Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Harry Potter: I think I've seen all of these pictures elsewhere, but there's about 75, and they're all very hi-res. God bless Movieweb.

Make sure you also check out OutNow--I haven't seen some of the shots towards the bottom anywhere else, and they're also hi-res.

I'm working on some Phantom of the Opera desktops, and I may see what I can do with the HP pictures. (Keep in mind, my idea of a good desktop is a nice picture centered on the screen. No fancy blends or anything, although Photoshop now means I get to unleash filtered images on the world. PH34R!)

P.S. Turns out Defamer has linked to Troy in Fifteen Minutes. Stop by--looks like a nice, nasty industry gossip blog.

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