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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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There is somehow a Surprise New Gender Swap Twilight Book, and I have been livetweeting it on my secondary twitter at a snail's pace all day long (I keep getting caught up in comparing the versions, which will surprise no one who reads the Hannibal recaps). Yes: Beaufort Swan and Edythe Cullen. My right hand to God.

Speaking of which, bonus Storify: That time I decided Edward was a disappointing son that Hannibal kicked out.

(ahhhhh I was getting done with the "Contorno" recap, daaaaamn youuuuuu)

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I'm home sick today and I've decided the whole thing is a fever dream.

I feel really bad for the online acquaintance who writes genderswapped Twilight fix-it-fic and named her Edward character Edith. Not sure I want to be the one to break the news to her.

Well at least "Edith" is still a "proper" Anglo-Saxon feminine first name and not a made-up, speschul snowflake &$@€ like "Edythe"... Did you friend post the genderswap fic anywhere, though? At least the time-stamp in the site could help with her "I came up with this idea first!" claim. If she wants that.

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I never get tired of rereading your Hannibal/Twilight crossover.

Just for my future reference (when I actually get time to watch Hannibal), where might one find Cleo's HanniTwi crossfic?

(ahhhhh I was getting done with the "Contorno" recap, daaaaamn youuuuuu)

If it's any consolation, Cleo, I've enjoyed your livetweets at least 85% as much as I enjoy your recaps. :-)

(Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to introduce even more of my Twitter friends to "Hannibal: As Retold By Cleolinda Jones"...)

Beaufort??? There is only one vampire-related person worth that name, and hers is Pamela Swynford de Beaufort.

And of course Edith would be spelled "Edythe". OF COURSE IT WOULD.

Frankly I would have expected an official Harry Potter genderswap more likely. But I'm sure there's lots of fic out there where Harriet Potter looks eerily like her mother. But the notion of Het Snarriet is making me very ill so I will stop now.

Beaufort seems like a weird choice, too -- like, I'm 100% sure she does not intend the reader to pronounce it "Buford," but that's perhaps the most common pronunciation in the U.S. Why not just Beau, full stop? Or Beauregard, if she felt she had to perfectly match the "flowery full name, nickname for daily use" pattern of Isabella/Bella.


I actually spotted it in Barnes and Noble this morning and my first thought was "Omg will Cleo post about this???" And you do not disappoint.

(It should be noted that I read Twilight itself years ago and decided it was too boring to have sequels. Imagine my surprise...)

Anyone have a good .gif for when you wait years for a backlash against a fandom to run out of steam and then the author goes and does something stupid?

You know, after everything E.L. James has done to her, I begrudge her nothing. You get yours, Meyer.

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I saw this starting and wept bitterly that I had to work all afternoon. Today might have been the day I finally actually got a Twitter, just to cheer you on.

Hee! Make sure I know it's you! It's slowing me down to keep up with mentions, but it's so much fun. Also, taking the time to read and reply is probably the only thing keeping me out of Twitter jail (exceeding some unwritten posting limit), tbh.

My great-aunts (b. In the early 1920s) name was Edythe and I always liked her name - as a kid I thought it was so romantic. I feel weirdly upset for her to have girl!edward share it.

Edythe was my grandmother's name, and I think she would've gotten a kick out of this. I am getting a little butthurt that people keep making fun of the spelling, though. /o\

I am so happy you're still active on LJ. The first thing I did after hearing about the book was check to see if you'd posted anything.

Aw! Yeah, I'm still here, although I was posting pretty infrequently for a couple of years during some health problems. I sporadically recap Hannibal (catching up on a backlog) these days and hang out on Twitter a lot. I've been here since 2003, I can't get a real blog NOW.

Thank you for taking this literary bullet for us, Cleo. I am loving your tweets, while being very very confused about all the gender dynamics.

So after reading this last night I dreamed that there was a movie version (yeah, already), but instead of gender-swapping the actors, they just had them in drag. Like, "Edythe" was a dude in a miniskirt and midriff-bearing top. With a belly button ring. It was really hillarible.

As an aside, because this whole thing is bringing back one of the things that annoyed me about the Twilight reporting/blogging back in the day, thank you for actually making a point from the very beginning to spell 'Stephenie Meyer' properly.

Heh. You know, I think people forget that names are a human construct. It's not like "proper spellings" are natural phenomena we just found in the wild. If she wants to spell it Stephenie (isn't it derived from her father's name specifically?), I don't see how that's less valid than Stephanie or Stéphanie or Stefanie or Štefánia or whatever spelling from whichever culture. Names are things people made up.

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