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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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LJ seems to have been kind of wonky with notifications lately, so heads up that the Hannibal "Primavera" recap, which I am very pleased with, went up on Thursday night; I haven't joined in the discussion yet, but I'll be sitting down with the comments (which I have read, at least) later.

As I hope you've noticed if you're in the U.S., the show has moved to Saturday nights, because we can't have nice things.

@FeedingHannibal: Still 7 more episodes to be savoured! Thursdays on CITY and Saturdays on NBC

‏@cleolinda: Ah, yes, Sautéday

@FeedingHannibal: I guess NBC thought Fryday was too obvious.

@cleolinda: #thirstday was staring them in the face, but no

@FeedingHannibal: And nobody watches on Nomday...

@cleolinda: Good thing they didn't move it two days the other way, because we would have gone with #chewsday and not even been sorry.

This is not even to speak of Winesday.

Other countries are still getting the show on Thursdays and/or Fridays; nonetheless, I have not seen "Digestivo," tonight's episode, because I'm trying to wait until the live broadcast/tweeting. As we get into the Red Dragon half-season, that may become untenable, I don't know. I'm already having to avoid my Tumblr dashboard entirely two days of the week (TAG YOUR SPOILERS) and mute several people on various social media. I can't even read my beloved AXN España livetweets on Fridays. I am bereft. ANYWAY. I'm saying this simply as a Hannibal book reader who's done the plot-point math: get yourself a stiff drink for this one.

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Thanks for the heads-up! It didn't show up in my friendslist at all, which is super weird.

Mine, either! So weird!

So I've heard you've been looking for a Secondo Post-Mortem spoilery gifset?

This one? That's the only one I've seen.


Sorry if you don't need it any more.

Re: So I've heard you've been looking for a Secondo Post-Mortem spoilery gifset?

No, I DOOOOOO, thank you! It's so weird, because I saved that two different places as well as on my computer, and it VANISHED.

(You see now why I was flipping out over the episode at the time when it started to look like they were saying he HAD done it, because I was like "BUT HE SAID--!")

Not on my flist either. What gives, Livejournal?

Unrelated to the feast at hand (which I am so behind on; I need to set aside a day to marathon all the episodes I've missed), some burst of nostalgia has made me start rewatching Lost and remembering how damn much fun I had losing my mind over it. Of course I remembered that much of that fun I had here, but it wasn't until Michael found the handcuffs in the jungle and a little voice in my head said "The invisible dinosaurs are into bondage!" that I remembered that that's how I found you. That specific line on a journal icon, and when I commented on it that person said "hey, if you think that's funny you should go to the source." And eleven years later, here I still am.

Awwww! Also wtf that was 11 years ago.

I can't believe it either. I felt old just looking at the original airdates.

It airs here on Wednesday. I am spoiler free, in that I have seen some pictures on Tumblr but have no real idea what happened. I don't drink but I will be making sure that I have diet pepsi to help me through and also both dogs will be with me on the couch so that I may cling to them when necessary.

I'm assuming such precautions are wise...

Weirdly, neither half of the recap is on my flist either (this post is though). But I saw your tweet that the recap was posted, so I still was able to find out that way.

Btw, your recaps single-handedly got me into watching this show, and I want to thank you for it, because I started out like "Nooooo, too gory, recaps only" and progressed to "I'll DVR it and use the recaps to know when to look away" and have long since evolved to the point where I watch the show as it airs with a big ol' bag of popcorn all "Whoo! Yeah! Gimme some more blood with that blood! :D"

I've been going through a pretty rough life patch lately and watching fancy cannibal shenanigans while reading all the live tweeting (including yours) is the highlight of my week. It's the only hour a week I get to have fun a bit and laugh and I never would have even given the show a shot if not for you, so thank you, I am so grateful for it. ♥

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