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"You have 96 new email messages!"

*hides under bed*

I am so buying a new computer, by the way. I love my new keyboard, but... everything else is shit. The speakers are shit (they don't even work half the time), the mouse is shit, the computer itself is slow, five years old, and only has 10 gig of storage... yeah. I'm a Dell girl, so I'm going to be pricing things for a couple of weeks until I get paid... I may have to go ahead and buy a new monitor, though, because my current one keeps turning off by itself at random times. Yeah. Not good. Or maybe I just want an excuse to buy a flat screen. Hmm.

Speaking of storage, I was worrying about running out of room on yet another email account, and then yesterday morning I got up and magically Yahoo had increased its storage from six mb to 100. Bless.

(No, you don't understand. I am actually excited about this.)

Random ramblings: Bad storm on the way; am backing up the My Documents folder on a CD, because poor Vladimir's computer died and he lost everything. All his scripts, his writing, his translation work, everything. He's going to see if he can get this data retrieval service to revive it, but... doesn't look like it. Oh, and you know how my computer's name is Betsy? His new one is now Veronica. It's not quite Archie and Friends, but it's close.

Apparently my journal is the #1 LJ-hosted journal on's Clix page. Well, the top five sites have about 30 incoming hits among them, so this is not necessarily saying much. I'm sure once we spread this around--Clix: the newest meme!--that'll change. Yeah. I know some big-name LJers who could break this list, man. I think I was #4 on the overall list the other day, and then I fell off the chart. Oh, there I am--I'm at #20. Hmm. I need to make myself a cute banner in case I get back on the front page.

Feeling very weird lately. Like, emotionally very happy and content, but physically... I feel physically depressed. Like, can't get out of bed, not motivated, slogging around the house, nervous, upset stomach, etc. Which is bad, because I need to strike now while I have not one but several irons hot, and I can't even bestir myself long enough to recap Days. It's bad. Sick? Bad weather? Hormones? I don't know. But it's ridiculous, because great things are happening, and my body needs to get with the program.

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