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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Quick update
hannibal, red dragon
Here's a heads-up that the MASSIVE RIDICULOUS HANNIBAL 3x03 RECAP is up; I think it's not showing up on friends lists or sending out email alerts because I'm having to post them privately first to proofread and work out some cross-linking, then date them forward again. (Due to health issues, the recap ONCE AGAIN took a month to write, but things are 200% better these days.) "Secondo" is the Back Story Episode, I dug up a good bit on Hannibal's half-Italian background, and there's a ton of really great Dracula business:

Also, I have a working theory as to why Thomas Harris used the name "Mischa," I think I have decoded the snail/firefly thing, and I threw in a story about Caterina "The Tiger" Sforza because why not.

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Well both halves of your new episode recaps are showing up in my LJ feed right now, Cleo, I hope that isn't messing up your plans or anything because I'm gonna go read the living daylights out of them after I finish commenting here. :-)

(Probably OT Trivia: I don't think "Misha" is a wrong name for girls, because I think it was used as the name for the bear mascot for the 1980 Moscow Olympiad. Unless it was a male bear...?)

Also, kudos to the person responsible for designing your latest userpic, Cleo! I think Thomas Harris (and this show) is starting to (in a rather macabre way) push Mah-Jongg into the pop culture public eyes like "Silence of the Lambs" (both the book and film) did for Glenn Gould piano music xD

It was a male bear. I'm Russian, you can trust me on that.

Well my bad then, he looked too cutsy to me. :P

I will believe a native Russian speaker's word on that, of course. So it's a diminutive of the Russian version of "Michael"? That settles it, I guess. (One of my greatest glees in reading translated-into-Chinese editions of Russian literature is to read the footnotes that occur almost every other chapter where they explain to you that "'Anya' is diminutive of 'Anastasia'." "'Alyosha' is diminutive for 'Aleksei'" and the likes; the real fun of keeping up with things happens when the same first name gets multiple diminutives within the frame of the same story.)

Re: Well my bad then, he looked too cutsy to me. :P

Nowhere near "too cutsy" compared to some other "local" critters, imho. Have you ever met Cheburashka? Also male. At least "Cheburashka" isn't an actual human name.

(Most of the time Anya is diminutive of Anna. But Alyosha *is* always Aleksey.)

*Snaps fingers*
Yeah, I misremembered and I really meant Anna/Anya. I got that example from the Chekov short story "Anna around the Neck" (Title may be inaccurate compared with actual English editions, I translated it back from Chinese), where an eighteen-year-old married a much older man whom she totally doesn't love, but eventually she settled into the good life of a high-level bureaucrat's wife, and eventually grew apathetic even to her struggling father and younger siblings.

(When my Internet's gone a bit faster and could actually support images that doesn't need ten minutes to load, I'll Google images of the bear you mentioned!)

Cheburashka? He isn't a bear. He's a... somewhat lemurish/monkeish creature based on a badly-made stuffed toy his author had.

Sigh. This is what I get for:

1. Not paying enough attention to other people's comments;

2. Staying way past my bedtime and pretending that I could keep going without tripping over people like this.

(See you in seven hours...)

It's a detail from the Dragon Con 2014 prints Lauren Skaggs did for us.

I now remember seeing it on your tumblr some time before. What a brilliant design! :-)


OT Question: I'm trying to update and edit my profile, could you tell me how and where to add the fancy tagline thing (in your case, "Occupation: Girl") that would accompany my username? Or is it a paying member's privilege that I currently don't have?

I honestly don't know, it may depend on what layout you use. I haven't edited mine in years.

Well, I've raked the entire "Edit Profile" page several times now, and I still couldn't find where you would've fitted "Occupation: Girl" and "Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail." into. If it's not too much trouble, could you please give an extra look the next time you should click into your "Edit Profile" page?

(From a rookie to a veteran:)


(Off to check this link.)

omg, I want the Mad Max DVD SO BAAAAAAD. why is it not out already. come out. come ouuuut

I hope the Director's cut edition comes with some swag

Mainly I hope to get a free Warboy of my own!

just a heads-up, if you hadn't already noticed with everything else on your plate: two different random commenters have posted the same rather sketchy-looking video on your last two threads.

Ughhhhh, where, in the recap? Let me go look at that.

There's also some serious adspam going on in your comment section, Cleo, if you have a friend who's good at this stuff and has the free time you might want to let him/her look into it. An egregious example: Your 2013 post tagged "Anglo-Filles" where you gave us a time-stamp in the podcast episode where you made the "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound of the "Tornado-Siren From Hell".

I can handle it perfectly well myself, but I haven't chosen to keep up with comments on older entries. It looks like I'll have to go into Manage Comments and look for those.

They do flood and then fade

I came in 47 new comments one day. All garbage.

With the way you laid out all those film comparisons, I kinda wish I could track down all the related DVDs and play them alongside the respective scenes from Hannibal and bask in all the awesomeness.

And never apologize for going so deep into the research with all those footnotes and whatnot, Cleo! That's a big part of the reason your recaps are so powerful, and quite frankly why not utilize the strengths of the electronic format? Imagine if this was a printed book (which just might be the best-selling fan analysis book ever) and you had to write footnotes that take up half of any given page, or an Index/Appendix that's one third of the length of the book?

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