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LJ seems to have been kind of wonky with notifications lately, so heads up that the Hannibal "Primavera" recap, which I am very pleased with, went up on Thursday night; I haven't joined in the discussion yet, but I'll be sitting down with the comments (which I have read, at least) later.

As I hope you've noticed if you're in the U.S., the show has moved to Saturday nights, because we can't have nice things.

@FeedingHannibal: Still 7 more episodes to be savoured! Thursdays on CITY and Saturdays on NBC

‏@cleolinda: Ah, yes, Sautéday

@FeedingHannibal: I guess NBC thought Fryday was too obvious.

@cleolinda: #thirstday was staring them in the face, but no

@FeedingHannibal: And nobody watches on Nomday...

@cleolinda: Good thing they didn't move it two days the other way, because we would have gone with #chewsday and not even been sorry.

This is not even to speak of Winesday.

Other countries are still getting the show on Thursdays and/or Fridays; nonetheless, I have not seen "Digestivo," tonight's episode, because I'm trying to wait until the live broadcast/tweeting. As we get into the Red Dragon half-season, that may become untenable, I don't know. I'm already having to avoid my Tumblr dashboard entirely two days of the week (TAG YOUR SPOILERS) and mute several people on various social media. I can't even read my beloved AXN España livetweets on Fridays. I am bereft. ANYWAY. I'm saying this simply as a Hannibal book reader who's done the plot-point math: get yourself a stiff drink for this one.
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