Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Quick update

Here's a heads-up that the MASSIVE RIDICULOUS HANNIBAL 3x03 RECAP is up; I think it's not showing up on friends lists or sending out email alerts because I'm having to post them privately first to proofread and work out some cross-linking, then date them forward again. (Due to health issues, the recap ONCE AGAIN took a month to write, but things are 200% better these days.) "Secondo" is the Back Story Episode, I dug up a good bit on Hannibal's half-Italian background, and there's a ton of really great Dracula business:

Also, I have a working theory as to why Thomas Harris used the name "Mischa," I think I have decoded the snail/firefly thing, and I threw in a story about Caterina "The Tiger" Sforza because why not.
Tags: dracula, hannibal
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