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msauvage purple
I don't know why I woke up at 2 am, but I did, and I checked Twitter on my phone in bed and saw it: David Bowie passed away. So basically I'm posting my favorite stuff on Tumblr:


Or I was, until something went buggy and YouTube refused to play nice anymore. Because my taste is odd (and movie-centric?), it's stuff from the '80s and the '90s-00s, rather than the early classic songs.

It's odd--I was shocked for several hours, didn't go back to bed until 5 am--but I'm having a hard time being sad. It's so wonderful to see everyone sharing their favorite things, to see the scope of someone's life all at once and how much it meant to people, knowing also that he went out the way he wanted with "a carefully planned finale." Sometimes it seems like someone is gone, yet more present than ever.

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I'm still crying.

Just two days ago I wrote to a friend: "so I've been reading this article about Bowie's last album" - and then got scared and quickly replaced "last" with "resent"... Well. Fuck.

(And we'll never get Uncle Robert now. Even if the show get renewed twenty or so years from now. He probably declined the offer *at least* partly because of his health. I don't even want anyone else to play that role. Mikkelsen even looks like him on some photos.)

HE DOES. They even have the same vampire snaggletooth! I noticed it when some Labyrinth gifs came up today.

This is going to sound really weird, but I feel really good right now? I've spent the whole day listening to his music and posting videos on Tumblr and it just all made me happy? I think it helps to have found out that he planned the end to be this way--it's kind of like getting to the end of a wonderful book, as sad as it is that it had to end. There's a sense of admiration and completion rather than tragedy?

I haven't listened to enough of his songs to form an opinion yet (though I really should start catching up). My biggest exposure to David Bowie was him playing (or should I say, being) Nicola Tesla in "The Prestige". The character's first appearance was seemingly appearing out of the electric storm, and now I'm picturing him walking back into that machine and disappearing. :(

Agreed, there's really no one else that can play Uncle Roberto now. Though I reckon the fan artists on DeviantArt and the like have now been given a whole new level of resolve to try and do his alas-what-could-have-been "Hannibal" character justice.

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Yawn. Boring troll is boring. I've been his fan for decades, but, by all means, keep acting like you know better what "we people" *really* think and feel.

I feel the same way. I got a text from a friend while I was in a doctor's office and I cried my eyes out. After I got home, though, I saw everyone posting their favourite songs/movies/albums/interviews, and it made me smile.

So here's my Bowie story:
Back in 2005 when NIN first went back on tour (Or was it 2004?), I went to visit a friend in NYC and we got tickets to a small venue where NIN was playing. After the show was over we ran out back hoping to get something signed by Trent Reznor. Instead, David. Fucking. Bowie walked out. He was barely 2 feet in front of me. I gasped. I started crying. He smiled and waved. Then someone called out "Hey Jareth!" and he did this little bemused/agitated smirk and rolled his eyes as he got into his car. I just... He was THAT CLOSE. It was amazing. I'll never forget it, and I loved all his music.

My sister named one of her sons Jareth, as the Bowie love runs deep in our family. I'm having a hard time feeling sad about it too, probably because it's really hitting me at this age that no one lives forever, and he did such amazing things while he was here.

It really was kind of an oddly perfect ending... Shame that it did end, but all things must! :-)

I've not talked to my sister yet. Might not be able to until I actually *see* her at the end of this month. She was the HUGE David Bowie fan. I got see posters of him across the room from me, hear his albums ['Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars' was SO SOOTHING to the both of us, if we were having trouble sleeping, she'd put it on to play and we were both out like lights.] quite a lot once she'd discovered him.

I got to go see him when he did the 'Sound and Vision' tour, and went with my sister. It was fun to see her that excited. [my mother, as an aside, was wearing her own 'Sound and Vision' concert T-shirt when she got her picture taken at the Gates of Graceland. Yes, she said she got many scandalized looks over that one]

Mom was the one that went and rented 'The Man who Fell to Earth', thinking that 'oh, it shouldn't be so bad.' Little did she know she had managed to pick up the unrated version, and teenage me and my teenage sister were both going "oh. my. god." when we were watching it. XD

Of course, Mom was also the one that made the comment, as we were walking out of the theater after having seen 'Labyrinth', that she now understood just why my sister liked David Bowie. Which turned my sister a nice bright red, because Mom WAS NOT talking about the singing. XD I think that was before the 'Man who Fell to Earth' incident. xD

All things considered, I'm far more familiar with the older stuff than his more recent works. When my sister moved out, I got exposed to less and less of it. My own fault for letting it happen, really. Now I'll have to go back and start digging.

And now all this talking has made me want to go watch 'Labyrinth'. "Turn back, Sara. Turn back before it's too late." Some reason that's the line that *always* sticks in my mind.

And the video for 'Bluejean'? I thought was his coolest ever. Yah, weirdly enough, I think that one's my fav....

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Go back under your bridge.

Sorry y'all had to deal with that--chronic fandom problem that cycles around to me when no one else will pay attention to her.

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