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Tonight's movie news:

  • Jude Law not in Brideshead Revisited?

  • The best Harry Potter gallery I've seen so far (the OutNow link in an entry from earlier today)

  • Trailers for Princess Diaries 2, Ju-On: The Grudge (which is the original film, not the upcoming American remake as I mistakenly said yesterday), Color Me Kubrick, and the Spider-Man 2 spot that ran during American Idol

  • Kate Bosworth also up for Sue Storm in Fantastic Four?

  • Chicago set reports for Batman Begins

  • Gwyneth Paltrow to play Marlene Dietrich

  • Richard Kelly talks about the Donnie Darko director's cut and his next project

  • MTV refuses to air Super Size Me ads

  • Who is "Rance"?

And of course tons more.

From the department of Which One of These Is Not Like the Other?: "Harry Potter Stars Predict Gruesome End to Series: It may not be the ending Harry Potter fans are hoping for, but the film's teenage stars predict Harry will die at the end of the series, Ron will turn evil and Hermione may end up with him."

P.S. "Grint said he was still hoping to stay in the series although it would mean giving up his childhood dream of being an ice-cream man." I'm not a Rupert girl, but that's just adorable. Speaking of which, I've had an ice cream craving all week, and it's not going away. Fnarr.

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