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"Man, I hate you all"

Internet access out all day for reasons still not understood. Very pissed about this.

I forget whose icon it was, but it was a picture of Legolas early in TTT with that caption: "Man, I hate you all." That's kind of me right now. Let me put it this way: I sat through a pious recap of the entire second fight (and thanks for the kind words, guys. I was afraid we were all going to come off like psycho harpies, me included) at lunch with my mother, and finally I whispered, "Thanks, I know" (we were talking very quietly so as not to wake Sister Girl--you know, let sleeping dogs lie--and she says, "I know. I'm saying this in case she's listening." And then I went and made myself a tinfoil hat. It's quite fashionable, what with the tinfoil roses around the brim and all...

More deathly Philip Larkin:

This is the first thing
I have understood:
Time is the echo of an axe
Within a wood.

I turn 25 in a month. I need to stop reading Philip Larkin.

Stayed up all night watching TTT--until 6 am, actually. Had to wait quite late to start, to make sure Sister Girl didn't discover me and the DVD, because quite frankly I am selfish and do not want to share it with freakshow hissybitch at the moment. (No soup for you!) Also, because every time I lend her a DVD, I never see it again. I have to parachute into her room and go on a search-and-rescue mission. I did that last month and found my DVDs of Sleepy Hollow, American Beauty, Bridget Jones' Diary, Down with Love and--ohhhhh, beeyotch--my Moulin Rouge that had been "missing" for a year.

So. Watching the TTT EE. On the cast commentary, first disc, now (I'd be further ahead, but I went to bed after I finished the EE proper). Boyd and Monaghan crack my shit up. I can't wait to get to the featurettes, though--I just really enjoy seeing the actors clown around, and I really want to see the featurette with all the Andy Serkis footage. I've been dying to see more tape of just him acting all the scenes in his mo-cap suit.

There's still nothing that compares to Tig in the commentary this time around, though. Not yet, anyway.

Oh, helping Clifton out with his "Lore of the Rings" class project. (Yes, an actual graduate-level class.) He decided he wanted to do something practical: bake lembas. Remember, this is Clifton of the peanut-butter thumbprint cookies; the boy can bake. "Now I just have to find some recipes," he joked, and I sort of cast my eyes down and said in a very small voice, "I know where some recipes are."

"You do not!"

"I do so!" So I sent him Council of Elrond links. And then the guys mention on the commentary that they basically used shortbread in the movie. Mmmm, shortbread. So I started looking at the recipes myself. I'm trying to decide which recipe I want to try first (I found four in that section). I sort of want to bake sekritly in the middle of the night with whatever we've got on hand, but I figure I can substitute honey for molasses. I don't get to bake a lot--mostly because I come from a family of recreational cooks and can't ever get a pan in edgewise, but experimenting seems to be in my blood, so we'll see what I come up with. And it's all in the name of helping a friend, yesss, precious...

Off to get dinner and watch the rest of the first commentary...
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