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Okay, my internet went out yesterday afternoon at the worst possible time, and didn't come back until this morning (I know, because I was still up at four am. Thanks, Mountain Dew!)

Also, I just got the most baffling comment ever in my inbox. Squawkbox, unlike LJ's comment-forwarding service, does not give you a link to the blog entry where the comment was made. I cannot for the life of me find an entry with this comment on SAST or Trailer Park. I have no idea what pissed this person off so much, or how I gave the impression that I don't like Harry Potter:

You've received a comment at from HpDefendor ( ...

Comment : i am sick and tired of hearing u HP deprived, dont-know-when-to-stop, idiots complain about sumthing u dont know anything about. the Harry Potter books are wonderful and have brought many nonreaders into the wonderful world of literacy anbd just because u are too slack-jawed to be able to pick up a book and even attempt to comprehend what is being said does not give u the rights to rag on the hero of many poeple, young and old. So i suggest to think twice before speaking ur mind about a character so widely loved.

P.S. yes i realize that the first 2 movies were not very good but this next one has prooven to be well worth the lines and the entrance fee but i am not asking u too go because i would not want u to ruin the movie-going experience of a true fan of HP. and besides it would be your loss not mine. have a nice day.

Yeah, I rag on Chris Columbus a good bit (maybe that's it?), but then so do a lot of fans. I'm waiting for someone to show up and lecture me on how I should give Lord of the Rings a try. Also, God forbid that people speak thr minds!

Anyway. Now I have so much frickin' email to read. Sigh. As soon as I can wade through that, and approve everyone for dailydigest, I'll try to get some sort of Harry Potter review up. I am not going to actually say that I am working on a "Harry Potter in Fifteen Minutes," because every time I say that, I never get the damn thing finished.

ETA: Review's up. It's not the tongue-bath that Salon gave the movie, but I loved POA all the same.

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