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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple

I spent a week or two meebling that maybe I'd get to go to Dragon Con, omg how, I don't know--having no certainties to declare. And then, yesterday, a ton of things fell into place very, very quickly. In fact, I can't even go into most of the details just yet, BUT:

As far as I know, and the precise details may be subject to change, I will be doing an academic Hannibal panel with @wolven that Sunday night (August 31st). I don't know if I can announce the name of it, but suffice it to say that I think this Fellini quote is apropos:

Talking about dreams is like talking about movies, since the cinema uses the language of dreams; years can pass in a second and you can hop from one place to another. It’s a language made of image. And in the real cinema, every object and every light means something, as in a dream.




There will be a Hannibal-themed fan panel early Saturday afternoon (August 30th), and I am among the panelists. Even better, Freddie is going to call in, since that worked surprisingly well at the Nerd HQ panel. I will definitely have 300 Tattle Crime buttons to give away--we'll reveal that design later, I think, but I can definitely say that I picked out the tagline, and it's in my shade of purple. (And I will have a Tattle Crime "press pass," about which I am way too excited. "I WANT A LANYARD!") (Tattle Crime will also have representatives and different button exclusives at SDCC, by the way. We make our own fun.) (I should put that on my business cards.) I'll have Freddie's business cards and I'm working on a design for my own (speaking of which), now that I finally have somewhere to take them.

I can't even talk about the other stuff we'll have there. Put it this way: if you are a fan of Hannibal, and you are at Dragon Con, this panel is where you want to be.

(I hope you will also want to be at the academic panel--if you've heard me on podcasts before, it will probably sound a good bit like that.)

Anyway, now that the major announcements are out of the way--"I can come for one day, I'll go with my sister, it's only a two-hour drive from Birmingham to Atlanta, it'll be a day trip" has ended up being "I will take the train" (yay, trains!) "and get there Thursday evening and then leave early Tuesday morning." So I will be in Atlanta for four days and five nights, which is #leavingthehouseomg with a vengeance. I honestly have no idea what I'll do with myself on Friday or Monday; I am totally okay with chilling in my room with a book, because it'll be nice just to be away from home a little bit. I'm keeping a lookout for people I might want to go hunt down (I'd like to go see the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab folks, for example), but I am really trying to keep My First Convention down to a manageable experience, you know? So I'm more about picking a spot to be, hanging out, meeting people, and doing the panels, rather than hiking around back and forth or standing in line for hours. Honestly, I have no fear of public speaking. I did when I was younger, but somehow reading college academic papers in two different languages cured me of that; between that and six years (!) of podcast appearances, speaking on the panels is literally the actual last thing I am worried about. I was far more anxious about how I would get there (YAY TRAINS!) and where I would stay (with foresthouse!) and how the hell I would afford it (trains and roommates, WHEE), but that all suddenly got settled in about an hour's conversation. I am also anxious about this basically being my first ~public appearance,~ in that I'll be coming out of my faceless Snicket-like seclusion and now everyone will have a face to put to the pen name. I beg you to hide your disappointment that I am a mere and particularly heavy mortal and not 1) a Yahoo cartoon, 2) Galadriel, or 3) a Pallas cat. I am, however, well-marbled, which has got to count for something in Fancy Cannibal fandom. Which reminds me, I need to find myself a flower crown.

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be still my beating heart... oh what the heck... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


I HOPE YOU HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE ON THE PANEL AND PLEASE LINK TO THE AUDIO RECORDINGS OF THE SHOW WHEN IT COMES OUT ON THE INTERNET! (i hope it would be on somewhere where i can download it to listen and/or watch since youtube is still being blocked over here)

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Re: be still my beating heart... oh what the heck... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Hee, thanks. It may be that I can get someone to record one or both panels--I'd just put my phone on the table, but I may not have storage room for it. If we've got Freddie on Skype at the fan panel, maybe we can use a recording function there; I'll see if Damien can look into that. I would really like to get the panel with Damien recorded because I have a feeling it'll sound a lot like the podcast discussions I've done.

I really, really hope it's audio rather than video, but I'm also getting myself to accept that there will be pictures and probably video of me after this, and I should probably work myself up to posting a Formal Selfie before I even go.

holy shit I've never been to a con before what am I doing

Bummer that I won't get to finally meet you! Can't do DragonCon this year. Have an awesome time though!!

Thanks! I'm definitely encouraging people to get the Athena's Daughters book if they want to bring something for me to sign. I mean, I'll sign napkins, but those typically aren't archival quality.

