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Wow, it's been a while.

Suffice it to say that I have had an extremely... challenging... couple of months, what with a persistent concrud flu, my sister's wedding, and our dog Scout's (successful) eye surgery. I'm still not 100% as it is, and seasonal affective blarg is setting in. Which is simply to say, there are many things I want to do, and healthwise it may be difficult to do them, so I'm just going to try to stick with it and take as long as it takes.

Hannibal season 2 recaps are still on the way. (Season 3 has started filming in "Lithuania.") (That said...) (New Italy-related spoilers from today.) They're my priority, if only so I can feel like I Finished A Thing, but there's still nine to go and Winter Is Coming, as it were. That's not a hint of any kind. This was a hint of any kind, because I ended up watching Twin Peaks over the last couple of months as a coping mechanism (for some reason, I found it really soothing). I mean, I'd always wanted to, but I was 11 when it aired, and my mother said no. (In retrospect, this was THE RIGHT PARENTAL CALL.) So here I am, nearly 36, and I... kinda watched the series through twice. It was then announced that there will be new episodes on Showtime in 2016 (I am not making this up). I'm serious, I watched the finale on a Thursday night, and the very next morning, David Lynch and Mark Frost made that first pair of synchronized "That gum you like" tweets. Which I kind of feel terrible about, because so many people waited twenty-five years ("I'll see you in twenty-five years." AHHHHHHH) for word of more Twin Peaks, and I waited about twelve hours. I may actually be the Lathe of Fandom.

At that point, I thought, there's more than a year until the new episodes come out, and ton of people who meant to watch it all those years (or who were too young) (not even born yet?) (oh God) will pick it up, and so recaps through 2015 would actually be (somewhat) timely. I think it's about 30 episodes all told (there's like three different ways to count them), so I'm going to start now but not rush it, and hopefully I'll be done by the time the new ones come out. In a similar vein, I mostly want to have Hannibal season 2 finished by the time season 3 starts (which will be later this time--April or May 2015, they said, rather than the way season 2 started this past February). At which point, I hope, I would resume recapping it week by week. I feel like Hannibal needs to take priority because it's a thing in progress and it was there first, but I'm not setting a schedule for when what gets posted. There's a point you get to with seasonal depression, and bipolar depression, and depression in general--sometimes you have to scale back and be realistic, but then, having done that, you have to step out and take a risk now and then. Sometimes you have to do both at the same time. That's a delicate balance.

So, in conclusion:

1) Hannibal season 2 recaps finished by season 3, spring 2015 (hopefully a lot sooner).

2) Classic Twin Peaks recaps fnished by New Twin Peaks in 2016.

3) Two or three other fun things (they do not involve writing), but I'll talk about those once the details are nailed down.

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