Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

So. The Lovely Emily, who can now be reached at emargaret, and I got some light booze (cranberry something-or-others--Smirnoff Ice?), fooled around with her new LJ, and watched about half of ROTK on DVD. We noted that Shelob is a lot less scary when she is not BIGGER THAN YOU ARE.

We have both been relatively useless today. I slept until lunch, wrote a little bit, and then started making The Day After Tomorrow desktops. (You know, I've been really lazy when it comes to italicizing titles in my blog and journal, but a self-professed Grammar Pirate ought to make the effort, you know?) Sample thumbnails of a few TDAT, Harry Potter, and Phantom of the Opera wallpapers are under the cut, plus a few new Heroine Addict icons. Disclaimer: I'm not terribly artistic; I just make things I'd like to see on my own computer.

Yes, the Phantom desktops are all the same picture--I was playing with different filters trying to get something that looked like a storybook illustration. I'll probably make more POA wallpaper, but this is what I have on my own destop for now.

Go to and poke around in the "wallpaper" and "heroineaddict" folders. Don't hotlink, or I keel you. "Hotlink" means "use the code img src=address from Cleo's Photobucket account instead of putting it on your own server/account," in case we're not clear on that, because I keep asking, and I keep catching people doing it.

P.S. Yes, things are for taking. And bring me anything fun you make yourself. :)


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