I can get a whole sample set (since I don’t really wear makeup I don’t have much of a reference for which colors might look good on me). But I’m really interested in Entrapment and Lapse—I have brown eyes, so I think the blues in them might help make the color pop? All the colors are really pretty, though! I’m always impressed every week when they debut. :-)

Aw, yay! I will say, it's pretty easy to get the Langella Dracula and the Coppola/Oldman one; I need to get the anniversary Lugosi DVD that also has the Spanish version, because maybe that'll have the uncut version of the movie as well.

Eye color--well, let's see--


In addition to blues like you mentioned, I know that if you have any amber or hazel tones, purple goes well; a friend of mine says that Gotcha and Bellissima did well that way. Also that Apiary did as well, surprisingly? That link also recommends copper, which there's tons of (I think there's a little copper in Gotcha, plus Entrapment and Veneer itself). If there's more green than amber, greens will bring that out, and there's got Craquelure and Lucid (Sublime is actually kind of green and blue).

Oh, here's another interesting link--recommends purples and gold/orange as well.


That's what I used to do, though--buy a whole set of samples and test like the wind (back when they weren't available nearly as long a time) to figure out what I might want to get full sizes of.

Green is my favorite color, and "forest" is one of my favorite shades of it (along with emerald and teal, anything with a lot of blue), so...

Sympathies on your series of minor domestic disasters. Hope the throat clears up soon, at least.

Edited at 2014-06-23 05:59 pm (UTC)

It was so weird--I felt like HELL for about six or seven hours, really painful, and then I woke up the next morning and the sore throat and earache were mostly gone. So I've got that going for me, at least?

Hope your sore throat or earache goes away quickly, so you can rest and carry on without stress. :)