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Days recap

I'm going out tomorrow afternoon for lunch, so I probably won't be here, though I may have time to catch the rerun before I go see Harry Potter.

Philip and Belle. Philip apologizes for his declaration of love. "Oh, I knew what you meant!" chirps Belle. "We're friends! Besides, you just said you're in love with some girl." Yeah. Some blonde, chirpy, hellishly cute girl? I thought so.

Kate and John. Blah.

Chez Kiriakis. Nicole bullshits that she hopes the Brady clan will get along on the subject of dividing up the Kiriakis funds.

Police station. Bo is bitching to Tek about Nicole's brazenness. Also, he calls her "Nicole Keedeeakis," which never fails to crack my shit up.

Lexie's house. She's reading a letter Abe left for her (someone told me it had something to do with a birthday present he left for Theo) that says he will love her always, but if she can find someone who loves her and Theo, to move on with her life. Lexie flashes back to her mother touching the letter yesterday and declaring that Abe's not dead. Lexie wonders.

Bizarro Salem. Abe tells Roman that Jack and Jennifer's house now has a plaque engraved with both their names and the date, so clearly she's on her way to being the next "victim." Also, Jack has apparently gone off in search of escape, and he "may be in some jungle somewhere, and he's not the Survivor type." Abe frets about the letter to Lexie. Theme of Bombasticity, commercials.

Lexie picks up birthday party trash. She flashes back to walking in on Tek taking a shower? And does the most hilarious "Uh! Uh! Uhuhuhuhuh!" thing as she backs away in nervous terror.

Bizarro Salem. Abe frets. Roman: "Hell! We're alive! ...dammit." I don't know why this is so funny--you just have to hear him say it, I guess.

Chez Kiriakis. Nicole proposes a toast to dreams coming true. Brady flees to change out of his silly bike spandex. Crystal comes in oohing and aahing over the Black family "studs." She tells Nicole that Nicole can have Brady, but "leave the hunky daddy to me." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Belle and Philip. Philip flashes back to confessing to his mother that he loves Belle. Belle fusses at him that he's closing himself off because Chloe hurt her and that he deserves happiness and should tell her who he's in love with. We all know where this is going. Commercials.

John and Kate. Blah. Okay, for real--they talk about their wayward kids. Kate moans that Lucas would choose Sami over his own mother, and that it's her fault for being a whore. John reminds her that she was happy with Roman, and she bursts into tears. Also, that she's been working 16-hour days, seven days a week--uh, I beg to diffah. She's had plenty of time to hang around and annoy Sami and Lucas at their apartment, you know. John orders her to take a break. Kate: "What?" Anywhere, anything, just get out of his face. Yeah, I'm sayin'.

Lexie pines over Abe's photo. Then she calls Tek. Apparently there was something about Day-Glo paint that may explain why Tek was in the shower. She asks him out for a drink.

Chez Keedeeakis. Brady lets Bo in and offers him a drink. Bo snaps that the booze might be poisoned. They immediately start bickering over Nicole's guilt. Philip enters with Belle in a cute sundress. I mean that Belle is in a cute sundress and Philip comes in with her, of course. Then Bo and Brady bicker over Shawn, but Shawn has given Bo his proxy vote, so there you go. Brady starts the meeting by wishing them a painless discussion. Then Brady offers the use of the pool to Bo's family. Bo's like... yeah. I have no idea what that was about. No one has anything to say. Nicole flashes back to her Meeting of 1000 Charities plan from yesterday and smirks to herself, "Let the games begin." Commercials.

We're back. Philip bemoans the expense of the concert hall. Bo says that he doesn't want a dime of Victor's money, but they have to think about Victor's real wishes, and Philip adds that Victor's really just buying Brady a girlfriend so he would keep away from Nicole, and he just "made up some job" for Brady, and no way in hell will Philip back the concert hall. Nicole: HA HA!

