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taintor 05
Not feeling so well today, but! Quick note to say that the Aromaleigh X-Files inspired box (I'm helping!) will go up for pre-order at 3PM EST (what is that, about half an hour from now?), and here's a look at swatches of one of the eyeshadows, inspired by a scene from "The Sixth Extinction."

Also I got very cute alien socks and the Crimson Peak art book for my birthday.

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Happy birthday!

Crimson Peak art book - I need it to be translated in Russian like yesterday and be in local bookstores already*. If it's not, I'm gonna be mildly heartbroken. It's exactly the kind of book I adore.

(I think I finally finished m15mnibal - that's how that thing with the screencaps from "Hannibal" and quotes from "Movies in 15 Minutes" is temporarily called now. Not sure it counts as a present, though. "Happy birthday, here are some things you wrote!")

* "Just buying it online" is my *least* preferable option.

I will say, the best things about the book are the pictures and the inserts--the non-word parts, if that's any consolation.

Pictures and inserts are exactly what draws me to this book in the first place.

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