Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

the great red dragon con

has kicked my ass and I am still recovering. (This year's con crud: a scratchy sore throat that gradually evolves into a head full of sludge and possibly a cough.) (That, and my legs are dead. They are ex-legs. They have joined the marathon invisible.) I'm on my phone right now; I've spent so much time in bed that I haven't even booted up Lizzie yet. However, I had a GREAT time and I'm already trying to wrangle a room for next year. The Hannibal panels went really great; apparently the Saturday afternoon one was "the [horror track's?] highest capacity fan panel of the year." There was a line to get in, and standing room only by the time I got there (long story, and you will hear it)--the big surprise was the two (2) signed scripts I'd been carrying around for two (2) days at that point. But I'll get into that later. I met tons of great people and had such a great time when I was actuall snake (what the hell is wrong with you, autocorrect? actually able) to sit down and was not at that moment cursing out my nemesis, the Marriott. Anyway, here are some pictures, including some of me--links are the best I can do from my phone:

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