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Thank you so much for all the support in the comments Thursday--and for all the courage in sharing some of your own stories. I tried to answer as many as I could, and then had to take a break for the day--I'm going to go back and answer some more, but even if I don't answer yours, please know that I'm reading them all, and I appreciate them all so much.

@cleolinda: Top LJ posts currently are ONTD and my ovaries. Good times.

Health updates:

Mammogram results arrived in the mail: "no sign of malignancy." Was supposed to get a call about the ultrasound, but...

@cleolinda: So the doctor's office called, and I was expecting to get test results, but they wanted... to confirm the spelling of "Cleolinda"?

@cleolinda: Guys... that's not my real name. That's not the name I put on the paperwork. That's just something my doctor wrote down in passing.

@darklorelei: Oh god, I thought you were being euphemistic about your IRL first name.

@cleolinda: Yeah, my real first name is Lauren, I told them that. But they ACTUALLY CALLED TO ASK HOW TO SPELL "CLEOLINDA."

@cleolinda: Y'aaaaall, I don't need another set of weird doctors, noooo don't get weird on me again

‏@cleolinda: It sounds like she was typing up handwritten notes? But why did anyone need to record that?! I ain't mad, just confused.


@cleolinda: I answered a phone for you, where are my results


SPIRONOLACTONE, DAY 4: Holy shit. I can't tell if it's a placebo effect, or I was just that thrilled that it's playing nice with the other meds, but I spent the first 48 hours feeling like I'd had a mild muscle relaxer or a glass of wine. Like, slightly giddy, really relaxed, and kind of feeling like I was in love with nothing in particular--a feeling I often get when I'm mildly manic, so Spiro interacting with the antidepressants could be causing that. Four days on, that's eased up a bit, but I've still been a lot more productive. No particular effects on my complexion yet; I had delayed-reaction stress breakouts once I had gotten through the Diagnostic Ordeal, but my mother claims my face is less red, which I actually think is from the blood-pressure-lowering effect. (That may also contribute to the wooziness I've been having.) I had a little back pain at first--people told me that back pain, fatigue, and dehydration are possible side effects--but nothing like what I've had when adjusting Lamictal, so I had no real problem handling that. Other than dehydration (Spiro is a diuretic, among other things), I'm thinking most of these effects are only temporary, and I'm used to weathering and monitoring initial side effects for A NUMBER of medications, to say the least.

Putting off the Sprintec for another week, because the "off" week would fall right over the convention, and that is precisely what I was trying to avoid. So I can't report on how that's going yet.

Speaking of which, I will be taking zinc the entire week before Dragon Con, because in my experience and the experience of the class-action lawsuit filed against the company, Airborne is totally useless and I came down with a six-week case of con crud/flu last year that started before I even left Atlanta. I also didn't bother to use hand sanitizer the way I'd intended, so if I sanitize before and/or after I meet you, that's why (we can Purell together).

I have a very vague and general idea of what's going on this year; at this point, my only solid commitment is the Hannibal fan panel, and possibly an informal meetup if we decide on that? Basically I am at the Horror Track's service, whatever else they might need me to do, and that's headquartered in the Westin; there's an open area with seating right outside the room they used for the horror panels that was good for our smallish meetup last year. I'll be staying in the Hilton again, which has a nice open loungeish area overlooking the lobby on the--fifth floor? Someone had a good meetup there that I went to; that might be a good place to hang out as well. If you're not familiar with the convention, basically everyone sits on any available surface, frequently the carpet, and just camps out--lines to get into panels were frequently like very chill line parties--so again, it's very informal; it's not, like, a cocktail party or something. There was also a big concourse in front of the art shows (you may remember me getting lost and losing my will to convene until @mitigatedtext came and rescued me) where tons of people hang out and listen to live music, so that's a loud but fairly chill place to hang out as well.

I'm not sure precisely what we'll be giving away at the panel, but I know we've got some great stuff planned.


@Tattle_Crime: TC has procured some fantastic goodies for the #Hannibal fan panel at @DragonConHorror! @DeLaurentiisCo @lorettaramos [signed script picture!]

I was in charge of giving away a couple of those last year as a surprise, and that was really my favorite moment of the entire fan panel--the collective gasp when I read off the actors' names (and you know exactly whose name I saved for last, for maximum astonishment). This year, Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams will also be at the convention, so if you are a Hannibal fan, this is definitely the year to go. I don't know if I'll get to meet them or not, but if I do, and manage not to run and hide, I will report back.

Unfortunately, I am pretty much out of Movies in Fifteen Minutes books to give away. (I owe someone one from last year; I'll bring that and try to find you.) I do have some books with the short fantasy story that got published this year; I might be able to bring a couple of those. As always, I will sign basically anything anyone puts in front of me, because I am still somewhat amazed that anyone wants me to. Last year I had people sign a little Evil Supply Co. notebook, so it was more like "omg sign my yearbook!" "you too!" As far as I know, I'm doing just the one Hannibal fan panel again, no table signings; I will be roaming free this year unless something else comes up. Who knows, I might even get to attend other people's panels (GASP).


@aromaleigh: Save the date - Hannibal "Primavera" exclusive box ordering is 8/17 at 3 PM EST!

Which is to say, TOMORROW. While there are still tons of open-edition collections (including the 30 This Is My Design eyeshadows from last year. Read the back stories here), Kristen wants to move towards smaller batches. So this year's Hannibal colors are a really, really limited edition. There will be two box themes, I think--the Florence-themed Primavera, pre-orders of which will go very quickly on Monday (SERIOUSLY IF YOU WANT IT SET AN ALARM AND JUMP ON THAT), and a later Red Dragon box, which we'll be working on after the season ends.

That's all for now, I think? I am getting very close to finishing the "Secondo" recap, and I'm already feeling so much better that I'm hoping to blaze through "Aperitivo" pretty quickly (I have probably just jinxed it). Anyway, keep an eye out for "Secondo," it's a big one, huge Dracula tangent, you can only hope to contain me, etc.
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