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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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In case you needed to catch up on the finale for tonight
msauvage purple
Remember that time I wrote Sleepy Hollow phone fic?

Season premiere livetweeting will be over at @cleolindajones, once I figure out what time tonight and channel number it actually it is.

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BRB dying of laughter.

"dafuq?" "Quite" is my favorite thing I've read all day.

Excellent! Your Crane is particularly dead-on.

I've not even watched this show (though it's on my to-watch list), and this had me cracking up. I'm sure that probably means something.

Oh good lord - 'dafuq' 'quite' - I've missed you! I like that you even managed to bring dafuq back around - that's talent.

Sleepy Hollow is yet another show - among True Blood (for awhile, anyway) and Hannibal - that I started watching thanks to your snark and I'm sure I'm not alone. Networks should start sending you gift baskets.

Haha this was awesome - I made my roommate read it too. Thanks for the laugh!

*LULZ* This is amazing - can't wait to see this show again!


And I love your phone fic posts. The tea one was adorable.

I've read these and the ones on that other link. They were entirely glorious, Cleo!

Love it! :D Looking forward to the next season, definitely.

You nailed Crane's manner of being both gentlemanly and pissy at once. Tom Mison is brilliant in the role and I want to eat him up with a spoon. He and Nicole Beharie have some of the greatest chemistry currently on the teevee screen, too. I DVR'd the episode, I want to finish re-watching season one first and I have two episodes left.

I love this.

And I need me some Sleepy Hollow icons...

Hello. And Bye.

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