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At this point, I just can't be around to moderate an open-thread discussion for Hannibal, and things got a little contentious last season. HOWEVER: I will have a discussion post up tomorrow for everyone, maybe with some screencaps and livetweeting highlights, while I hang back and work on the "Futamono" recap. (Yes, I have decided to keep working through S2 in my own time, rather than try to skip to the present and get back on the hamster wheel of massive weekly recaps.) As far as Twitter goes, normally I'm on @cleolinda, but for livetweeting (hashtags actually help the show's ratings), I spare the normal crowd and go over to @cleolindajones. Said livetweeting--including the producers' behind-the-scenes treats that are always so great; Aaron Abrams, Lara Jean Chorostecki, and Janice Poon will also be tweeting tonight--will be collected on Storify #1; the background/advance info I've been collecting over the last few weeks is on Storify #2. (Eventually, the best bits go into the recap. I have this down to a science, you guys.) In fact, I'm DVRing the show, so I should be around for the west coast tweeting as well. I have been puzzling for several weeks over how to manage all this, and this is the best solution I've come up with for now. Enjoy.
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