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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Wow, it's been a while.

Suffice it to say that I have had an extremely... challenging... couple of months, what with a persistent concrud flu, my sister's wedding, and our dog Scout's (successful) eye surgery. I'm still not 100% as it is, and seasonal affective blarg is setting in. Which is simply to say, there are many things I want to do, and healthwise it may be difficult to do them, so I'm just going to try to stick with it and take as long as it takes.

Hannibal season 2 recaps are still on the way. (Season 3 has started filming in "Lithuania.") (That said...) (New Italy-related spoilers from today.) They're my priority, if only so I can feel like I Finished A Thing, but there's still nine to go and Winter Is Coming, as it were. That's not a hint of any kind. This was a hint of any kind, because I ended up watching Twin Peaks over the last couple of months as a coping mechanism (for some reason, I found it really soothing). I mean, I'd always wanted to, but I was 11 when it aired, and my mother said no. (In retrospect, this was THE RIGHT PARENTAL CALL.) So here I am, nearly 36, and I... kinda watched the series through twice. It was then announced that there will be new episodes on Showtime in 2016 (I am not making this up). I'm serious, I watched the finale on a Thursday night, and the very next morning, David Lynch and Mark Frost made that first pair of synchronized "That gum you like" tweets. Which I kind of feel terrible about, because so many people waited twenty-five years ("I'll see you in twenty-five years." AHHHHHHH) for word of more Twin Peaks, and I waited about twelve hours. I may actually be the Lathe of Fandom.

At that point, I thought, there's more than a year until the new episodes come out, and ton of people who meant to watch it all those years (or who were too young) (not even born yet?) (oh God) will pick it up, and so recaps through 2015 would actually be (somewhat) timely. I think it's about 30 episodes all told (there's like three different ways to count them), so I'm going to start now but not rush it, and hopefully I'll be done by the time the new ones come out. In a similar vein, I mostly want to have Hannibal season 2 finished by the time season 3 starts (which will be later this time--April or May 2015, they said, rather than the way season 2 started this past February). At which point, I hope, I would resume recapping it week by week. I feel like Hannibal needs to take priority because it's a thing in progress and it was there first, but I'm not setting a schedule for when what gets posted. There's a point you get to with seasonal depression, and bipolar depression, and depression in general--sometimes you have to scale back and be realistic, but then, having done that, you have to step out and take a risk now and then. Sometimes you have to do both at the same time. That's a delicate balance.

So, in conclusion:

1) Hannibal season 2 recaps finished by season 3, spring 2015 (hopefully a lot sooner).

2) Classic Twin Peaks recaps fnished by New Twin Peaks in 2016.

3) Two or three other fun things (they do not involve writing), but I'll talk about those once the details are nailed down.

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hey, any chance you'll be watching Outlander? I'd give all of my Walker shortbread biscuits for your recaps

Aw! This season's finished, isn't it? I'd meant to catch up once it was done. That said, all this is kind of a lot on my plate as it is.


This is not a complaint in ANY way, shape, or form, it is just a rabid fan letting you know that I really miss Movies in 15 Minutes.

That is all.

(P.S.: Be well. That's the most important part of all.)

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Aw, thank you. I just don't know how to top The Avengers, really. It's kind of all downhill from there.

Good luck with all your re-capping endeavors!

Twin Peaks has always been that show I've wanted to watch, but never got around to. (In my defense, I was only two when it was on.) Guess I have an excuse now!

I think Cleo's parents did the right thing, though; when I was about six years old I picked up an "Evil Dead" DVD from a store's shelf and the graphics spooked the crap out of me. Just the cover graphics (with a white-eyed zombie woman). Years later I discovered IMDB and felt that the box cover alone deserved an NC-17 rating

Good to hear from you! Your "Twin Peaks" situation is kind of like my "Lost" situation. Other people were all "I waited years for that finale! What a disappointment!" whereas I watched it all on DVD after the run was finished, so I was more like "I waited a few months. It wasn't that bad." :-)

Take care of yourself. Blessings.

that's funny, when I was about 11 I asked to watch the first season (we had it on VHS!) and my mom said "cool." and let me.
then me and dad have spend the last 20 years going around making "wrapped in plastic" jokes....

So great to see you back here! (Truth be told, it's so great to see anyone back here. My Friends List is a bit sparse these days.)

1.) Congratulations to your sister and her new hubby, and I am so happy to hear about Scout! I hope everyone is recovering well.

2.) Yay for returning Hannibal recaps, and Twin Peaks! I have also never seen Twin Peaks, so I'll definitely be reading those.

As always, it's good to hear from you. I hope the path ahead is smoother, at least for a while.

Hurray for oncoming recaps! Yes, I mean Twin Peaks recaps too. So glad you got into this show.

So I did... something and I need to know if you're okay with it. (I mean, I know you're okay with people using brief quotes from m15m as long as you're confirmed as an author. So by "okay with it" I mean "okay with the result".) I took some quotes from various m15ms and combined them with "Hannibal" screencaps. Sort of like "texts from". Every photo has "Movies In 15 Minutes (C) Cleolinda Jones" on it, of course.

They're currently here: http://vivian-lake.livejournal.com/pics/catalog/559. If you want to do anything to them, they're all yours.

Aw, bless. Those are fine, sure. (I love the Texts From meme.)

It's good to read an update from you! I hope things go well for you.

p.s. So I went to order the Athena's Daughters e-book, and the first page, where you enter your personal info, is not encrypted, and I'm not comfortable doing business like that. I've asked if they have an alternate order system and will await their reply, but I thought you might like to know. I mean, not that you can change it, or whatever, but, you know... knowledge is half the battle? Or something?

Edited at 2014-10-30 06:27 am (UTC)


(Translation: that plan sounds like a really good plan. =D)

But, most of all, please, take care of yourself! ;)

I think you'd do a banging job with the old Twin Peaks, although personally I'm not convinced we need a new version. The first one was the best mix of surreal/quirky/funny as hell/WTF that network television ever served up on a plate.

Funny, because this morning I actually woke up and said: "She's dead! Wrapped in plastic!" (also one of my pet phrases, along with appending things with two phrases, one being "...on fire!" and the second being "...on a stick!")

I recall being dumbfounded when Audrey began her sexy, jazzy Oblivious Dance in the diner. Or the night when Coop tells the Police Crew that before they can solve Laura's murder, he first needs to tell them about *flips over chalkboard* TIBET! and I laughed for 20 minutes. When I was interviewing musicians for the various magazines I wrote for, Twin Peaks would often come up and we'd talk for hours about what things meant.

It was seminal, it was groundbreaking...and I will have a hard time seeing anyone else be Laura. Or Coop. Or Audrey. However, I WOULD love to see more story and hope that perhaps old actors (because Lynch ALWAYS seems to reuse the same actors over and over and over again--"Dune" was like "Twin Peaks Twisted In Space" in some ways...) will spill over into his new series.

Grey :)

You're gonna love this, then--my understanding is that it's all the same actors (well, and whichever new/younger characters) coming back to pick up the story 25 years later. They're putting out a book to explain what happened in the intervening years, in fact. Kyle MacLachlan and Mädchen Amick have said on Twitter that they're coming back--I forget who all else has said either they will for sure or they hope they get called back.

(I love the scene with the map of Tibet and the rock-throwing.)

BTW, at some point you might want to watch the "Psych" spoof of "Twin Peaks." From season 8, I think. Fun stuff.