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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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There is somehow a Surprise New Gender Swap Twilight Book, and I have been livetweeting it on my secondary twitter at a snail's pace all day long (I keep getting caught up in comparing the versions, which will surprise no one who reads the Hannibal recaps). Yes: Beaufort Swan and Edythe Cullen. My right hand to God.

Speaking of which, bonus Storify: That time I decided Edward was a disappointing son that Hannibal kicked out.

(ahhhhh I was getting done with the "Contorno" recap, daaaaamn youuuuuu)

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The feminine form of "Edward" is "Edwina."

Well, naturally that's the feminine form of Edwin.

I don't think there IS a feminine form of Edward.

Heavens, you're right. They both have the Anglo-Saxon root for "wealth" but -win has a "friend" and -ward has a "guardian."

I learned something new today! :) Of course, it doesn't have to be direct opposite gender-counterparts for the "switch" part to work, e.g. "The doctors told us the baby would be a boy so we picked the name Edward, but surprise! it was a girl, so we decided to name her Edith instead."

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