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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Moar updates
pallas cat - intrigued
As a short update before I get back to working on "Aperitivo"--had my two-hour fasting glucose test yesterday.

@NelsonSmandela: @cleolinda Did you have to drink the gross orange kool-aid stuff?

@cleolinda: .@NelsonSmandela Ughhhhh it was disgusting. First two sips, okay; by 6-7 I wanted to hworf.

@cleolinda: Just discussed the other week's battery of blood tests; everything seems to be fine, except a significant lack of vitamin D?

@cleolinda: Like, even my cholesterol was normal/decent, I don't even know how.

I'm still shocked by this--even my cholesterol was fine. They didn't mention high blood pressure or an iron deficiency (I do already take an iron supplement); the numbers that were high were related to the PCOS, which they expected because that's why I was there, and that's what the new medications are for anyway.

@BizarreVictoria: @cleolinda Oh no! Don't end up like the twins in "Flowers in the Attic"!

@cleolinda: .@BizarreVictoria Well, they also want me to reduce my suspicious-sugar-on-cookies intake, so that's pretty good

@cleolinda: Seriously though, I might vomit. The ghost of an orange popsicle on an empty stomach

@NoPants_McGee: @cleolinda That's actually a good sign, I believe?

@cleolinda: .@NoPants_McGee Well GOOD because hworrrrrrf


@cleolinda: I really want some pancakes and a nap. #takingthebloodomg

@cleolinda: Shit, I forgot. I can't have sugar for a while, no pancakes. Omelette it is.

And then I went and got one, and also hash browns. Fin.

Anyway, that's all for now--mammogram came back clean; first set of blood test results were either good or already being treated; should hear about glucose test early next week, but we're pretty sure I'm pre-diabetic, so I'm not really expecting any surprises there. Spiro is going well; will start Sprintec tomorrow and weekly vitamin D on Wednesday in order to schedule them around the convention. Here's hoping I am at Peak Cleo by then. Toss up the Cat Signal if you need me.

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Vitamin D is awesome. I started taking a regular supplement (Vit. D3 + Calcium) last September and it really did wonders for my SAD last autumn / winter. It helped boost my immunity, too - I had two short colds instead of the usual weeks upon weeks of various throat inflammations. It's good stuff.

Well, it's encouraging that your general health is so good, unrelated to the Big Issues. I'm another believer in Vitamin D, for what it's worth.

#AllWillBeWell, Cleo. You just remember that! Thank you for sharing your updates like this.

(Also you made me hungry for hash browns...)

Sprintec is wonderful. Was put on it when Alesse didnt work as well. (Got off Alesse to have my 2nd child, went back on it and it was nothing but trouble so I switched. )

I take mine at night, the extra hormones tend to make me a tad nauseated if I take it during the day.

Good luck with all the medical whatnot. Vitamin D is a godsend. :)

Yeah, I was planning to take it at night, coincidentally, with the second daily Spiro--IIRC, you really need to take birth control the same time every day, and I can guarantee I'll be consistently up and about at dinner, you know? Whereas I take my other pills in the morning (I get up pretty early most weekdays), and I have a 2-3 hour leeway on the antidepressants before I start to feel flushed or dizzy.

Peak Cleo would be BEST. I hope you get there very soon. Also, I DRANK THE GLUCOSE AND NOW I CAN SEE TIME made me actualfax snerk. Sugar rush can take you like that, can't it?

You sound hopeful and happier and it is so nice to see.

Oh my Goooood, I was so nauseated the whole time, it was disgusting.

It's about time something was fine for you.

All the well-wishes, as always.

Thanks. Then I promptly dropped an iPad on my foot. I persevere.

The orange glucose is so horribly bad that nobody who has not drank it can comprehend its evil.

One does not simply drink the orange glucose...

Seconding the Sprintec love upthread--I've been on it a long time, and it's great. Also, this has made me realize that I've been forgetting to take my vitamin D, which explains a LOT, so thank you.

Aww… hope that makes things much better!
I know I've rarely commented, but still enjoy reading your updates! Just wanted to chime in with all the rest of the others with good energy, especially for a con! Thanks for sharing.
And, er, maybe also partly use the comment as an excuse to see if you minded me asking you something. Something I've meant to for ages, but thought it might be odd - I'm one of those who found you way back when thanks to the Twilight and Dolls stuff, and fondly recall. I remember a couple times fans/friends wanted to share the love of it by sending little gifts, and when I decided to donate a bunch of my kid stuff, I set aside the My Little Pony accessories since it kept reminding me of that. Thought you might get a little kick out of it and something fun in the mail and liked the idea of it going to a 'fun home', but now it's been so long with procrastinating, was sheepish it might be strange. ;P Just wanted to see, and mean nothing by it, except sharing some fun sentimental nostalgia from someone of a similar age. :)
And now I want some hash browns too… snrk. Take care, and see ya!

*sees recent update* Woo… con is this week already? Have fun!!
Just curious if you saw this at all, and thoughts!

Hi Cleo! Glad to see from your recent update that the con was awesome… but hope feel better! Just wanted to see if you saw my little comment above, yet… not to bug, just can't help curiosity! :) Take care!

Ugh. I don't envy you having to drink that stuff. I have Crohn's, so whenever I gt my colonoscopy that I have to get in order to make sure things are functioning like they should, I have to drink this nasty-ass shit. I also had to do a Barium swallow test once and that one almost made me want to hworf right then and there. I can definitely sympathize...

Cleo, I hope you continue to feel better. I just returned from being on vacation, and I was able to catch up with all your news. I swear, you and I are twins on the health care front in a lot of ways (at least when it comes to gyn issues). I had a TERRIBLE run in with a doctor in my teens, and ever since I've been reluctant to see them. I have PCOS as well, and I've had periods that have been doozies. In fact, mine got triggered while I was on vacation, which was needless to say, not fun.

I hope all your test results come back good, and that the medications prescribed by your doctor help. I'm glad you found someone who treated you well. There are a lot of judgmental doctors out there, and I only wish the understood the harm they do to their patients.

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