Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Con recovery update

‏@cleolinda: I fought it off for several days, but I seem to have succumbed to a belated concrud: sinus infection. Woe.

@foresthouse: Maaaan, I thought we were creeping under the Con Crud wire this year.

@cleolinda: It's POSSIBLE this is due to all the home repair kicking up dust and aggravating my allergies.

Yeah... about that.

So I have finally been felled by crud; jury’s out as to whether it came from Dragon Con or not. While I am totally doofy on cold medicine, I’m still doing a lot better than I was this time last year (I had the flu. FOR SIX WEEKS), so I’m getting a writeup done based around a couple of Storify posts (tweets, pictures, etc.) I threw together when I came home:

General adventures (still working on)

Hannibal-related, i.e., Scott and Aaron, but also including pictures/reports that came in simultaneously from Mads’ appearances at Fan Expo in--was it Toronto? mysticowl ended up at his Q&A by chance and reported from it via Twitter.

Meanwhile, foresthouse and I will be recording a podcast tomorrow discussing our adventures; if my congestion clears up, I may be able to properly recount the Q&As.

Also, newly uploaded: first half of the 2nd Q&A; the stormtrooper invasion will be in the second half. A TON of great stuff is in this first half, though. "He knows what he's doing." "He LOVES it when vegetables fantasize about him."
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