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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple
I would have mentioned it yesterday if I'd known we were going to reveal it so soon: foresthouse and I have inherited the hostship of Made of Fail.

I've still got a couple more things up my sleeve, accompanied by a growing anxiety that I'm not going to be able to handle all of it during Seasonal Depression Depressive Season, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, I figure.

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Whoot! Congrats to you guys!

Congratulations! Great to know that Made of Fail comes back.

On one hand, it's sad to see Dayna and George leave the show, perhaps coming back as a guest panelist someday, on the other hand... the line “♫Hey this is Cleolinda, and you're listening to Made of Fail.♪” shall be taking on a whole new level of meaning, and I'll be doing a happy dance for the rest of the year.


We'll be around for occasional guest spots. :)


That would be great! Maybe one day you can guest-star on Anglo-Filles as well... (Always a pleasure talking to you on LJ, Dayna; my options are rather limited, seeing that I can barely get into Twitter, and the MoF site seems to require I get a major web browser upgrade or else I can't comment there, anonymous or otherwise) How's George doing, lately? :-\


Made it back to one month sober today!


Dear Dayna,

The 75th episode was awesome. I'll be sad to see you go. :,)

Re: the custom Cleo entires
A Matter Of Taste did that in their "second season" (marked by the coming of Hannibal Season 2) intro music, if you haven't listened to any episodes yet that alone is worth the downloading. And Ian & Fio cover a lot of other Horror subjects beside Hannibal. Although if you've sworn off the show (quite understandable, no one ever gonna persuade me to watch, say, Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween or Fri. the 13th...) the Hannibal episode reviews are really worth your time. Cleo guests in some of those, and even when something graphic pops up, it'll all be fine once you've despair-giggled along with the hosts. XD AMoT and Cleo's Hannibal recaps really complement each other.

(P.S. Is the 66th video-episode working now? That's about the only MoF episode I haven't listened to yet.)

Edited at 2014-11-23 03:00 pm (UTC)

Good luck at combating your future depression 'sodes (if that means podcast delays then so be it, your health and stability comes first; although I wouldn't say no to a brief LJ post when that happens so that I might lend a bit of support), and I hope you had a wonderful Halloween.

Wow, I can't even remember my LJ login so I'm using Google one because CONGRATULATIONS!! I've LOVED your guest spots on MoF (and other podcasts) so this is great news for me :-) Best of luck!

Hi Emily, I've just finished listening to Episode 75, and I guess I'll say more about my ~feelings~ when Cleo actually updates her Livejournal here *HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE* (If she and Mr Martin are truly the only heavy-lifters left on LJ, then I'm honored to remain here as long as I can and comment/support the living daylights out of her); I would love to post this comment on your own LJ, but it feels so creepy doing that when your most recent post was back in 2013, so I hope you don't mind me doing it this way. (I'm from a place where you need Proxies to go onto Facebook, Twitter [where I can only afford to spectate because of the wonky connection], Google and Blogspot, so I really cherish the people and friends that I can actually reach through more conventional means like LJ or emails) I think "season two" of MoF is really off to a good start. I hope that you two can do a Tolkien episode in the near future, seeing that The Hobbit films are about to be completed and hence The End Of An Era, and I hope that Hannibal can keep on being mentioned in the episodes if it's not gonna get its own episode (Dayna told me about the Hannibal episode that was eaten by the computers, which was a shame).

Before I go, I'd really want to talk about your opinion on Man Of Steel. Now, despite liking the film very much, I don't think I'm actually able to refute the reasons you gave about why it disappointed you so, HOWEVER, I'd like to make a comparison between MoS and The Avengers, because while MoS might've spent the entire duration of the film disappointing you or outright pissing you off, The Avengers did very fine for me for most of the film (and I'll admit that Captain America alone did more civilian-saving then Superman did, although on the other hand Zod did say his final priority was to kill as many earthlings as possible, so if Kal-El tried to lead the battle away, Zod would've just kept on smashing Metropolis citizens) *until* the dust had started to settle and they did the media montage thing. Whereupon that Asian kid PISSED THE HECK OUT OF ME. Manhattan was trashed, okay? Like the deal with a dead Smaug smashing what was left of Lake-town into pieces, the fallen Leviathans must've crushed some more people, and i'm pretty sure some civilians died from the shockwaves and loud noise alone; and when it's all over, all you can remember is the heros going *smash bam boom*? Shame. On. You! It's not like in the movie's universe no civilians had died. Although it wasn't explicitly shown, there was that scene where people laid flowers and pinned up "missing person" notices. The last time something close to that magnitude happened in NYC, it was (pardon my pretend-callousness here) "just one" skyscraper that fell to pieces, but everyone in the world who had half a heart mourned for the lives lost; do you see anyone going "ooo, it's just in like that video game"? He'd be *bleep*ing lynched. So yeah, my liking MoS much more than you did notwithstanding (I'm really not trying to change your opinion on that), I'm afraid that all of the brownie points that the Avengers gained on How To Hero (which Superman can really learn from, i'll admit) had been absolutely ruined, my viewing feelings-wise, by that one "i wish i could punch you in the face" kid and his line which I to this day cannot understand how it could've been put into the script. Superman didn't do nearly enough to stop the city from being wrecked in his final brawl, and yes he did end up killing a guy with his bare hands, but at least no one was frickin' gloating about that violence. (can't speak for Lex Luthor's feelings, though...) You want properly executed black humor on kids being desensitized to real-life violence? The Dark Knight had those two boys in the parking lot, shooting at empty cars before Batman blew them skyhigh. And they were very inappropriately awed.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm genuinely curious to what you think of that brief Avengers scene.

Edited at 2014-11-23 02:41 pm (UTC)

Best of luck to you ladies! I will admit to having fallen off the listening radar for awhile now, but I will be sure to tune in again!

About that tumblr post...

To Cleo and anyone else who reads this (since I don't have the means to comment on Tumblr):

I just saw this (http://cleolinda.tumblr.com/post/100528170689/kadrey-ink-wash-xenomorphs) via AMoT's tumblr, and as a native Chinese speaker I just want to point out that the Chinese signature is quite significant, because "白石老人" is the ink painting signature of Qi Baishi (1864-1957), a very skilled and revered traditional Chinese artist (think Van Gogh-level revered) known for his ability to bring very mundane objects like Chinese cabbages, shrimps and tadpoles (of which an animated short was made in the 1960s, called "The Little Tadpoles Search for Mother" — they actually drew everything in this style and animated it) to life. I just wanted to say that the Xenomorphs were very lovingly rendered and not undeserving of the signature he or she cribbed off of.

Edited at 2014-11-08 03:39 pm (UTC)

Just finished listening to the episode on the drive to the folks' place; commenting to remind you that Livejournal is not, in fact, dead, it's just not where the loudest screaming is anymore.

Looking forward to the new episodes!

"Livejournal is not, in fact, dead, it's just not where the loudest screaming is anymore."

Very true, and I kinda like it better this way. People who do Twitter really have nerves of steel.

dunno if you're checking, but

Hey, happy birthday! I hope that things are going on well for you.

Merry Christmas, Cleolinda!

Also...Michael Pitt no longer gonna play Mason Verger?!

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