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Vladimir sighting!

Hee! The Squishy is out of town at the moment with little-to-no internet available, and yet he manages to turn up anyway. wearejustducky pointed me in the direction of Neil Gaiman's latest journal entry:

Do they manage to translate the names of the Endless into other languages alliteratively? For French the obvious renderings are Destin, Mort, Rêve, Destruction, Désir, Désespoir, Délire, which is close but not quite there.

Sometimes yes, mostly no. Vladimir, my Croatian translator, was incredibly pleased that he'd succeeded in making them all start with "S", for example.

Hee! I remember him struggling with it, actually. He ended up translating "Destruction" as "Smak," which is incredibly fun to run around the house shouting in a Transformers voice: "DEEESTRUCTIOOOOOOOON! SMAK!"

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