Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Just got the Popbitch newsletter:

"I DON'T. Buy the tomatoes with. The stems. On them. They don't. Degrade. They go. Down the sink. And into the WATER. Then. They get lodged in the throats of little. OTTERS." - Christopher Walken

Yeah. I don't know. The newsletter just starts off with that quote, no context, nothing. But it's good to know that Walken's concerned for the otters.

From the "WTF WTF OMGWTF" file:

[Video director] Floria [Sigismondi] recently got married in a quiet ceremony in a Toronto park wearing an Empire-bodiced dress, with multiple layers of tulle projecting over her pregnant belly. Between the uppermost layers of tulle, she wore a swarm of live bees.

Oh, and by the way: this is the worst excuse for a "blind" gossip item ever:

>> Big Questions <<
The truth is out there

Which TV and film actor didn't stay lonely when his actress wife went off to New York to film? The actor wiled away most of his time at the local Starbucks in Malibu and when the coffee shop wasn't open, took the 18 year-old waitress back to his place for "coffee".

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