The One Fancy Restaurant in Salem. John and Kate go for a drink. John says he feels guilty every time he looks at Kate, because of what she's lost. Kate says that she doesn't hold him responsible. JUST DO IT. Tek meets up with Lexie. Lexie fumbles around on the theme of Not Letting Things Go Unsaid. JUST DOOOOO IT.

Editing of Irony, Bizarro Salem. Abe says that he's desperate to keep his family together and half-wishes Lexie and Theo would join him, and then feels guilty. Abe points out that no married couples are in B.S. (heh), and even now that Jennifer's on her way, Jack is gone. Abe rages that maybe this was the entire plan. Roman looks hilariously concerned. Commercials.

This is dumb, but I really like the commercial with the Italian runner who's promised to marry anyone who can catch her, and of course no one can. It's very Atalanta/Greek myth and it makes me smile for some reason, although I'm sure someone somewhere thinks it's some kind of sexist.

The One Fancy Restaurant in Salem. Lexie tells Tek that she's been using him ( get over Abe).

Chez Kiriakis. Philip and Bo lay out the other charities that Nicole anonymously emailed them. Brady appeals to Belle regarding bringing his girlfriend back to the States. She replies that an opera house isn't worth fighting over. Oh, snap. Commercials. It just kinda struck me--the Sheer Blonde twins kinda sound like Cartman ("Take et off. Taake et all off").

We're back. Brady fusses that Victor rilly, rilly wanted the opera house. Bo asks if Brady and Salem's... opera... fans should be the only beneficiaries? (Snerk.) They then start bitching about Brady's improper relationship with Nicole, and Philip blames Brady for Victor's death, and there's a fistfight offscreen while Nicole shouts at them. We hear the sound effects of breaking glass and--if I'm not mistaken--a yowling cat.

Bizarro Salem. Abe and Roman fuss about their respective women. Roman then accuses John of wallowing in grief a little too close to Kate--"We do have the same taste in women, in case you haven't noticed." Dude, if they end up switching wives, I think the universe will implode. Abe points out that Roman is sleeping in Marlena's penthouse again, and that maybe Stefano is trying to bait him into doing so, what with the monogrammed pajamas already in her closet.

The One Fancy Restaurant in Salem. "So... you're using me." Lexie says that she just wanted to get out of the house, and didn't want to sit by herself at a bar in danger of being picked up by a stranger. Tek: "Well, uh, you used to be a cop. Think you could take care of yourself." Lexie wibbles. Tek tells her that she doesn't have to let Abe go. Lexie tells him about the letter, but says that she can't even take her ring off; it feels as if Abe's still alive. Editing of Irony in three, two, one... Aww. Doesn't happen. Tek tells her being friends is cool.

Other Side of the One Fancy Restaurant in Salem. John and Kate mope together over martinis. John seems to have a really big head today for some reason.

Chez Kiriakis. The women separate the boys. Nicole calls for a vote to see "if Miss Chloe is coming home." Commercials. We're back. No one wants to fund the concert hall but Brady. Nicole: "Lotta suspense there." Bo: "If you're so concerned about your father's last wishes, why are you still living in his house with his wife, who he was going to disown? C'mon, man." Exit the Brady family. Nicole tells him she's sorry, and that... his family is jealous, because he's "the golden child." And then she goes too far and disparages Victor and Brady turns on her, and tells her that if she had anything to do with Victor's death, He Will Have Victor's Revenge on Her, Prepare to Die.

The One Fancy Restaurant in Salem. John tells Kate not to go back to the office. Meanwhile, there's Crystal in her new red dress. John excuses himself to go make "a business call."

Other Side of the One Fancy Restaurant in Salem. Lexie feels better now, and makes a toast to new friends.

The One Fancy Restaurant in Salem. There's a bizarre wipe transition as John goes over to meet Crystal. Seriously, he looks like he's about to laugh in her face.

Bizarro Salem. Roman cheerfully declares that Jack's probably dead in the jungle somewhere. Always look on the bright side of life!

Previews. Bo tells Hope that Shawn will come back. Crazy Jan: "Shawn, what are you doing?" Crystal kisses John.

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  • Hannibal 3x04: "Aperitivo" part 2

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