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Evening updates

I posted the 3x04 "Aperitivo" recap this morning. It was about 90% drafted before the finale aired, so it is largely written without any hindsight, but if you would like to skip some apparently foreshadowy conjecture at the beginning, jump here.

However, if you have seen "The Wrath of the Lamb," I think you'll want to read it from the beginning. To a similar end, I put together a Storify re: a number of book/movie/show parallels in the final after-credits scene. You can interpret that scene any way you want, I ain't gonna stop you (I actually kind of dig one interpretation for the penultimate scene and a contradictory one for the stinger), but I'm hearing that the broadcast was so dark for a lot of people that they missed a key moment.

As for how contradictory interpretations could work--think of the "multiverse" conversation in "Primavera." Everything that can happen, happens. It has to end well and it has to end badly. It has to end every way it can. Pick the one(s) you like, or all of them simultaneously, and enjoy.


Here is the new Siouxsie song, "Love Crime" (not yet buyable/downloadable) that ran over the final scenes. It sounds like she and Brian Reitzell are going to do more songs, although Hannibal-related or not, I don't know.

Janice's final food styling post.

Hugh Dancy, going for the longterm troll.

The livetweet harvest was bountiful, but not entirely organized yet. By the way, I was fine, if somewhat stunned, with the finale and the group-hug tweeting until this:

(omg sob)

(And I still don't even know who he is!)

I'm currently outlining and screencapping "Contorno," but it definitely won't be done until I get back from Dragon Con (this weekend! Jesus take the wheel); here's my schedule (which doubles as "all the Hannibal stuff") for the convention. If you find me at the con, make sure you ask for a "666" eyeshadow sample (named for episode 3x12), because it looks fantastic.

Moderation note: I know people will want to discuss what I linked up there about "The Wrath of the Lamb," so the comments on this entry will be a spoiler zone, but please keep the "Aperitivo" post 3x13 spoiler-free.
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