So exciting!!! Dragon is a great con, even though/because it's massive. It's actually sort of big enough that it becomes small - you can hang out in your niche, and plenty will be going on there, but it won't be too crazy...OR you can step out of your niche and boy howdy is there plenty to do. The overall costuming level there is awesome; i do recommend that even if you don't feel like interacting with people one evening, just park yourself somewhere with a book and a beverage and you will see some truly amazing things stroll/crawl/prance by.

If you're gonna have a public RL fandom debut, Dragon is the very definition of 'go big or go home'....:). Have fun!

I was kind of like "well I guess cosplay is nice" and then just now I remembered how much cosplay there is in Hannibal fandom and I REALLY hope I run into some ravenstags. Since I'm acting as the Tattle Crime representative, I will want to look into anything fannibals are doing, which shifted my perspective of my schedule a little. But mostly I'm keeping plans open so I can meet people, keep it kind of a niche thing, yeah.

Of the options given, I'm most upset you're not a Pallas cat.

(Deleted comment)
I was really, really iffy about whether I'd be able to do it, because I just really was not sure how to get there or where to stay. But then it all came together at once, and I was like, well, shit, I might as well go all out, then.

Oooh! I've been wanting to go to a convention and Atlanta is only two hours away. Hmm...Maybe I can make a day trip! It depends on how much a day pass costs and if I can manage to deal with Atlanta traffic.

See, that's how it starts. "I'm in Birmingham, it's two hours away, I'll get my sister to take me, it'll just be a day trip." Then it's "Oh, the academic panel is at 10 pm." THEN it's "Oh, the fan panel is on a totally different day." THEN SUDDENLY it's "Oh, good, I can room with you guys for FIVE NIGHTS."

I can't remember offhand, but I think it was something like $50 for a two-day pass? If there's a one-day pass, it ought to be reasonably affordable.

Woo freaking hoo!!!

I'm a 17-year veteran of the con, myself: if there's anything I can do to help you have a better con, let me know! And I'd love to buy you a drink/fancy dessert in the Metro Cafe to begin to pay you back for all the amazing entertainment you've provided for me over the years!

Re: Woo freaking hoo!!!

Aw, thank you! I am unsure of whether I'll end up drinking or not, but desserts are always nice.

So you're only a Pallas cat during a full moon, yes? ;)

YAY, CLEO!!!! Wish I could be there, but will be thrilled to hear about it afterwards on the interwebs.

This is so exciting! I wish I were anywhere near Atlanta - your panels sound great! I am also excited for the deSnicketing but with great reluctance will I let go of the purple avatar.

Also, any chance of snagging a Cleolinda Industries business card another way? I seem to remember you once signed bookplates for the M15M book - any chance, perhaps, of signing/mailing business cards (a la Miss Freddie/ substitute bookplate)?

Hey Cleo,

I'm a veteran con staffer/attendee so as this is your first con, I have a few tips for you that might be helpful-

- Water. WATER. WATER. WATER. It's amazing how weirdly dehydrating cons are but try to drink a little extra water than normal.

- Find where there's quiet areas at the con. It's very crowded but most cons have some place or something that tends to be quieter during programming hours. Having a quiet place to pop into can honestly make a huge difference. Never also be afraid to talk to convention staff to ask if there is one or if you ever need anything!

- Know the food. Find the food. Know where the food is. And bathrooms. Oh man, case out bathrooms. FIND THAT LESS BUSY ONE.

- The elevators can get crowded/long waits, so depending on your room number sometimes its easier to take stairs. Or be stealthy and learn the back hall elevators. :P

6-2-1 : at least six hours sleep, at least two meals, one shower a day

- if the hotel has humidifiers, they are godsend. Ask. It is lifesaving.

And if the hotel doesn't have humidifiers, there are small cheap ones at drugstores.

And lip balm is a MUST.

Yay!!! I sent you a message to your tumblr (I'm quigonjesus on there) but I'm SUPER EXCITED that you'll be there! As for stuff to do...well I know the Star Wars track is having a Frank Sinatra-esque cockatil party on Friday, and personally my favorite thing to do in the evenings is to hang out at the loft bar in the Marriott and people watch (though it is quite crowded).

But eeeeep I'm so excited to finally put a face to the name! I'll definitely make the effort to go to both your Hannibal panels!

This is so exciting! Good luck! Not that you'll need it. You're pretty naturally awesome. ;-) But I hope you have a ton of fun.

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Wait, you're not a Yahoo cartoon? I am disappoint.

P.S. Congratulations, good luck, and have lots of fun!