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Damn. Finally LJ is functional again.

Short Attention Span Theater: Full cast list for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If there's a role missing, I can't think of it.

Also, new trailers: Phantom of the Opera, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Kinsey, Taxi, Suspect Zero, Kingdom in Twilight, and the long-suffering Exorcist prequel.

Have been sick. Am feeling less sick. Have been cranky. Am less cranky. Toasting a couple of waffles, and then going back to bed.

Oh, and I is now up. The front page, anyway, but that's the one with the major links on it.

ETA: Actually, there are are some roles missing on the HP cast list--I don't think Lupin is in book 4 anyway, but I don't know about characters like Ludo Bagman or whatnot. As for Voldemort--can't believe I missed that one--the John Malkovich rumor has been debunked, and the current rumor is that they're going to get Bill Nighy. Who? You know, the old rock star guy with the "Christmas Is All Around Us" or whatever song in Love Actually? Or, more pertinently, the head vampire guy in Underworld? Looks promising.

New Voldemort rumor (thanks, voodoo and cellardoor): OMG OMG OMG RALPH.

ETA 2: Yeah, I totally forgot about Rita Skeeter. I can't get a confirmation on this, but the last rumor I heard was Rosamund Pike.


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