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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I'll open up comments for this entry--I just didn't have the spoons to deal with them before--but:

@THR: Christopher Lee, Legendary Movie Villain and Horror Icon, Dies at 93 http://thr.cm/VqKAV8

@cleolinda: LRT: I'm going back to bed.

@cleolinda: Raise your hand if you are actually surprised Christopher Lee didn't just scare Death off

Meanwhile: "Antipasto" recap is on the way, maybe tomorrow if things continue to go well. Things did not go well. I mean, I'm okay, but I was hit really hard by some PCOS issues this week, and life slowed to a naproxen-haze crawl. I feel really great about what I've gotten done, but it's taking WAY LONGER than I had hoped. And then, in a completely unrelated development, I'm having a major medication shake-up. So, you know. Persevere. That said, last week's livetweet Storify is pretty tight. "Primavera" is tonight, with the return of Will and more book material, so I'm resting up for that.

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Jesus, between Nimoy, Pratchett, and now this, it's been a godawful year for nerd icons.

Maybe since Lee played Pratchett's version of Death in the past, he simply needed to join him to fully embody the role. That's what I'm going with now, because it makes things slightly less sad.

So sorry to hear you're going through health and medication issues :( Don't rush anything if you're not up to it, and I hope you feel better soon. <3

I learnt about the news when I opened IMDB tonight (which was an hour ago over here). Very, very sad. In China we have a saying that talented people die so abruptly (and often young) because "Heaven is jealous of them and wants to snatch them away from us" (passively obedient to the gods we surely ain't). A lot of nonreligious people favor that line to express bereavement as well. Another prominent western example would be when Michael Jackson died age 50 in 2009 (Hey, a Hannibal reference! :') ) there was an eruption of that sentinent in the Chinese blogsphere, which only intensified when "This Is It" was released.

A virtual candle to the man who brought to us a great Bond Villain (a close second imho to Le Chiffre), Dracula, Sherlock & Mycroft Holmes, Darth Tyranus, and also Saruman the White.


I'll be leaving the bulk of my Antipasto thoughts for later (Take your time on the recaps, Cleo! Your health of body and mind comes first), but there's one question I'd like to ask Her Majesty: I paused the shot and the blood-covered bust had the letters "TOTLE", on the base; it's "ARISTOTLE", right? I was listening to the "This Is Our Design" podcast episode of 301 and they were wondering who the bust was of, and I told them it might be Aristotle. Hopefully I was right about that. I also wonder what the dramatically ironic, "FINISHING MOVE: STAGNATION"-esque in-joke is this time . . .

It is. I actually got people to hash this out on Twitter yesterday:


(I can't remember if you're able to access Twitter. I'm quoting it in the recap, if not.)

Thank you for the laconic answer, Cleo!

Technically I can access Twitter, but only after trying multiple Proxies every single time, which is why [1] I usually don't bother, despite having established my own handle (@vermouth1991), also cuz a lot of the stuff I see from certain people messes with my mind, and [2] I really appreciate it when you provide direct Twitter links like this and the time you gave us your DragonCon pics since I'll have an easier time getting access that way when I type that link into the Proxy engine. —— Plus, I reckon you're an active enough Tweeter that by the time I do get onto the site, your "recent" tweet would be seventeen pages away. :D

All in all, that tweet would certainly be recap-worthy, especially if there's a conversation that sprung out of it. :-)

Also, tell your friends about the podcasts "This Is Our Design" and "Eat The Rudecast". They along with A Matter of Taste have become my very favorite Hannibal podcasts, and other fans should know about them.


[Spoiler (click to open)]Also, sorry to re-open an old case like this, but have you spoken to Dayna about that late-March email I sent for her birthday this year? In a recent exchange with another podcast I followed, it was discovered that some 80% of my previous fanmail to them (which hadn't been responded to but I'd chalked it up to not being interesting enough in content to be read aloud on-air) had been lost to their spambox, so I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happened with her as well.

Edited at 2015-06-11 03:31 pm (UTC)

I'm sorry.
Best wishes, because I can't offer anything else.

Thanks. Like I said, I'm okay in a general sense; things are just a bit... challenging right now.

I know Christopher Lee was known for being an amazing villain, but but I've always felt this kinship with him because of his love for The Last Unicorn. He was cast as one of the voice actors for the animated film (ok, yes, as the villain) but he turned up to recording sessions with his dogeared copy of the book and had highlighted passages that he insisted had to be kept in. He even contacted the author for approval of some of his most pivotal monologues - that sinister exterior hid the heart of a true fan.

Christopher Lee: Actual King of the Nerds.

I feel like Sir Christopher and Death were probably on pretty good terms, so I'm not as sad (and angry) as I have been at other deaths, but man. Still hurts.

Take care of yourself, Cleo, and we'll enjoy the recaps whenever they appear.

I'm too chicken to play the games or watch the movies, so could you please elaborate a bit on that?

Thank you! I haven't watched "Primavera" yet when I wrote that first comment, and didn't see you reply until afterwards; I appreciated the monstrosity very much on its own merits (When the heart first opened I thought it was some variation of The Thing), but knowing this now only made it better. Actually I did see one short clip of Silent Hill 1 back in middle school, it was the part where the mother's blood hit the floor and that other dimension was fully opened, and stuff came out, including that girl who seems to be a victim of tentacle pr0n held on some perverted version of a crucifiction.

Back in 202 "Sakizuki" a lot of viewers (including the aMoT podcast) spotted the Sesame Street reference in Hannibal, this time around I finally had my own Captain America moment and spotted the other "kiddie culture" reference. :) [Spoiler (click to open)]Hannibal's like Lucy Van Pelt with the football.

It reminded me of big dog and its ilk.

OH GOD! That's frightening! I never thought of robots, but it's just that kind of movement... I mean, I loved the scene; it hit all the right notes of Things I Find Scary as well as being symbolically fitting. It also reminded me of the rebirth scene in Wake Wood enough that I wondered if that had been an influence.

Horrible Corpse Stag is horrible.

I'm sorry about the PCOS issues. Like the others said, looking after you matters most. We'll entertain ourselves (I hadn't even spotted the Mukōzuke recap, and I just rewatched that recently, so I'm off to play there) in between doing a lot of crying about Will and Abigail after this week's ep!

And yeah, Christopher Lee... :( Actually, let me leave you with this. It's very short but probably my favourite bit from The Wicker Man, and oddly comforting:

"I think I could turn and live with animals..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVM1mqwZbqc&feature=share

PCOS is a real bastard when it gets going! Sympathy to your ovaries and any other bits of you that are hurting.

So, have you seen the Horrible Corpse Stag yet?

(Deleted comment)
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