Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Hmm. I have a dailydigest journal that's currently collecting dust, so I'm wondering... a few LJers have sent me movie reviews, but not only am I swamped trying to run everything, I'm also running out of storage space on the site. (Before you jump in with advice, I have to point out that the cheapness of my current hosting setup is one of its great advantages.) Like, jedi_funk sent me a Mean Girls review that is still rotting in my inbox, because I suck. (Sorry! Sorry!)

Really, though, I'm wondering if I shouldn't make the Digest LJ a community also, and open it for people to post reviews. I'd really like to keep movie news itself out of it, although you can always drop me a comment over here if there's something you think I need to see. (Warning: if it's on one of the sites I cover, I'll probably have seen it.) Anyway. I can still link to people's reviews on the main Digest reviews page, but it'll be easier to manage incoming reviews. Anyone interested?

P.S. I will be under the bed if you need me.


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