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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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the great red dragon con
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has kicked my ass and I am still recovering. (This year's con crud: a scratchy sore throat that gradually evolves into a head full of sludge and possibly a cough.) (That, and my legs are dead. They are ex-legs. They have joined the marathon invisible.) I'm on my phone right now; I've spent so much time in bed that I haven't even booted up Lizzie yet. However, I had a GREAT time and I'm already trying to wrangle a room for next year. The Hannibal panels went really great; apparently the Saturday afternoon one was "the [horror track's?] highest capacity fan panel of the year." There was a line to get in, and standing room only by the time I got there (long story, and you will hear it)--the big surprise was the two (2) signed scripts I'd been carrying around for two (2) days at that point. But I'll get into that later. I met tons of great people and had such a great time when I was actuall snake (what the hell is wrong with you, autocorrect? actually able) to sit down and was not at that moment cursing out my nemesis, the Marriott. Anyway, here are some pictures, including some of me--links are the best I can do from my phone:









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Welcome back, Girl! :-)

And thank you thank you for the links! I've already saw the one you posted days ago on your tumblr. Boy did you look sharp and alert in your full Tattlecrime regalia and Flower Crown! :P I'll look at those twitter links when I get ahold of my laptop again (currently on my iPad), this is gonna be so awesome.

Feeling bushed, hmm? Drink lots of fluid, sleep early and don't wake up too late and take warm baths to soothe out the kinks (I wonder if a sauna would help?).

Yay for having fun (but boo for crud)! I really want to make it to a con someday--I live way out in the country, though, so any one I picked would involve major travel expenses. I should start strategizing.

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Lovely photos! These are making me nostalgic for my (active on) LJ days. <3 Glad you had fun at the con!

Welcome back! Hope you'll recover as soon as possible.

Sounds like you had an awesome time--yay!! And YAY for flower crowns! And YAY for being a Fandom Santa Elf!

Boo for Con Crud (there's always something, isn't there?) and for autocorrect being weird. I seriously question its algorithms sometimes.

Hey there, I'm the purple haired lady that sat with you before the Murder Wizard panel! It was a pleasure to chat with you, and I thoroughly enjoyed your panel. Thanks again for the Aromaleigh samples :)

Glad you survived your first con! I went last year and my feet wanted to stage a protest by the end, but it was loads of fun! I hope to go again someday now that I live closer to Atlanta now than I did when I lived in Florida.

You look adorable! Flower crowns FTW!!

Good pictures, and the ones you are in, you don't look panicked, or ready to snuff someone. So, good photos! you're even purple (which is how I picture you)

I hope you recover from con crud quickly. I've been lucky and missed major con crud every year I've been to Blizzcon, but that is not going to hold out forever.

Last year, the girlfriend and I went to Disneyland the day before the con. Made the first day a miserable experience. Something about walking to the house of mouse, all over it, and then back killed us. I think my blisters had blisters.

(Deleted comment)
I know! I'm going to email you about the whole thing generally once I start attacking my inbox, but I was already chagrined that I couldn't make the Saturday morning panel (it took me AN HOUR to make the ten-minute walk to the 1 pm panel as it was, OMG), and then I didn't get to meet you on top of that. I definitely want to go to next year's con--I might or might not be able to afford another con before that--but that's a year away as it is, I know. (Mark was really great at hand-selling the book, by the way. I earned my keep by learning the "one print for twenty, two for thirty" spiel.)

Hey there! I was so happy that I had the opportunity to meet you! I'm so sorry I missed the subsequent panels and meetups, though I did pass you once on on the escalators in the Marriott. I can see why you'd think of it as your nemesis.

And thanks so much for the copy of M15M!!!!!

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