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I have not checked in for a while! Also I'm so used to Twitter that I totally forgot about comments here and I NEED TO CHECK THOSE OMG.

  • I saw a Star War and immediately fell in love with it even though I was never that much into either trilogy before and it ate my Tumblr for like two weeks because I was too lazy to check my dash for other things to post, sorry about that

  • The Emo Kylo Ren meme is like my favorite thing ever and I'm not even sorry


  • NO I MEAN THE STUFF I CAN AFFORD (omg Hot Toys though)

  • This is important

  • I even got my very own phone-controlled BB-8 for Christmas. I have a problem


  • still fighting the moth war, dammit

  • Medication update: Sprintec has absolutely wrecked my complexion over the last 4-5 months, so I am nursing it back to health with a minimalist regimen of Thayer's toner and CeraVe moisturizer

  • The Aromaleigh X-Files box/extras will be coming out in February, excite! (Shop is closed at the moment while Kristen moves.) Here's a closer look at Genome, plus quick looks at the other three eyeshadows. I'm pretty sure there will be additional non-box colors available as well--an "expansion pack"--but I haven't seen them yet

  • Mood is pretty good even considering seasonal depression; I'm just a completely useless lazy cuss, which I realized is because IT'S JANUARY

In other words, like pretty much everyone else, I have tons of stuff to do, but all I want to do is curl up with a book (new Alison Weir soon!) and hot chocolate.
Tags: aromaleigh, health, sparkle consultant, star wars, the force awakens, the x-files

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