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Four Newstracker updates in a row. I can't believe it, either. Among tonight's news:

  1. Enlarged Lemony Snicket pictures (see "lemonysite" folder, please don't hotlink)

  2. Johnny Depp isn't up for Lex Luthor after all--he's up for Kal-El Jor-El. And Victor Garber for Lex?

  3. Batman Begins set pics and filming news (Chicagoans, keep your eyes open--they're there right now)

  4. First look at The Polar Express

  5. New Phantom of the Opera pics

  6. Trailers for Blueberry, Immortel, and Ju-On: The Grudge (remake)

  7. Casting for Dr. Who, Fantastic Four, and Brideshead Revisited

Also: Alfonso Cuarón, who is a smart man, insists that the kid actors won't outgrow the Harry Potter movies. David Heyman, the producer, thinks they will get too old and will "inevitably" have to be replaced, either one at a time or in one fell swoop. David Heyman is an idiot, by the way, if he thinks the fans aren't deathly attached to those kids and would take recasting lying down. (I know I'd rather watch a 24-year-old Daniel Radcliffe play 17-year-old Harry than some random new kid. Not because he's Olivier Jr. but because--dude, he's Harry.) Seriously, I think if Radcliffe, Watson, or Grint were threatened, much less all three of them, there would be riots in the streets message boards. Sigh.
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