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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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taintor 05
Not feeling so well today, but! Quick note to say that the Aromaleigh X-Files inspired box (I'm helping!) will go up for pre-order at 3PM EST (what is that, about half an hour from now?), and here's a look at swatches of one of the eyeshadows, inspired by a scene from "The Sixth Extinction."

Also I got very cute alien socks and the Crimson Peak art book for my birthday.

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Happy birthday!

I never knew I needed alien Christmas socks, but I do.

Thank you! (sockdreams.com!)

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday too, and get better! :)
Wow…. neat book…. loved that movie! Which reminds me of thinking of sending along something to you, too, but wasn't sure… did you ever see my comment about that on one of your 'update' posts a while back? Cheers!

omg, I am a terrible person who got so used to Twitter that I forgot to check comments here. I didn't see it, no! I was about to say "my PO box is on my profile," but let me get it for you while we're here--

Cleolinda Jones
PO Box 59252
Homewood, AL 35209

(Wow, I need to spruce up my profile.)

Hey! It's ok, really… just wondered about you!
Ha, and know what you mean about letting profile/comments go. I found your address, I just wasn't sure if it was strange/goofy to think of you as a good home for cute little toy things (like I said it my first ramble about it here, if didn't see: http://cleolinda.livejournal.com/1090498.html?view=66781122#t66781122 ) So… there's that. But thought it wouldn't hurt to ask!

Happy birthday (slightly late)! Hope it was a nice one!

Thank you (REALLY late!)

Hope you'll feel better soon, Cleo! And happy belated birthday!

Happy belated birthday, and Merry Sparkle!

Happy birthday!

Crimson Peak art book - I need it to be translated in Russian like yesterday and be in local bookstores already*. If it's not, I'm gonna be mildly heartbroken. It's exactly the kind of book I adore.

(I think I finally finished m15mnibal - that's how that thing with the screencaps from "Hannibal" and quotes from "Movies in 15 Minutes" is temporarily called now. Not sure it counts as a present, though. "Happy birthday, here are some things you wrote!")

* "Just buying it online" is my *least* preferable option.

I will say, the best things about the book are the pictures and the inserts--the non-word parts, if that's any consolation.

Pictures and inserts are exactly what draws me to this book in the first place.

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