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Recap service resumes

@cleolinda: ICYMI: An overstuffed #Hannibal 2x05 "Mukozuke" recap (rewatch?)

@cleolinda: Stayed up until 2 am outlining the next recap. Caffeine is great, I can hear colors

@osheamobile: cleo no

@cleolinda: CLEO YES

So yeah, a year later, I finally Finished A Thing. Not to get unduly behind-the-scenes about the process, but I picked at it on and off for that entire actual year, finally vastly revising and rewriting it over the last week or two. I've always had this tautological kind of thing going where the longer it takes to finish something, the longer it takes. Like, there is this diminishing-returns quality of slowing down exponentially as time slips past me. So I'm trying to recap "Futamono" as--let's say, pro-actively as possible, rather than get sucked into that undertow again. At this point, I've got it outlined with initial thoughts, all the pictures laid out, and all the livetweeting worked in (there wasn't very much that week, apparently); now I get to hit the transcript and a few interviews.

I'm still retraining my brain to sentence the words real nice after a year of medication adjustments; that numbered list of Swimming Pool Symbology was originally a swamp of scattered paragraphs. (This right here is my third start-from-scratch attempt at a follow-up entry, in fact.) I personally think the recap turned out well, but that then means I have to go from something I fiddled with for a year to something I'd like to finish in less than a week. Thank God it's spring, at least.

As a side note, it's extra fun recapping the season two episodes and seeing where we got the eyeshadow concepts from. "Mukozuke" actually didn't have any, but we had some good ones for the first four episodes:

(Yes, we made Murder Basement eyeshadow. It's actually the one I wear the most often. Goes well with Ripper.)

It's funny, though, because I tried multiple times to catch up on my sleep today and couldn't. (And I woke up naturally at 6:30 am, after only four hours of sleep.) It doesn't quite feel like mania, but it's something. I'm aware that a burnout is very possible in the near future, but if I don't finish the season by June 4, that's fine, and I really have been looking forward to writing up "Futamono" and "Yakimono." So maybe I can make some hay while the proverbial sun shines.

OH--here's what I meant to say--I need to set aside an hour or two to go hang out in the recap comments, but I've been trying to keep moving forward instead of checking on them constantly. But I'll be checking in at some point.
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