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I'll open up comments for this entry--I just didn't have the spoons to deal with them before--but:

@THR: Christopher Lee, Legendary Movie Villain and Horror Icon, Dies at 93

@cleolinda: LRT: I'm going back to bed.

@cleolinda: Raise your hand if you are actually surprised Christopher Lee didn't just scare Death off

Meanwhile: "Antipasto" recap is on the way, maybe tomorrow if things continue to go well. Things did not go well. I mean, I'm okay, but I was hit really hard by some PCOS issues this week, and life slowed to a naproxen-haze crawl. I feel really great about what I've gotten done, but it's taking WAY LONGER than I had hoped. And then, in a completely unrelated development, I'm having a major medication shake-up. So, you know. Persevere. That said, last week's livetweet Storify is pretty tight. "Primavera" is tonight, with the return of Will and more book material, so I'm resting up for that.
Tags: deaths, hannibal

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