Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Moar updates

As a short update before I get back to working on "Aperitivo"--had my two-hour fasting glucose test yesterday.

@NelsonSmandela: @cleolinda Did you have to drink the gross orange kool-aid stuff?

@cleolinda: .@NelsonSmandela Ughhhhh it was disgusting. First two sips, okay; by 6-7 I wanted to hworf.

@cleolinda: Just discussed the other week's battery of blood tests; everything seems to be fine, except a significant lack of vitamin D?

@cleolinda: Like, even my cholesterol was normal/decent, I don't even know how.

I'm still shocked by this--even my cholesterol was fine. They didn't mention high blood pressure or an iron deficiency (I do already take an iron supplement); the numbers that were high were related to the PCOS, which they expected because that's why I was there, and that's what the new medications are for anyway.

@BizarreVictoria: @cleolinda Oh no! Don't end up like the twins in "Flowers in the Attic"!

@cleolinda: .@BizarreVictoria Well, they also want me to reduce my suspicious-sugar-on-cookies intake, so that's pretty good

@cleolinda: Seriously though, I might vomit. The ghost of an orange popsicle on an empty stomach

@NoPants_McGee: @cleolinda That's actually a good sign, I believe?

@cleolinda: .@NoPants_McGee Well GOOD because hworrrrrrf


@cleolinda: I really want some pancakes and a nap. #takingthebloodomg

@cleolinda: Shit, I forgot. I can't have sugar for a while, no pancakes. Omelette it is.

And then I went and got one, and also hash browns. Fin.

Anyway, that's all for now--mammogram came back clean; first set of blood test results were either good or already being treated; should hear about glucose test early next week, but we're pretty sure I'm pre-diabetic, so I'm not really expecting any surprises there. Spiro is going well; will start Sprintec tomorrow and weekly vitamin D on Wednesday in order to schedule them around the convention. Here's hoping I am at Peak Cleo by then. Toss up the Cat Signal if you need me.
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