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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Home again, home again
hannibal, red dragon
I survived Dragon Con!

SHORT VERSION: I had A Very Long, Very Hannibal Weekend. The fan panel giveaway was wonderfully smooth; I went to all three of Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams' Q&As and got pictures signed for Freddie; I met tons of people and hung out with friends and generally had a great time (and even the elevator fight is mostly just a funny story now). I seem to have dodged any kind of deathly con crud--in fact, other than my feet and lower thighs, which are all super mad at me, I feel pretty damn good--but I'm really tired and full of frozen custard at the moment. Let me hit you with some quick links:


I'm collecting tweets and things as a foundation for some kind of writeup, so these are posts in progress; general adventures are in the first Storify and Hannibal-related things are in the second. (Alina found herself at a Mads Mikkelsen Q&A at the Fan Expo in Toronto, so I ended up folding in tweets and pictures from that convention as well.) I'm going to go ahead and let you look at all the miscellaneous posts, though, so you can tell me what you'd like to hear about most when I write it up a little more.

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Welcome back, Cleo!

Personally I'm interested about the fanninal panels you attended; if there could be audio or video recordings of the event that would be fab.

So glad you had a good time, and YAY for escaping Ye Crud. I have a touch of that right now myself.

Welcome back! Glad you feel good.

>>>what you'd like to hear about most when I write it up a little more

The fan panels, of course.

It was so good to meet you. Thank you for the goodie pouch and the eye shadow. The panels were phenomenal. I really hope you are part of a Hannibal panel next year!

Aw, yay! Did you tell me your LJ name at the time? When did I see you?

Another note, who is behind @tattle-crime/freddie lounds who skyped in at the pannibal?

Ah, she remains pseudonymous on purpose.

I did give my username name but I'm not sure if you heard. I gave you some extra flower crowns.:) I was dressed as Heather McNamara (yellow) from "Heathers" that day I believe.

Ohhhh, yes, in the panel room! It was great to meet you!

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